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Mailing List Stats For This Week

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61 posts in 310KB by ingo molnar
56 posts in 279KB by steven rostedt
55 posts in 169KB by lee revell
78 posts in 319KB for "power consumption hz100, hz250, hz1000: new numbers"
63 posts in 311KB for "[patch 2.6.13-rc4] fix get_user_pages bug"
58 posts in 245KB for "revert yenta free_irq on suspend"
45 posts in 217KB for "[patch] real-time preemption, -rt-2.6.13-rc4-v0.7.52-01"
35 posts in 135KB for "[2.6 patch] schedule obsolete oss drivers for removal"

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1. Scheduling Obsolete OSS Drivers For Removal

26 Jul 2005 - 2 Aug 2005 (46 posts) Archive Link: "[2.6 patch] schedule obsolete OSS drivers for removal"

Topics: PCI, Sound: ALSA, Sound: OSS

People: Adrian Bunki810_audioLee RevellJeff GarzikThomas Sailer

Adrian Bunk said, "This patch schedules obsolete OSS drivers (with ALSA drivers that support the same hardware) for removal." Thomas Sailer approved of the patch, while Jeff Garzik cautioned that before this patch was applied, it should be confirmed that the ALSA drivers really did support the same hardware in each case. He confirmed the via82cxxx driver himself, but said the i810_audio driver was not ready, because "ALSA doesn't have all the PCI IDs (which must be verified -- you cannot just add the PCI IDs for some hardware)" . Adrian confirmed that he had tried to confirm each driver, though he admitted that he could have missed something.

Elsewhere, Lee Revell asked how many obsolete OSS drivers were included in Adrian's patch, and Adrian replied he hadn't counted them all.

2. Support For Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 LCD Power Up/Down

27 Jul 2005 - 1 Aug 2005 (10 posts) Archive Link: "[patch] Support powering sharp zaurus sl-5500 LCD up and down"

People: Pavel MachekAndrew Morton

Pavel Machek said, "This adds support for powering Zaurus's video up and down. PDA without screen is kind of useless, so it is quite important... I'll have to figure out how to really control the frontlight, because LCD without that is quite hard to read." Andrew Morton asked if Pavel would maintain this code, and Pavel agreed.

3. Linux 2.6.13-rc3-mm2 Released

27 Jul 2005 - 29 Jul 2005 (26 posts) Archive Link: "2.6.13-rc3-mm2"

Topics: Kernel Release Announcement

People: Andrew MortonSam Ravnborg

Andrew Morton announced Linux 2.6.13-rc3-mm2, saying:

Sam Ravnborg asked if the mailing list were archived anywhere, and Andrew replied, "Not to my knowledge."

4. Linux 2.6.13-rc4 Released

28 Jul 2005 - 2 Aug 2005 (18 posts) Archive Link: "Linux 2.6.13-rc4"

Topics: Disks: SCSI, FS: NTFS, Kernel Release Announcement, Sound: ALSA

People: Linus TorvaldsJesper JuhlAndrew Morton

Linus Torvalds announced Linux 2.6.13-rc4, saying:

as many of you are aware, we were talking (not enough) about the release process at LKS this year.

This ain't it.

This is just the regular old release "process", with some LKS backlog put in for good measure.

But the good news is, that I'll try the new release process after 2.6.13 is out, which is hopefully not too far away. Which means that we should try to let people know about the fact that if they want to merge stuff, they should do so in the first two weeks after the 2.6.13 release, and no later (also, no earlier either, by now).

So if you have a favourite kernel developer, please wake him up with a friendly kick to the head and explain this concept to him in small easy-to-understand words, and tell him that we're in the freeze process for 2.6.13 now, and that he should be gathering up the patches, and make sure they get to me _after_ 2.6.13 is out, but at that point do it in a timely manner.


In the meantime, here's the 2.6.13-rc4 update, with a diffstat so horribly ugly that I won't even show it (the kernel list would eat it as too big anyway), and I'll have to go fix my code that generates it.

Oh, and in case you wonder, it's ugly because a cris architecture update with long filenames that really causes git-apply to output som rather nasty-looking diffstats ;)

ALSA, IB, NTFS, SCSI (qla2xxx) and the cris architecture update.

Jesper Juhl said, "For the bennefit of those of us who were not at LKS, could someone elaborate a bit on "the new release process" ?" Andrew Morton gave a link to a Linux Weekly News summary ( of the process.

5. Wireless Security Lock Driver To Detect Physical Proximity

30 Jul 2005 - 31 Jul 2005 (19 posts) Archive Link: "[PATCH] Wireless Security Lock driver."

Topics: USB

People: Brian SchauPavel MachekAlistair John Strachan

Brian Schau said:

I've attached a gzipped version of my Wireless Security Lock patch for v2.6.13-rc4.

A Wireless Security Lock (WSL or weasel :-) is made up of two parts. One part is a receiver which you plug into any available USB port. The other part is a transmitter which at fixed intervals sends "ping packets".

A "ping packet" usually consists of an ID and a flag telling if the transmitter has just been turned on. Both devices lights up in a nice way when a "ping packet" is send/ received.

