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1. Linux 2.6.12-rc4-mm2 Released

16 May 2005 - 24 May 2005 (27 posts) Archive Link: "2.6.12-rc4-mm2"

Topics: Digital Video Broadcasting, Kernel Release Announcement

People: Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton announced Linux 2.6.12-rc4-mm2, saying:

2. sdparm Version 0.92 Released

20 May 2005 - 24 May 2005 (4 posts) Archive Link: "[ANNOUNCE] sdparm 0.92"

Topics: Compression, Disks: IDE, Disks: SCSI

People: Douglas GilbertMogens Valentin

Douglas Gilbert said:

sdparm is a command line utility designed to get and set SCSI disk parameters (cf hdparm for ATA disks). More generally it gets and sets mode page information on SCSI devices or devices that use a SCSI command set (e.g. CD/DVD drives (any transport) and SCSI tape drives). It also can list VPD pages including the device identification page.

For more information and downloads (tarball, rpm and deb packages) see:

There are now more than 150 parameters accessed by sdparm. Thanks to Kai Makisara for interface and sanity checking suggestions.

ChangeLog for sdparm-0.92 [20050520]

Mogens Valentin replied, "Nice! Just got it and tried on an external usb disk. One feature I could use, probably others as well: Could you add the ability to spin down/up a scsi disk? I'd really like this for exteral (usb) disks. Doesn't seem it can; if I missed it, I'm sorry.." Douglas replied, "It is hard to know where to stop with sdparm ;-) At the moment I am adding transport (protocol) specific mode page support. So currently sdparm specializes in mode pages (for all SCSI command sets) and INQUIRY information (including the device identification VPD page)."

3. dmraid Version 1.0.0.rc8 Released

23 May 2005 (1 post) Archive Link: "*** Announcement: dmraid 1.0.0.rc8 ***"

Topics: Disk Arrays: RAID

People: Heinz Mauelshagen

Heinz Mauelshagen said:

dmraid 1.0.0.rc8 is available at in source tarball, source rpm and i386 rpm (with shared and static dietlibc binary).

This release fixes a stripe size bug in NVidia and avoids using the Silicon Image incarnation number for RAID name creation (should avoid some sets not grouping properly). It adds an '--ignorelocking' in order to allow dmraid to run in early boot where no read/write access to /var is given.

dmraid (Device-Mapper RAID tool) discovers, [de]activates and displays properties of software RAID sets (i.e. ATARAID) and contained DOS partitions using the device-mapper runtime of the 2.6 kernel.

The following ATARAID types are supported on Linux 2.6:

Highpoint HPT37X
Highpoint HPT45X
Intel Software RAID
LSI Logic MegaRAID
NVidia NForce
Promise FastTrack
Silicon Image Medley
VIA Software RAID

Please provide insight to support those metadata formats completely.

4. Linux 2.4.31-rc1 Released

24 May 2005 (1 post) Archive Link: "Linux 2.4.31-rc1"

People: Marcelo Tosatti

Marcelo Tosatti announced Linux 2.4.31-rc1, saying, "It contains a small number of simple scattered fixes and a tg3 update."

5. New Sub-Architecture Under arch/cris

26 May 2005 (2 posts) Archive Link: "[RFC] Introducing a new sub-architecture"

Topics: SMP

People: Mikael StarvikAndrew Morton

Mikael Starvik said:

I'm about to submit a new sub-architecture under arch/cris and I would like to get your input on how this is best done. I can see at least 3 alternatives:

  1. All the patches goes to LKML. Lots of boring patches that most people doesn't care about.
  2. Send drivers to the driver subsystems maintainers for review and then a big .tgz to Andrew.
  3. Send the .tgz directly to Andrew without reviews from the driver guys.

I leaning towards option 2, comments?

Except from the new sub-architecture there will also be patches to the generic cris parts to add support for e.g. SMP and to convert to the new IRQ framework.

Andrew Morton replied that option 2 sounded best to him.







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