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Wine Traffic #128 For 10 Jul 2002

By Brian Vincent

Table Of Contents


This is the 128th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to distribute widely what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator).

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 270 posts in 1210K.

There were 72 different contributors. 45 posted more than once. 24 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. News: Winamp Plugins in XMMS

21 Jun 2002 - 10 Jul 2002 (1 post) Archive Link: "News"

Topics: News, Utilities

People: News

The past few weeks have been relatively slow on news. Then again, maybe since I've been on vacation I've missed a lot. If that's the case send me any interesting news links you've seen and I'll include them next week.

A new plugin for XMMD lets you use Winamp plugins. It's still under development, the latest version is 0.2. They suggest using WineX, although it looks like some Winamp plugins have been tested with WINE 20020509. Some of the plugins tested include G-Force 2, Geiss 4.23, and WhiteCap.

2. Wine DGA Input

24 Jun 2002 - 27 Jun 2002 (7 posts) Archive Link: "What needs to be done to fix Wine DGA Input."

Topics: Patches

People: Adam Luchjenbroers

Adam Luchjenbroers asked for a pointer on DGA input in Wine:

I was having trouble with DGA, where I would start up a DGA application and it would not accept keyboard or mouse input.

So I'd like to know how it was broken, where to look in the code, and what I can do to help fix it. I want working DGA input and I'm willing to do the coding to fix it. I was simply hoping someone could tell me where to look instead of needing me to hunt for the problem, as this would save me time.

Serge Ryabchun posted a patch to try out and Adam reported back, " Thanks, I have the WineHQ version of wine so I had to manually apply the patch (thank god they're in a human-readable format) but now keyboard input works fine. What needs to be done to make the mouse work? Thanks for your help so far and any you may give in the future. " After looking into it a little deeper he reported the following problems:

Relative mouse motions are being picked up correctly, however X11DRV_GetCursorPos is always returning the same co-ordinate, which is probably where the cursor last was before running the game (Total Annihilation, in this case).

Moving the cursor to the button and clicking saw the button respond, meaning click events were being properly received and the game had the 'correct' cursor position.

3. Running Warcraft 3

4 Jul 2002 - 9 Jul 2002 (16 posts) Archive Link: "warcraft 3"

Topics: Fixes

People: Bobby BinghamJesse Allen

Bobby Bingham reported a problem getting Warcraft 3 to run under Wine:

After buying Warcraft 3, and reading on the mailing list that the beta had worked under wine, I decided to try the final version under wine. It installed fine, but won't run. Or rather, when I try to run it, it prints this out, and just sits there:

fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetIdeInterface CD-ROM device with major ID 11 not supported

A couple of people seemed to recognize the problem and wondered if a SCSI CD-ROM was present. Bobby replied, " it's actually an ide cdrom, using the ide-scsi emulation for cdrecord and cdrdao. if i turn off the scsi emulation, these messages go away, but it still doesn't work."

Jesse Allen posted some extensive directions for getting it to run:

  1. Use the latest wine cvs. Only that will work.
  2. Mount the CD, and run install.exe on the CD with the winver set to win98 under config. (even though 95/98 are exactly the same when playing the game--i hate that) You should disable the ide-scsi thing because it seems to cause problems =(
  3. Close the install program. Go to the directory where war3 is installed. mv the Movies folder to Movies backup. The game tries to display a movie clip on start in the retail, and it hangs wine =(
  4. Download the NoCD patch for Warcraft 3 v1.00 (I don't know if 1.01 is out yet) at mv war3.exe and worldedit.exe to backup names. Copy in the patched program exe's. You may now run War3 if you wish. Warcraft 3 uses Safedisc v2. With this patch it will bypass it. Run war3 with the command "wine war3.exe -- -opengl".
  5. To login, you need to bypass the exe check. With the patched version of the game, it won't work. So what I did to get it to work is moved the patched exe's to something like "war3_patched.exe" and create a symbolic link "war3.exe" that links to it. Start the game "war3.exe". To login to, open bash console. Change to the war3 directory, and reset the symbolic link to the original war3 exe, let it sleep 5 seconds, and then reset the symbolic link back to the patched version. While it's sleeping, you need to login into immediately. This is what I did to get D2 to work under wine. It should work for war3. You need to be the same version as for it to work though. (currently only 1.00 is availible for linux, and is 1.01)
  6. To patch the game, you need to get the standalone patches. Set your symbolic link to the real exe's, and patch away =)

