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Welcome To Kernel Traffic

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Kernel Traffic is a group of newsletters, but it is also one particular newsletter that covers some activities of the linux-kernel mailing list, the main mailing list for Linux kernel development. On it, Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox and a lot of other amazing programmers from around the world share patches, argue about implementation details, discuss the news of the day, and generally make history.

Because of the sheer volume of linux-kernel (sometimes up to 3000 messages per week), and also the highly technical nature of some of the discussions, it's impossible to cover everything, or even all of the most interesting threads (and if it were possible, it would take about as long to read as the actual list). If you really want to follow Linux development, there is still no substitute for reading linux-kernel yourself.

My name is Zack Brown. I came to Linux in '94 when I had finally had enough of DOS; Since then, I've enjoyed watching Linux grow from an unbelievably great system into the stuff of ballads and legends. And surprising as it may seem, Linux is still in its infancy. All the amazing transformations it has caused over the Internet and in the world of business so far are just the beginning. Its most powerful effects, which we can hardly yet envision, are still to come.







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