Kernel Traffic #292 For 4�Jan�2005

By Zack Brown

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 792 posts in 4826K.

There were 269 different contributors. 116 posted more than once. 115 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Listing Moderated Mailing Lists In The MAINTAINERS File

25�Dec�2004�-�26�Dec�2004 (4 posts) Subject: "[patch] maintainers: remove moderated arm list"


People: Domen Puncer,�Russell King,�Alan Cox

Domen Puncer removed the ARM mailing list from the MAINTAINERS file, because it was moderated. He said, "If you are subscribed to it, you already know the address. If you are not, you probably don't want bounces." Alan Cox didn't like the patch, since he said folks would still want to know the list address so they could subscribe. Russell King also said to Domen, "I don't particularly agree with this policy of removing such documentation, especially as I have a good reason to implement such policy on my mailing lists. If we must, I guess it's fine, but I expect *you* to provide the support to people to people who don't know where to go for it if *you* remove this." Domen said the MAINTAINERS file did list a project URL; and suggested, "How about adding a new flag to MAINTAINERS (ie. "LM", for list-moderated)?" But there was no reply. It looks as though the patch will not be applied, and moderated mailing lists will continue to be included in the MAINTAINERS file.

2. Twibright I2C2P Released

27�Dec�2004 (3 posts) Subject: "[PATCH] Twibright I2C2P driver"

Topics: I2C

People: Karel Kulhavy

Karel Kulhavy said:

I have just published Twibright I2C2P:

The driver is at the end of this mail. The driver is tested and seems to work flawlessly (which of course doesn't say much about it correctness ;-). The driver was developed on, 2.6.9 and 2.6.10 kernels.

3. Detecting udev Version In Use

29�Dec�2004 (1 post) Subject: "[PATCH] add printing of udev version to scripts/ver_linux"

Topics: FS: devfs

People: Jesper Juhl

Jesper Juhl said, "Since udev is starting to be used a lot of places and I've seen people get asked about their udev version a few times on lkml I figured it was perhaps time that scripts/ver_linux reported this info so it would get into more bugreports by default. This patch adds printing of udev version to scripts/ver_linux" . He added, "I guess it would also make sense to also add a tiny bit of text about udev to Documentation/Changes if the above goes in - if so there's a possible patch to do that below."

4. Realtime LSM

29�Dec�2004 (1 post) Subject: "[PATCH] [request for inclusion] Realtime LSM"

Topics: Real-Time

People: Lee Revell,�Jack O'Quin

Lee Revell said:

The realtime LSM has been previously explained on this list. Its function is to allow selected nonroot users to run RT tasks. The most common application is low latency audio with JACK,

Several people have reported that 2.6.10 is the best kernel yet for audio latency, see If the realtime LSM were merged, then this would be the last step to making low latency audio work well with the stock kernel.

We (the authors and the Linux audio community) would like to request its inclusion in the next -mm release, with the eventual goal of having it in mainline.

This is identical to the last version Jack O'Quin posted (but didn't cc: Andrew, or make clear that we would like this added to -mm), so I preserved his Signed-Off-By.

Sharon And Joy

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