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Welcome To Samba Traffic

Samba is a file and printer (and other device) sharing tool that bridges a major gap between Microsoft and Open Source. New versions of Windows often break Samba in various ways, due to the convoluted nature of the protocol. But because of the tremendous speed of the bazaar, the Open Source community is able to re-establish compatibility almost as soon as Windows breaks it.

If you're not yet subscribed to the samba lists, check out the Samba Mailing List Page. Samba Traffic covers the samba, samba-technical, samba-ntdom, samba-docs, samba-vms and samba-cvs lists (though anyone can just to subscribe to the ones that interest you).

Samba Traffic is a group-authored newsletter, and relies on volunteers to keep it going. For the basic ideas behind this approach and for specifics of how it's actually done, see the KT Authorship page. For information on summarizing threads, see the Thread Summary FAQ.

The mailing list for claiming threads is <kcd-samba>. For more information, see the Claiming Threads section of the Authorship page.

Send all submissions to the Samba Traffic editor. The current editor is Zack Brown. For more information, see the Submitting Summaries section of the Authorship page.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday noon PST (earlier is better). You can find out what time this is in your local area by giving the command:

date -d "Thursday 12:00 PST"







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Kernel Traffic is grateful to be developed on a computer donated by Professor Greg Benson and Professor Allan Cruse in the Department of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. This is the same department that invented FlashMob Computing. Kernel Traffic is hosted by the generous folks at All pages on this site are copyright their original authors, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.0.