The beta in contrast worked perfectly. The retail has a couple problems =(. The advantages I find running War3 under linux/wine/opengl, are higher framerates than on both real windows, and winex. And no graphics errors in comparison to winex d3d8, and no sound problems like under real windows. My three button mouse also works unlike windows. All these advantages =)

Several people still reported problems getting it to work so there's likely some other tweaks that need to be made.

4. Wine20020605 and FreeBSD

1 Jul 2002 - 2 Jul 2002 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Re: heads up: wine 20020605 broken on FreeBSD, workaround included"

Topics: Integration

People: Francois GougetGerald Pfeifer

Scott Bolte reported a problem with getting Wine20020605 to run with FreeBSD. Gerald Pfeifer tracked the problem down to autoconf but needed some help to fix it. Francois Gouget reported, " The bug was in the file. Both Marcus and me sent patches (different approaches ;-) to wine-patches. One of them has to be right so this should be fixed pretty soon."

That could be irrelevent soon anyway since another tarball should be escaping from CVS any day now.

5. Running AutoCAD R14

4 Jul 2002 - 5 Jul 2002 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Re: dlls/advapi32/registry.c patch for RegEnumValuesA"

Topics: Patches, Fixes

People: Max

While trying to get AutoCAD R14 to work Max found a problem where it was trying to get a registry key value, but just getting an error and trying over and over again. Instead, along with the error message, the correct buffer size was also supposed to be returned so it could be retrieved. After fixing it Max reported, " With this patch, finally AutoCAD R14 is perfectly usable in wine, even without a native windows installed ! "

He also gave some pointers to getting it running:

  1. Get latest wine from CVS (or wait for next release !)
  2. If registry patch isn't already there, get it here : and apply it to source code. If don't know how, mail me :)
  3. Just setup autocad and run it, all things I've tested runs perfectly, rendering and external apps too.
  4. Only thing I found not working is Help, I guess must update winhelp in wine.

6. Graphical Configuration Tool

6 Jul 2002 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Graphical Configuration-Tool for wine.conf"

Topics: Utilities

People: Clemens EissererAndreas Mohr

Clemens Eisserer had an announcement and some questions:

I'm one of two web-masters of . Many people in our forum asked for a graphical frontend to the wine.config. And because google didnt find anything, I've just wrote a prototype. Its written in Java, is compiled to a native-Linux program via gcj and uses java-gtk as toolkit. It is nearyl as fast as a C++ program, but coding is much faster und easier. And (for all GNU-fanatics) its fully GPL-compatible....

My problem is, that I dont know all options of the config-file. Till now I only implemented the options which stands in my wine-config, including the ;-Entries. Only the specific-program settings are not iplemented, its too hard to make this part GUI-based (I'm so sorry, but my english is terrible). Is there somewhere an overview over all avaible options?

Is such a tool already avaible, or an existing codebase?

Please note that Jine (Jawy after the rewrite) isnt ready for use. O.K it does work, but the code is awful and I'm currently working on a rewrite.

A screenshot was also attached to the email.

Andreas Mohr wondered why he bothered since the Tk-based Winesetup has been around for a while. But he added, " But a second program for this kind of task is always a good idea anyway. "

7. Windows Programming References

8 Jul 2002 (1 post) Archive Link: "about programming books"

Topics: Documentation

People: Andreas MohrDmitry Timoshkovcodeweavers

Andreas Mohr mentioned:

I just created to list all the Windows programming books I own (16 books ! ;-)

I'd be happy if some other people could add an entry, too. That way we'd have an amazing information resource whenever needed.

Dmitry Timoshkov added some suggestions too.







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