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Samba Traffic #30 For 27 Oct 2000

Editor: Zack Brown

By John Quirk  and  Zack Brown

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 158 posts in 546K.

There were 84 different contributors. 31 posted more than once. 28 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Internatinalization of SWAT project

7 Oct 2000 - 24 Oct 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "SWAT internatinalization project is working"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Hiroshi MIURARyo Kawahara

Hiroshi MIURA posted the details of SWAT internatinalization project

I and Ryo Kawahara who is the members of Samba User Group Japan are developing SWAT internationalization(I18N) using GNU gettext library.

What is this feature?

A browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer on client send the language negotiation data to the server. ie. accept-language: en ja fr ...

So in SWAT-I18N, it use it to decide what language must be send. There are language catalogs and documents translated to local languages, Swat select it and send to client.

The implementation is shown in Samba Japanese edition. The Japanese edtion release is including japanese document, SWAT i18n and some japanese specific charcode support(EUC3, UTF-8).

see ->

Now we are working about the portablity issue and integrating with Samba-2.2 branch.

For the portability, we tested some implimantation as follows:

1. implemented in Samba-2.0.7-ja-1.0 to ja-1.3.

this use configure to decide where to install catalog file and which method is good whether GNU gettext installed in OS or XPG4 catgets installed in the OS or GNU gettext bandled with Samba.

it is confiured by ./configure --with-swat-i18n and with --with-catgets or --with-included-gettext or none.

2. implemented in Samba-2.0.7-ja-2.0(Now prepare for release)

Especially, --with-catgets is less portable than --with-included-gettext. And there are so many codes handling catgets catalog.

So We are working only supports the bandled library for portability.

Now only --with-swat-i18n is needed.

In Samba 2.2, almost of the new feature in ja release except SWAT-I18N is adopted.

A integration effort to the Samba 2.2 code is made by mainly Mr. Ryo Kawahara. We want to merge it to Samba 2.2 release.

This was followed with a post from Ryo Kawahara giving details of the SWAT internatinalization codeand finished with " Now I'm making the patch for samba-2.2 and maybe work will done in about one week. Maybe this patch will help non-english users, I hope. "

A while later Ryo Kawahara posted the patch to with these comments

The patch is very big (400KB) including GNU gettext source code, autoconf support and message catalog templates.


To use this feature, use --enable-nls configure option (ON by default). If you don't use --disable-nls.

Another feature of this patch is language negotiation which is a part of http/1.1. SWAT now can detect web browser's language settings and send the requested documents of preferred language if available. This option can be ON by --with-i18n-swat configure option (OFF by default).

See for web browser setting information.

Adding new language of is very easy. See for detail, but installation method explained in the document is obsolete, we have much easier way to do that. I'll write correct document as soon as possible.

Ryo Kawahara followed a short time later asking the Samba Team if they would like the patch broken up into 3 smaller patches.

2. Adding JFS ACL Support To Samba

17 Oct 2000 - 19 Oct 2000 (7 posts) Archive Link: "Adding ACL support for AIX"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Medha DateTim PotterMarc Jacobsen

Medha Date and Scott Prather, from the AIX development team at IBM, wanted to add JFS ACL (extended permissions) support to samba, specifically to 2.2 if possible. Medha said:

Which source files contain the current ACL support? In development.html, there is mention of a pluggable backend for ACL support. Is there any sort of spec for this?

We are going to set up a test environment for samba on AIX and will be able to test our changes there, among other things, pretty thoroughly there. However, we will need help testing to make sure we haven't impacted other platforms.

Michael E Osborne was thrilled to hear about this, and Tim Potter replied to Medha, saying that as far as he knew, there was no spec for pluggable back-end ACL (Access Control List) support, though he added, "it will probably be functionally similar to the ACL functions in the vfs_ops structure in include/vfs.h. Pluggable backends may even end up being VFS modules." He also mentioned that Marc Jacobsen gave a technical overview of the ACL code; and gave a link into the archives. John M. Trostel took a look at the synopsis, but couldn't find the files Marc referred to. Tim replied:

Hmm.. Looks like the code has been merged differently - I guess Marc was referring to the code as he had written it instead of how Jeremy has merged it.

Take a look at smbd/unix_acls.c and smbd/posix_acls.c. I also suspect that not all of the ACL support has been merged in yet.

This worked for John, and the thread ended.

3. MS Domain Logons In Upcoming Samba Versions

18 Oct 2000 - 19 Oct 2000 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Best branch for Samba PDC"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Ian DobbieGerald Carter

Ian Dobbie asked, "I have been running an old alpha (2.1.0prealpha) as a PDC for an NT4/win95/98 domain with much success for quite a while. I'm planning on updating my server to something newer. Am I best to go for 2.0.7, wait for 2.2.0 to stabilize or dive in with HEAD? After hanging around here for a while it is not at all clear." Gerald Carter recommended, "Samba 2.2.0 will have minimal support for NT4/2000 domain logons. If I were you, I wait for 2.2 nd use a stable release again. :-)" Akop Pogosian was very happy to hear about this, and wanted to test it out. He asked if the current 2.2 ALPHA supported Windows 2000 domain logons, and Gerald replied, "Not the alpha0 release. It is in SAMBA_2_2 and should be in the alpha1 release (look for it sometime next week)."

4. Update on 2.2 alpha Release

22 Oct 2000 (1 post) Archive Link: "Status of 2.2.0alpha1"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Jeremy AllisonHerb Lewis

Jeremy Allison posted a status report on 2.2.0alpah1 "

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the status of the next Samba alpha. Currently I am looking at a performance problem compared to 2.0.7 that Herb Lewis on the Samba Team at SGI has reported in his NetBench lab. I'm going to be working on this on Monday in SGI's lab and hopefully will get the next alpha out once we've isolated and fixed this bug. Please keep the recommendations for patches that you want integrated that are not currently in CVS coming in.


At the time of writing there have been no further updates on this post.







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