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Wine Traffic #175 For 20 Jun 2003

By Brian Vincent

Table Of Contents


This is the 175th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to ensure I spend more time at the driving range instead of indoors writing WWN issues. It also serves inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator).

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 138 posts in 460K.

There were 57 different contributors. 28 posted more than once. 31 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. News: Wine-20030618, TransGaming Update, WineHQ Interview

14 Jun 2003 - 20 Jun 2003 (3 posts) Archive Link: "News"

Topics: News

People: Alexandre JulliardTransGamingMike McCormackNews

Alexandre resurfaced from vacation to unleash wine-20030618. Generally, releases seems to generate about a 1000 lines added to the Changelog. This one resulted in 2102 new lines. Alexandre noted the following changes:

WHAT'S NEW with Wine-20030618: (see ChangeLog for details)

TransGaming released WineX 3.1 and noted the following changes:

With WineX 3.1, TransGamers can enjoy such games as Morrowind and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as well as the many graphical and speed improvements visible in games such as Battlefield 1942. Also available for TransGamers is a new release of Point2Play, version 1.1, which incorporates many changes suggested by TransGamers to enhance integration with desktop themes and to simplify game play experience.

TransGaming also released June's development status and voting report. Morrowind has been voted one of the top games subscribers want, so it's really nice to see that supported.

Last week I forgot to mention the interview on WineHQ with Mike McCormack. Look for another one this Tuesday.

2. DMusic Interfaces

16 Jun 2003 - 17 Jun 2003 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Dmusic interfaces"

Topics: Multimedia

People: Sylvain PetreolleRok Mandeljc

Sylvain Petreolle want to know some DirectX work was being done:

Is anyone of you working on Dmusic interfaces ? Now doing test with Dxdiag doesnt work, it says "No such interface" when trying to create a IDirectPerformance object.

I did a look through the source and noticed that Dll(Un)RegisterServer are stubs.

Rok Mandeljc replied:

Hi everyone. Sorry for not contributing anything to dmusic in a while, but I'm currently busy with final exams... As I can see, more work was done on it :)

This problem can be fixed with adding a

in DMUSIC_CreateDirectMusicPerformance8 (at the time being, there's check for IID_IDirectMusicPerformance8 only).

But even with this added, dxdiag creates interface, calls some functions and then crashes (though I have no idea why).

Another thing... does anyone of you know how to write effective chunk loading function (it will be needed sooner or later since most dmusic objects are stored in files)?

Raphaël Junqueira wrote in to mention him and Christan Costa were working on getting some games running and expected support to improve. He also gave a pointer to a DMusic patch that might help Sylvain out.

3. Displaying Icons for Executables

15 Jun 2003 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Executables icons"

Topics: Fixes

People: BiGgUnMartin FuchsSylvain Petreolle

In Windows, resources such as icons can be embedded in executable or DLL files. Someone uncovered a cosmetic problem was fixed with a simple patch:

I wonder why icons located in an executable are not viewable in GetOpenFileName ? I had a look to the source code (dlls/shell32/folder.c and dlls/shell32/classes.c) and saw that a search is made in the registry. But this search failed because my system.reg doesn't have the queried entry ( [Software\\Classes\\.exe]). I noticed that the winedefault.reg doesn't have the queried entry also. When this search fails, a default icon is applied.

By manually adding this entry in system.reg, it is still not possible to get the executables icons :-\ I also saw that [Software\\Classes\\.exe\\DefaultIcon] is also queried. Even if i manually add this entry again, it's not successfull. I think i've missed something in these entries definition but i don't know what. Anyway, by forcing the code to look inside executable for icons, they finally appear :)

But it's better to find another solution. How registry should be setted up (system.reg / winedefault.reg) ? Do we need to review the code (adding special case for exe files) ?

Martin Fuchs looked at the problem:

I tried and imported the following entries in the registry:

It does work! it displays the exe-icons, when switching into detail mode of the GetOpenFile-dialog box.

Then he added, " But the last problem is for executables without icons inside of them. The wrong default icon is applied."

The patch worked for a few other people too, so Sylvain Petreolle submitted it to wine-patches. Alexandre committed it shortly after.

4. Wintab Status

17 Jun 2003 - 19 Jun 2003 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Wintab: beginning to investigate Aric's patch from April."

Topics: Status Updates

People: Rob NorthAric StewartRobert NorthMike HearnLionel Ulmer

Rob North decided to revisit support for tablets. We last covered this topic back in issue #167. Rob wanted to know if anyone else had worked on it recently:

Ok, I've just managed to start looking into Aric's Wintab32 patch from April 23rd.

I've been extremely busy (more so than I expected) since then, on a small Java contract. So I've missed my goal of looking into Aric's code in 3 weeks. (Apologies Aric)

But anyway, I'm starting to look into it.

The first thing I'm seeing is a crash in the WTInfo() wintab call with Painter 5. Will look into this further, and attempt to fix.

Aric: Ever had this? I'll investigate further before posting up any significant details, as I suspect the fix is trivial.

Infact, has anyone else looked into this patch?

I haven't looked any further into Aric's other problems with Painter, as this WTInfo() error prevents Painter from even starting!

More importantly, I'd like to know why it didn't make it into the CVS? Did the patch slip behind the filing cabinet (as they do ;-)? Or was there a more substantive reason to reject the patch? I think Mike Hearn mentioned something about it's size (v. large)? Aric, Alexandre: do you want me to want me to re-subimt the patch, once I've got WTInfo() working?

I've also noticed that it doesn't update Wine's autoconf file to look for the XInput X extension, as is done to support other dlls that use X extensions. I assume this should be added.

