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KDE Traffic #76 For 16 Apr 2004

By Henrique Pinto

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Table Of Contents


After a long break, KDE Traffic is finally back! I hope you like it!

1. Deleting messages with KMail's filters [kdepim-users]

25 Feb 2004 (4 posts) