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Samba Traffic #29 For 20 Oct 2000

Editor: Zack Brown

By John Quirk  and  Zack Brown

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 258 posts in 1007K.

There were 115 different contributors. 47 posted more than once. 53 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Struggling With MS Slowdowns

4 Oct 2000 - 17 Oct 2000 (29 posts) Archive Link: "Filesystem question"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Brad SahrTim PotterChristopher R. HertelSimo SorceUlf BertilssonDavid Collier-Brown

Ulf Bertilsson noticed heavy disk activity each time he selected a file from an MS system. Brad Sahr added, "Experience with the Samba VFS feature has revealed that simply moving your mouse over a filename within MS explorer causes SMB (and resulting disk) activity. The file is being stat'd and open'd multiple times." David Collier-Brown choked on his coffee, and Tim Potter added, "I've also noticed that simply browsing a directory in explorer causes just about every file in the directory to be opened to look for an icon to display. Not very nice when you have files stored on tape. )-: Some sort of fencepost or icon caching system perhaps would be nice." But Simo Sorce pointed out that this would just result in samba statting files instead of MS, to make sure the cache was correct.

Ulf asked if there was any way to address this in Samba, and Christopher R. Hertel replied, "While it is tempting, the idea of fixing Windows bugs by adapting Samba is something that should be avoided. If the fix can be used as a general-purpose improvement to Samba then approach it that way." A number of folks discussed various possibilities, and tried to identify the best place for a possible fix.

2. Road Map For Samba Development

7 Oct 2000 - 12 Oct 2000 (4 posts) Subject: "Samba PDC feature release proposal"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Gerald CarterKevin ColbyUlf BertilssonTimothy D. Cole

Gerald Carter announced:

Given the feedback from everyone, here is the feature implementation and release proposal I'm throwing out there.

See the updated Roadmap at

also for more goodies.

This plan allows us to set given milestones for testing and release. This does not mean that features in release 2 are not important for a PDC. This is just a means or ordering the implementation so we can get a stable release out there as soon as the acceptance criteria is met.

Note that I've not included Exchange plugins here. I think I would consider that to be a separete project (beyond this scope).

Release 1:

Release 2:

Release 3:

Kevin Colby, Ulf Bertilsson, and Timothy D. Cole burst into spontaneous applause; as Kevin put it,
I think this is a terrific addition. Well said.

3. New 'smb.conf' Option?

6 Oct 2000 - 9 Oct 2000 (18 posts) Archive Link: "new smb.conf option"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Jean Francois MicouleauJeremy AllisonGerald CarterSimo SorceKevin Colby

Jean Francois Micouleau posted:

anybody against a new smb.conf option "domain group" being a list of unix groups. Those groups would be flagged by samba as "domain groups" instead of "local groups".

Comments ? Objections ?

To which Jeremy Allison replied:

I see what JF is trying to do - use a list to make an artificial distinction between the groups we report back as being local and those we report back as being domain, as under UNIX they're all local.


Gerald Carter asked, " Is this option for a PDC, a Samba member server, or should it apply to both?"

Jean Francois replied it was for the PDC case only.

Simo Sorce asked, " Isn't it better to have a file that will list the groups to be shown as domain groups and will also add the possibility to give a different name then the unix ones?" Kevin Colby added, " Eventually, wouldn't remote user/group configuration tools need to able to manipulate the domain group list as well as the local group list? A parameter string in smb.conf would make that rather difficult. " to which Jean Francois replied:


So if someone comes to a solution to the group mapping problem, be my guest :-)

And I mean a real solution, local/domain groups, builtin groups, samba as a pdc, samba as a domain member, with/without winbind.

A couple of sugestions where offered but no one replied to these and thread ended.

