Wine Traffic #6 For 29 Aug 1999

By Eric Pouech

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This is the sixth release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to distribute widely what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator).

Well this week has been very quiet on wine-devel, as if most of the developpers were on vacation at the same time. Of course, there was the O'Reilly conference in Monterey (CA) where Alexandre Juillard was giving a talk. So, I barely had enough material to put an issue together.

Marcus Meissner will be giving a talk at the Linux Kongress ( in Augsburg, Germany.

1. Heap issue

 Archive Link: "Heap issue"

People: Ian SchmidtUwe Bonnes

Uwe Bonnes reported the following question: after a block of memory has been freed by HeapFree(), what should be the output of IsBadReadPtr() on this very block.

Ian Schmidt investigated on Windows 98 and reported:
If the size passed to IsBadReadPtr() is 4k or less it returns zero (memory is OK). If the size is greater than 4k it returns nonzero. So it seems like the first page of the pointer is OK immediately after HeapFree() but the rest isn't. The actual allocation size and presence/absence of other allocated blocks in the heap don't seem to matter.

This remain to be patched in Wine.

2. Benchmarks

 Archive Link: "Benchmarks"

People: Patrik StridvalUwe Bonnes

Patrik Stridval found an article regarding CPU performance, but which contains a benchmark between Windows and Wine on the same hardware ( ( ).

Here's an excerpt of the results (on the new Athlon 600 from AMD):

Recently I've started playing with Wine 990815; one of the programs I tried to run is an old favorite of mine; WinTach. I was pleasantly surprised to see this old 16 bit benchmark application work perfectly. The results with a yellow background are obtained under Wine, the other row was obtained under Windows 98SE on the same hardware.

Mhz Driver VSync WP CAD Spread Paint Score
600 Wine on 980.78 1490.02 490.02 255.48 804.19
600 Win98 OFF 2043.49 1976.52 2102.37 651.87 1693.56

Patrik asked if
anybody else done benchmarking of Wine vs Windows?
", and started wondering on the cause of the speed difference (X Windows, Wine itself...), but anyway was satisfied with the results at this stage of Wine development.

Uwe Bonnes proposed if some benchmarks were to be done to also integrate figures from wmware.

3. Lobbying

 Archive Link: "Lobbying"

People: Mumit KhanUwe Bonnes

Uwe Bonnes reported some feedback he got from the cygwin mailinglist (via, and chances of seeing Mumit Khan's patches for anonymous unions/structs being incorporated in gcc 3.0. Mumit wrote:

Some of the patches are in, and some (notably the C anon aggregates one, and a few others) are not.

The more users lobby, the more its chances are for inclusion; so please voice your interest in!

So Uwe asked
people from the wine community to raise their voices.







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