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Wine Traffic #207 For 30 Jan 2004

By Brian Vincent

Table Of Contents


This is the 207th issue of the Wine Weekly News publication. Its main goal is to go to WineConf.. happy birthday to me. It also serves to inform you of what's going on around Wine. Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. Think of it as a Windows compatibility layer. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely alternative implementation consisting of 100% Microsoft-free code, but it can optionally use native system DLLs if they are available. You can find more info at

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 218 posts in 748K.

There were 75 different contributors. 42 posted more than once. 35 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. News: C4 Update

24 Jan 2004 - 30 Jan 2004 (4 posts) Archive Link: "News"

Topics: News

People: codeweaversNews

Last week we announced the creation of CodeWeaver's C4 project. After just one week it's interesting to go back and look at the database statistics. There is some serious money being offered for working applications. Right now Lotus Notes 6 / 6.5 has a reward of $4326.50.

2. WineConf & Remote Participation

29 Jan 2004 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Remote access to wineconf"

Topics: WineConf 2004

People: Jeremy WhiteKevin DeKortecodeweavers

In case you hadn't heard, WineConf 2004 is this weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over thirty developers are expected to attend. Almost everyone will be arriving tomorrow, if they're not there already. Part of the reason this weeks' WWN is so small is because people are en route. The other reason is I'm rushing out the door myself. Next week there will definitely be some form of update posted in the WWN. I'll probably wait a few days to allow everyone to put together some nice collections of pictures, slide topics, etc.

Jeremy White has set up some remote participation capabilities for those unable to make it:

It looks as though through the kind help of some folks that we will be able to have video streaming for Wineconf.

We'll also be maintaining an irc channel for the conference; #wineconf on freenode (said channel is already open for business, and will be active throughout the weekend).

We've got a test stream up if you want to try your viewer:

I'll point it to the live stream on Saturday morning.

We've had success with mplayer (the following was found by Art to work well):

You can also use Quicktime, and the Player from Quicktime 6.3 should run under Wine. I haven't had time to nail down a version of Wine that runs it reliably; I had one working a few weeks ago, but now our CVS tip doesn't work for beans. Hopefully I'll get enough time to push one out.

If someone else wants to take a poke, the key is to snag Quicktime 6.3 (it's a bit hard to find, but is out there), and make sure you use a Wine that is recent enough that it has the REUSEADDR badness in socket.c reverted.

For more info on accessing Wine's IRC channels, see the IRC instructions on WineHQ. Please use the #wineconf channel for conference related questions. For more information on WineConf happenings, see the website or read the recent mailing list archives.

Kevin DeKorte gave a pointer toward a little bit of browser integration for viewing Jeremy's video stream:

Shameless promotion here.

If you install mplayer with the realplayer codecs and get the below link working, but you want you see it in the browser do the following.

Get the CVS version of and install it. Then in the $(HOME)/.mplayer/mplayerplug-in.conf file (create the file if missing) set "enable-real=1" and "rtsp-use-tcp=1", delete $(HOME)/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat and restart mozilla and the video should work in the browser window. At least it does for me.

3. Wine Status Updates

29 Jan 2004 (1 post) Archive Link: "Remote access to wineconf"

Topics: Status Updates

People: Dimitrie PaunTom Wickline

Dimi wondered why we hadn't told anyone about the updated status pages on WineHQ:

How about a news item about the status being updated? Tom just finished a big status update, and people that don't follow wine-{cvs,devel,patches} have no way of knowing.

In general, I think any big site update should make it as news items.

Ha! I just told everyone. However, I haven't updated all of the references to WWN issues. I should complete that next week and then I really will splash a new item across the front page. However, that's really quite minor compared to the work Tom Wickline did putting this together. The format is slightly reorganized, including a whole new page for DirectX work.

4. Darwine Update

29 Jan 2004 (1 post) Archive Link: "Remote access to wineconf"

Topics: Ports

People: Sanjay Connare

The Darwine folks have been keeping busy. The goal of Darwine is to port Wine to MacOS X and allow Windows programs to run on it. This week Sanjay Connare announced:

I have created and released a binary for wine on Mac OS X available at

this binary is part of the Darwine project. Thanks for all of your help in helping the Darwine team, especially Pierre to bring wine over to Mac OS X.

One of the goals of Darwine is to integrate an x86 emulator such as Bochs or QEMU. I think that currently only Winelib applications compiled natively will run. By adding in the x86 emulator they'll be able to natively run Windows programs out of the box.

5. Some Patches That Appeared This Week

24 Jan 2004 - 30 Jan 2004 (4 posts) Archive Link: "INI File Processing Improvements"

Topics: Patches

People: Alex PasadynMike McCormackMike HearnRobert Shearman

As I was putting this issue together I felt guilty because I didn't really cover a good technical thread. I'll take this opportunity to cover some patches sent to wine-patches this week. This is a pretty random sampling of some of the work going on. First, Alex Pasadyn submitted a patch to make some changes to Wine's desktop mode:


This is an updated version of this patch that I originally sent a couple months ago. To test it, you must run both autoconf and tools/make_requests. While several applications work fine, there are some issues I have not been able to resolve. The problems have to do with trying to call WIN_FindWndPtr across processes, especially from the windows/painting.c file.

I am sending this now as several people were interested in it, and the old version I posted no longer applies cleanly to the CVS Wine version. I am hoping someone with more knowledge of the painting and region code could spot some obvious way to get around the issue. Otherwise it will be tough. I had tried replacing some of the WND* uses with server calls to get rectangles and style flags, but that does not handle everything that's being read out of those structures. Unless there's some shortcut I don't see how to do it without moving more of that data into the server. The other problem related to this is that some functions are supposed to fail if the window is in another process, while others would work better if they got the data from the server, and it's not always obvious which way a particular function should work.

From Mike McCormack:

The richedit control is currently not thread safe due to extensive use of global variables. This patch removes almost all global variables from the control.


From Mike Hearn:

Here's a first cut at allowing wine to be installed to any prefix at runtime and still work nicely. I have implemented this for some customers who are finding it a bit tricky to work with the source tarball I sent them, so I want to make a binary tarball and let them extract it to wherever so it can be installed side-by-side with a pre-existing wine.

It is unfortunately Linux specific, though that's more because I know how to do this on Linux but not on any other platforms. It'd not be too hard to adapt to other platforms if they provide the same information Linux does to userland.

Here's how it works:

These changes combined mean you can do the following:

Before Wine would not be able to find libwine nor, now it can.

I hope this patch is OK, as I think this is a useful feature that far more free software should support. The list of use cases is big.

Robert Shearman worked on INI file processing:

Initially, I just wanted to add Unicode support, but ended up redoing most of the parsing and saving. It now doesn't use Unix functions for files, doesn't needlessly peek into DOSFS internals and fully processes files in Unicode. I've also added Unicode file detection as detailed here:








Sharon And Joy

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