4. Samba Password Database Backend

12 Oct 2000 - 13 Oct 2000 (5 posts) Archive Link: "passdb"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Simo SorceAndrew Bartlett

Following on from one of the threads spawned by the TODO list covered in Issue #27, Section #7  (28 Sep 2000: Jerry's ToDo list) , Simo Sorce posted the following:

I'm still waiting to start a discussion on the passdb backend, as I've not seen anything on samba techincal I was wondering if there have been any between samba team members or if there will be any. I've written some code to add a tdb password database and there are some points I think must be discussed before further efforts.

Is there anyone else working on this thing?

Andrew Bartlett said:

I have a particular interest in passdb, in particular PAM. My primary ideas involve tightining up samba's security so samba does less work for a potential attacker, and so it uses PAM even when it can't use it to check a password.

Samba should (IMHO) do account and session processing regardless of encrypted passwords.

Simo replied:

This will need passdb API changes or rewriting.

I'm also interested but remember that PAM must be an option as too many samba-supported system does not have it.

Andrew replied that " OpenSSH provides a good model for this" [...] " but it seems to have (some of) the same issues as Samba and appears to do a good job regardless." Andrew went on to say the openSSH handles a vast array of password storage system and gave a point into the source " see auth-passwd.c in the OpenSSH sources."

The thread ended with this.

5. TNG Code Fork

13 Oct 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "[ANNOUNCE] TNG code fork"

Summary By John Quirk

People: Sander StrikerElrondJohn QuirkLuke Kenneth Casson Leighton

Sander Striker posted to Samba-Technical and Samba-ntdom the following announcement:

As some of you might already know, we have forked the SAMBA_TNG branch to start a new project: Samba TNG.

After a long period of thinking and talking we finally decided to go ahead with it. We can be found at This is only an initial site, the full site is being worked on.

We also have a set of working mailinglists at tng-users resembles the function of samba-ntdom and tng-technical the function of samba-technical. However, I want to point out that the technical list is for technical discussions concerning development; any user/config/problem questions should be directed to tng-users.

I would like to ask the public subscribed to these samba lists, because they have an interest in samba development or domain controller functionality, to also subscribe to our lists. The Samba TNG project needs your feedback just as the Samba project needs it.

We are working on public cvs which will be announced on our mailinglists as soon as it is available.

I've stated them before, but will do so again here: our goals for tng:

- expanding the PDC functionality (we want (full) w2k support)

- adding printing support

- adding interopability features (like: an endpoint mapper)

- rewriting portions of the rpc code to make use of our dce/rpc library (which is another project we are doing simultaneously).

Subprojects (main goals for our dce/rpc toolkit):

- writing an IDL compiler (makes life so much easier :-))

There are probably more, but we'll keep you updated on the lists and the website.

Next, who is 'we' anyway? :-)

We are: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, Elrond and me.

David Allen Finch has joined months ago when we started to see the need for a dce/rpc toolkit/library, which is where his expertise lies. We are using tng to get this of the ground. Also tng will benefit a lot from this.

Jonathan Graham has joined us as our project coordinator. He will try and manage our deadlines, roadmaps and human resources in the form of occasional volunteers and solid team members.

For anyone happy to volunteer, contact us on our tng-technical mailinglist, or directly seek contact with our project coordinator at If you would like to volunteer and stay anonymous, you can, by sending an email to

I would already like to thank all who contacted us already and offered their help (which we of course accepted).

(ed. [John Quirk] For regular reader of KC-samba this not an unexpected development. This project will bear watching as it has on its team the primary TNG developers. Hopefully with two open source projects covering the smb protocol they will be able to cross feed ideas into each other. )

6. Samba Mailing List Archives

13 Oct 2000 - 17 Oct 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Archive Search?"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Nicolas WilliamsTim Potter

Nicolas Williams complained, "the Samba mail archives suck. They suck bad. Now I can't find a way to search them anymore. This makes the archives suck worse." Mike Fedyk suggested using Google's advanced search to specify as the domain to search, and Tim Potter added, "There are also searchable archives for the samba mailing lists at"







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