Just to touch base with Aric: Has anyone done any more work in Code Weavers on this?

Aric thought Rob should take care of submitting something:

I think we where waiting on you. :) I did not formally commit it to wine-patches because i wanted to get your input first.

If you are planing to expand on my patch, then i would say Alexandre should could commit my patch then you work from there. Whatever is easiest for you.

Rob then took a look at the code Aric had submitted a few months and noticed some problems:

Ok, I've done some preliminary testing, and fixed obvious bugs that have arisen.

What I found, and could fix:

Aric, I'm wondering if I should really be fixing these things, as these look like the kind of bugs Code Weavers will have fixed in the normal course of product support.

After fixing these issues, The following remain:

  1. Photoshop doesn't seem to respond to pressure.
  2. Painter receives wintab events, but coordinates are extreme: only see lines from one side of drawing to another.
  3. Maybe some further research into the errors from XOpenDevice. I'm not convinced it is a problem.

Aric, are these the kind of bugs you were seeing with Painter?

I'm suspicious of the Wintab packet building code, as it has to build a C data struct on the fly. Looking at the code though, I can't see anything that could be going wrong. It could also be a scaling issue, where the scales deduced from X are wrong (I remember being suspicious of some of the values returned by the wacom driver).

I've got tons of trace code that runs as a wrapper round wintab on win98, and will move some of this into the wine impl for more testing. I hope this will help solve the remaining bugs.

I think in the light of the crashing bugs, Aric's patch shouldn't go in as-is.

Lionel Ulmer gave a pointer to the DGA2 code as an example of catching X errors. Aric was surprised Rob had uncovered those issues. He gave a pointer to a program to make sure the tablet and X were set up properly:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your tablet is working under X. There is a great little program called xinput, it is a utility that test the XInput module. You can see all the axis of your device and make sure they are working. I found that to get XInput to recognize pressure from my wacom tablet i needed to run the latest wacom drivers from

you can download xinput from

5. Workaround for Xvidmode Graphic Corruption

18 Jun 2003 - 19 Jun 2003 (3 posts) Archive Link: "[D3D] Xvidmode and surface locking"

Topics: Grapghics

People: OverrideXLionel Ulmer

This is a workaround other folks might find useful. Someone wrote in with a gaming problem:

Ok, I recently started using System Shock 2 fullscreen with xvidmode enabled in my wine config, and here's something strange. When xvidmode is enabled, and I'm in a game and press esc to go to the menu, then esc again to return to the game, or load another save or go through a bulkhead/elevator and cause it to load another level, when it returns to the game the 3D area is completely black, though the HUD/inventory and brackets around items all shows up. This happens with a cvs from 2003-06-08 and also with a cvs from 2003-05-17, however if I don't patch 2003-05-17 with the surface locking the screen doesn't black when loading a saved game or moving between levels, etc. (of course then there's no hud or anything without the surface locking) So basically it's like you can only load 1 saved game, then the next area you go to or saved game you restore you need to save and restart the game for it to go away. Sorry I didn't notice this sooner when testing it out for you :) If you need any tracing done I'd be glad to, just tell me what ya need, also if you want a demo of ss2 I could give you a link to that too.... cheers -Dan

Lionel Ulmer diagnosed the real problem:

Well, seeing this description, I could say only one thing : DRIVER PROBLEM :-)

You description seems to imply that the glReadPixels call returns a completely black frame buffer (whereas the drawing seems to work well as shown when you remove the surface locking stuf). To be 100 % sure, you could enable the debug code in the Lock / Unlock case to have nice screenshots (if they are all black, that would show that :-) ).

Maybe it could be fixed by my attempts to use the texture engine instead of glReadPixels (to be submitted only after profiling)...

Did you try changing the resolution manually using Ctrl +/- ? Does it work like that ?

Dan reported that worked, " hitting ctrl+alt+(+/-) causes what was black to be drawn properly... so just hitting +/- real quick after loading a game works fine "

6. Missing Bugzilla Descriptions

16 Jun 2003 - 18 Jun 2003 (6 posts) Archive Link: "Missing Bugzilla Descriptions"

Topics: Project Management

People: Dustin NaveaRobert NorthDuane ClarkJeremy NewmanRob North

Did you have a bug in the Bugzilla database? Well it seems we've lost a lot of it (see issue #171 for more details.) Dustin Navea described the issues he was running into and asked if a solution was on the horizon, " Hey guys i was browsing thru BugZilla and I noticed that most if not all of the bugs between 853-1349 are missing their descriptions.. Possibly from the software update?"

Rob North noticed the same, " 2 *important* bugs for me 1160 & 1165 are missing any comments. 1165 in particular, contained some useful debugging info ... I suppose it's a good thing that it seems to be resolved in the current CVS!"

Duane Clark gave a pointer to an archive where comments could be searched, " Well, most all the bugs and comments after Apr 2002 should be archived on That includes new bugs starting about bug 565. It is a lot easier to browse with gmane than the winehq archives (select all articles and sort by subject). However, gmane doesn't archive the attachments."

Jeremy Newman had originally thought the descriptions had been in the database but Bugzilla just wasn't pulling them out. This week he reported that wasn't the case, " Those bug descriptions are gone. I thought I had a recent backup of them. I thought wrong. The last good backup I have is from Aug 2000. It was in daily rotation after that. Whatever caused them to dissapear, happened 2 weeks before anyone even noticed. All two weeks of my tape rotations have those bugs missing." Then he added, " If anyone else has some time for data entry, we could use some volunteers here."

So, anyone out there tracking a bug might want to take some time and pull the comments out of Rebuilding an entry wouldn't be too hard.







Sharon And Joy

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