The whole idea of this is that when the transmitter is brought out of range one could have a process (such as xscreensaver) lock the display.

The WSL is a toy gadget.

For more information see:

The WSL driver touches these files:

        drivers/usb/Makefile                    (1 line)
        drivers/usb/input/Kconfig               (10 lines)
        drivers/usb/input/Makefile              (1 line)
        drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c            (2 lines)
        drivers/usb/input/wsl.c                 (224 lines)

This is my first driver for Linux - feel free to harass me if I am not following procedures or you think the driver is lame. Better still, educate me :-)

Pavel Machek replied, "Idea is good... but why don't you simply use bluetooth (built into many notebooks) and bluetooth-enabled phone? Probably could be done in userspace, too :-)." Alistair John Strachan replied:

There's a script to this on the gentoo wiki via BlueZ.

I personally think the problem with this approach is that most phones have bluetooth enabled explicitly as an option, it doesn't run all the time, or default on. Primarily this is because bluetooth can drain your phone's battery (though, I don't know by how much, if you're not actually transferring data over it).

A CR2032 cell, in a specific piece of kit, is going to last for a lot longer than a phone battery.

But Brian also replied to Pavel, saying:

WSLs are already reality. Sitecom is a producer of these and you can get another brand from ThinkGeek.

Sitecom device:


Why in kernel? Well, the device is based on the Cypress Ultra Mouse. So with a non WSL aware kernel the events from the WSL will be merged into the standard mouse input queue which will make your mouse pointer move uncontrollable - it'll jump across the screen in a couple of steps every 3 seconds or so. Quite amusing but not very handy! The problem is described here:

The WSL kernel driver will translate the device packets to a separate event queue.

And you're right. The WSL driver is not a standalone thingy - you'll some userland tools as well. These can be gotten from:

The tools contains a patch for xscreensaver (patch submitted to maintainer) and a small WSL monitor program which will monitor in-range/out-of-range signals and disable/enable xscreensaver as needed.

Given the existence of the hardware, Brian's work mad sense to Pavel, and the thread petered out.

6. SquashFS Not NFS-Compatible; Fix On The Way

2 Aug 2005 - 4 Aug 2005 (4 posts) Archive Link: "squashfs seems nfs-incompatible"

Topics: FS: NFS, FS: SquashFS

People: Jan EngelhardtPhillip Lougher

Jan Engelhardt said, "I found out that you cannot mount an exported squash fs. The exports(5) fsid= parameter does not help it [like it did with unionfs]." Phillip Lougher replied, "The exports(5) man page says fsid=num is necessary for filesystems on non-block devices - I don't know whether this includes loopback filesystems. Have you tried exporting a Squashfs filesystem mounted on a real block device?" Jan said, "Loopback is a real block device, and no, fsid= does not help it. I have talked with the unionfs people, because it works for them. After a short flash of idea and comparison, it turns out that squashfs is missing sb->s_export->get_parent (the only requirement as it seems). Includes that you have sb->s_export non-null, of course. sb->s_export can be set within fill_super()." Phillip replied, "Ok, thanks. I'll try and get a fix for it in the next release."

7. New Documentation/kprobes.txt File

2 Aug 2005 - 3 Aug 2005 (3 posts) Archive Link: "[PATCH] Add Documentation/kprobes.txt"

People: Jim Keniston

Jim Keniston said, "The enclosed patch creates Documentation/kprobes.txt, a guide to using the existing Kprobes facility for dynamic kernel instrumentation."

8. New Stable Review Cycle Started For

2 Aug 2005 (17 posts) Archive Link: "[00/13] -stable review"

Topics: Big Memory Support, Bug Tracking, Kernel Build System

People: Chris Wright

Chris Wright said:

This is the start of the stable review cycle for the release. There are 13 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response to this one. If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please let us know. If anyone is a maintainer of the proper subsystem, and wants to add a signed-off-by: line to the patch, please respond with it.

These patches are sent out with a number of different people on the Cc: line. If you wish to be a reviewer, please email to add your name to the list. If you want to be off the reviewer list, also email us.

Responses should be made by Friday, Aug 5 07:00:00, UTC 2005. Anything received after that time, might be too late.

The changelog entries were included at the top of each patch:

Several people posted their approval of various patches; no one had any objections.

9. SMB Maintainership

3 Aug 2005 - 4 Aug 2005 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Is anyone maintaining the smb filesystem?"

Topics: FS: smbfs, MAINTAINERS File, Samba

People: Adrian BunkTvrtko A. UrsulinUrban Widmark

Adrian Bunk asked:

Is anyone maintaining the smb filesystem in the Linux kernel?

Emails to the Email address of Urban Widmark that is listed in MAINTAINERS are bouncing.

Can anyone tell how to reach Urban and/or whether anyone is currently maintaining smbfs?

Tvrtko A. Ursulin replied, "It probably won't help you much, but I had the same problem few months ago. There was a bug in smbfs which I tried to discuss with someone, and after failing to contact the maintainer, I sent the fix to Linus. I don't think even he managed to get a response from Urban or someone else. The fix went in so I stopped chasing it. So it looks like smbfs is not maintained."







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