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Welcome To SLUG Pearls

The Sydney Linux User Group was established in September 1993, and has grown immensely ever since.

It was this growth that prompted SLUG Pearls. Inspired by Kernel Traffic (well read amongst SLUGgers), and the growing need for a lower traffic list, Jeff Waugh started the summaries for the benefit of SLUG's busier members. They've been a welcome addition to SLUG's many activities.

SLUG Home Page The Home Page For The Sydney's Linux Users' Group.
SLUG Membership Find out about joining the Sydney Linux Users' Group
Past Presentations The Sydney Linux Users' Group sponsors talks and other presentations. Here is their calendar of events.
Mailing Lists The SLUG mailing list (and auxilliary lists), on which SLUG Pearls is based.
SLUG Contacts Who to get in touch with at SLUG.







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