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1. Reviewers Sought For Pocket Reference

3 Jan 2001 - 8 Jan 2001 (9 posts) Archive Link: "Would like reviewers for an O'Reilly pocket reference"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Andy OramUsing SambaGerald CarterDavid Collier-Brown

Andy Oram announced in samba-docs:

We have a feeling at O'Reilly that Appendices C (Samba config options) and D (utilities) of Using Samba would make a useful pocket reference. So I've incorporated all (I think) the corrections and changes for 2.0.7 that all of you provided into these appendices and have turned them into a small book of their own.

Who would like to see these appendices in their current form, along with the little preface I wrote? I'd be happy to release the preface (which is mainly a few passages stolen from the preface and Chapter 1 of Using Samba) to the team, if anybody thinks it would be useful. But mainly, I need people to do a sanity check for O'Reilly's sake, a check that I've gotten the appendices up to date and that I don't say anything embarrassing in the preface.

For me, the easiest way to get you these pages is to send them as PDF or PostScript files; I imagine they'll add up to about 75 pages. But if you're in North America and would like a hard-copy, I can get you one.

David Collier-Brown wanted a copy, and asked if the Samba 2.2 options had stablized yet. Andy added, "It would be nice if we could cover 2.2 instead of 2.0.7. The book is projected to hit the shelves in March." Gerald Carter summarized the state of 2.2, saying there wouldn't be a feature freeze until the Access Control List code had been completed; though he added that most of the other options were already finished. Andy replied, "We have not made a final decision yet at O'Reilly, but we're thinking of including the options that are known to be set in 2.2 and say the book covers "2.0.7 and some features of 2.2.""

2. Turkish Support Added To Samba 2.2.

7 Jan 2001 - 8 Jan 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Turkish support for Samba -- how to contribute?"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Deniz Akkus KancaJeremy AllisonTim Potter

Deniz Akkus Kanca posted:

I have added the codepages for Turkish support to samba. I'd like to submit it to the Samba group for inclusion in samba.

Where do I send the stuff into?

Here is a brief explanation of what I have currently:

CPISO8559-9.TXT for compiling unicode_map.ISO-8859-9 CP857.TXT for compiling unicode_map.857 codepage_def.857 for compiling codepage.857 patch file for charcnv.c to support client code page 857 and character set ISO8559-9. (based on 2.0.7 samba)

All of the above can be found on (

Tim Potter merged the patches to the HEAD branch of Samba. Jeremy Allison added these into 2.2. for the next alpha release.

3. Dos And win3.11 Support With Samba Alpha 2.2

10 Jan 2001 - 22 Jan 2001 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Patrick GunerudSerg Alexandrov

Patrick Gunerud asked:

I was wondering if something has happened with support for dos clients in samba 2.2? I have a samba 2.2 PDC setup on my network providing authentication to other samba 2.2 servers. I have a floppy setup for disk imaging which is using dos tcp/ip and win3.11 network drivers to map a drive to my Linux raid machine. When the floppy is fully booted and logged onto the network I do a directory listing and no files or directory's show up, even though while in the shared path on the linux box there are several files/dir's there. I checked to see if the map hidden was set in the smb.conf file and it was not. So needless to say I am stumped on this one.

Christian Barth also had similar problems and had reported this on the main Samba list

Serg Alexandrov replied with:

So, I have the same problem. Long time I try get help from samba guys, but no answer... (

I resolve this problem. I think so.

Edit file /source/smbd/dir.c

Find function:

BOOL get_dir_entry(connection_struct *conn,char *mask,int dirtype,char *fname, SMB_OFF_T *size,int *mode,time_t *date,BOOL check_descend) {

... skipped .....

if (!conn->dirptr)



if (strequal(mask, "????????.???"))

pstrcpy(mask, "*");

while (!found)


Patrick replied that the patch solved his problem and posted the patched files on his site. (

4. Work On libsmbclient Progressing

11 Jan 2001 - 13 Jan 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Some more updates to libsmbclient"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Richard SharpeJelmer Feenstra

Richard Sharpe post some updates to his libsmbslient test bed:

I have just applied some more patches to libsmbclient.

These are:

1. Changes to the interface (I am sorry) to:

- add an smbc_readdir call (not tested)

- change the auth_fn to provide the buffers for workgroup, username and password from the library and provide the current suggested values so the client can display them or use them to retrieve cached info and avoid asking the user for this info ...

2. Many fixes to bugs in the old and new code

3. More code in tree.c that puts up two panes, one for the tree of objects that can be seen/retrieved, as well as a list window that can show file info if you click on a node in the tree.

This last program still has many bugs and defficiencies, but it suffices to allow me to test things quickly.

I have the following outstanding fixes to apply at some stage:

1. Cache NetBIOS name lookups for a period of time to avoid excessive delays in browsing directory entries

2. Handle systems with multiple interfaces

3. Have a directory and file cache

4. Allow multple shares to use the one TCP connection to server

5. etc

One of the big problem I still have is that fact that the current libsmb cli_ routines on files and enumeration of servers etc are all callback based and return all the information (in a directory, for example) all in one go.

This forces me to build a list of all the available info all in smbc_opendir call. I would rather get the info needed as the user makes calls to smbc_readdir and smbc_getdents ... Although that presents some problems as well.

Jelmer Feenstra found the new code segfaulted when listing a NT5 share. Richard Sharpe replied found the bug then later added:

OK, I have found the real problem, as well as others ... :-)

I did not have the codepage stuff initialized, so in trying to convert a UNICODE string to a UNIX string, I was indexing through a NULL pointer ... Unfortunately, I have also found that Win2K times out TCP connections, so I have to think about reconnect ...

There where no more posts to the thread

5. Trouble Installing Samba On Linux

19 Jan 2001 - 20 Jan 2001 (3 posts) Subject: "SAMBA 2.2"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Pavel BocekMakis Marmaridis

Kevin Kallsen tried installing Samba 2.2 from CVS, onto his Mandrake 7.2 system. The compilation went OK, but starting it up, it seemed he was still running Samba 2.0.7; he asked where he goofed. Pavel Bocek replied, "You have probably SAMBA installed with your Linux distribution. Official samba use other file locations - /usr/local/samba. You have to uninstall the old one...." Makis Marmaridis agreed with this diagnosis, but suggested simply deleting the old smbd and nmbd programs, and make symbolic links to the new versions. Bu the added, "Of course uninstalling the older version is the proper way of doing things (but there is more than one way to skin a cat)." End of thread.

6. 2.2 Or TNG For PDC

22 Jan 2001 (3 posts) Subject: "Samba PDC"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Adam Tauno WilliamsVern Gill

Rich Forman planned on setting up a PDC using samba, and wanted to know if version 2.2 or the TNG branch would be best for that purpose. Adam Tauno Williams replied with his own experience, saying, "2.2 works great for PDCing NT for me. But things like Winframe and Exchange don't work. It's reported that such things DO work with TNG, but I haven't switched yet, so that's second hand." And Vern Gill said, "I have been using TNG as a PDC for an Exchange system for over a month now. Works like a champ."







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