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Wine Traffic #174 For 13 Jun 2003

By Brian Vincent

Table Of Contents


This is the 174th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to be thankful for scripts that let you complete an issue before bedtime. It also serves inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator).

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 212 posts in 731K.

There were 72 different contributors. 45 posted more than once. 30 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. News: SuSE Linux Office Desktop

7 Jun 2003 - 13 Jun 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "News"

Topics: News

People: SuseMicrosoftMonoNewsCodeweavers

SuSE announced their "Linux Office Desktop" product this week. CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office 2.0 is integrated into it:

SuSE Linux Desktop gives users the choice between deploying Linux or Windows productivity tools. The product comes bundled with Sun Microsystems' StarOffice 6.0 and 1.0.2, but users can also install Microsoft Office -- ensuring familiarity, flexibility and interoperability, while still taking advantage of the stability and scalability that Linux delivers. The migration of Microsoft Windows installations to SuSE Linux Desktop is just as efficient and inexpensive as the extension of existing Windows infrastructures with SuSE Linux Desktop.

Codeweavers CrossOver Office 2.0 enables the seamless utilization of Word, Excel and PowerPoint from MS Office 97/2000/XP as well as MS Outlook, Visio 2000 and other Microsoft applications. IBM Lotus Notes can also be utilized on the SuSE Linux Desktop.

Agfa Monotype fonts ensure true format printing and display of Microsoft documents.

Mad Penguin put up a review and gave it high marks. Over at you can find some speculation on SuSE's strategy.

For the most part it's been a slow week. Alexandre is still on vacation; patches have trickled down to almost nothing. He did a CVS commit earlier in the week to help mitigate the backlog, but there's still a lot piled up.

2. Game Compatibility List

7 Jun 2003 - 8 Jun 2003 (7 posts) Archive Link: "Games compatibility list [20030607]"

Topics: Testing

People: Carlos LozanoMax

Carlos Lozano posted a list of games he tested with Wine:

Games compatibility list
Date: 20030608
Total games tested: 34
Games installed: 23/34
Games playable: 11/34

Games tested with


Rogue Squadron. [20030605] *

Grim Fandago. [20030605]

Superbikes demo. [20030605]

Gta3. [20030605]

Swat3. [20030605]

Railroad Tycoon 2. [20030605]

NBA Live98. [20030605]

DeusEx. [20030605]

Resident Evil 2. [20030605]

Fifa 99. [20030605]

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. [20030605]

7th Legion. [20030605] *

Max Payne. [20030605] *

The Sims. [20030605]

Fallout. [20030605]

Civilization Call to Power. [20030605]

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. [20030605]

Gta2. [20030607]

Star Wars: Rebellion. [20030607]

Star Wars: Starfighter. [20030607]

Age of Mythologhy. [20030607]

Trickstyle. [20030607]

Touring Car Championship. [20030607]

Revolt. [20030607]

Theme Hospital. [20030607]

Braveheart. [20030607]

Anno1602. [20030607]

Midtown Madness. [20030607]

Driver. [20030607]

Rainbow Six. [20030607]

Imperium. [20030607]

Populous 3. [20030607]

Need for speed: Special Edition.

Fifa 2002.

That should give the DirectX guys something to chew on for a while.

3. Direct3D To Do List

10 Jun 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "Fwd: [Wine-d3d] d3d8 todo: updated"

Topics: Multimedia

People: Raphael JunqueiraMax

Raphael Junqueira posted a to do list for Direct3D work:

only a little "reminder" of what is done, and what we need. I sugest having a global todo for all directx (dinput,dplay,dsound,dmusic,ddraw,d3d[1..9],dshow/quartz) ;)

DONE (since last TODO list)



Missing Functionalities:

4. Quartz Revisited - New Ideas

9 May 2003 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Re: [DShow] A bunch of stubs..."

Topics: Multimedia

People: Lionel UlmerMike HearnRaphael JunqueiraMark HannessenGavriel StateHidenori TakeshimaGav StateMark

Anyone remember the little bit of drama surrounding the removal of the quartz dll? To refresh your memory, go back to issue #122. Hidenori Takeshima did an extensive amount of work on making Wine capable of implementing DirectShow and ActiveMovie API's. However, he asked for all that code to be removed. Since then there has been no replacement. This week Lionel Ulmer posted a patch and explained:

Instead to let these auto-generated stubs rot in one of my development trees, let's submit them for inclusion in the tree (it cannot be worse than what was there before).

This could be useful for people to start to look at what would need implementing to get some games to play something and to fill the holes :-)

These are all the classes needed to have some tracing in System Shock 2.

PS: before anyone sends me mails, we know that WineX's QUARTZ DLL is LGPL'ed

That got some folks thinking, and Mike Hearn posted an idea:

I've been thinking (waits for the applause to die down). DirectShow is similar in style and architecture to GStreamer right? They both use graphs of connected elements. Would it be possible to use GStreamer to implement Quartz?



Raphael Junqueira had a similar idea:

i had the same idea, while looking xine code ;)

And better, we can add a wine -> gstreamer plugin who can use windows codecs (using wine infra to use it) mplayer have already a code for that using a little of wine code.

Lionel thought there were some other architectural concerns to consider:

Tom, add Mike as the new Quartz maintainer :-)

Actually, we may use this solution, but I really never looked at it to see if it's doable. It could be, but on the other hand, one could say 'Win32 GUI is similar in style to GTK+, you have buttons and sliders and widgets, so let's use GTK+ to do Win32 GUI elements' :-)

Moreover, when you see this :

You see that the application expects to have their own renderer to be used... So it complicates a bit all the stuff if GStreamer chooses one for us which is not the one the application expects.

Finally, the hard part is not (I think) how to implement it, but how DShow works (there are hundreds of COM interfaces / objects and most is constructed 'automagically' by 'Graphbuilder_RenderFile'). Once we have the logic in place to build this graph the same way Windows applcations expects us to build it, then we will have done most of the work I think and the rest is only code stealing :-)

As far as WineX using Hidenori's original Quartz work, Mark Hannessen wondered if it would be possible to, " just shift maintainer / copyright holder / whatever to a new person that does believe it is legal and is willing to take that risk" . Gav State wrote back to mention:

Just to clarify - we've been talking on and off with Hidenori about something like this for some time. He seems rather busy though, and I have no further news to report at this time.







Sharon And Joy

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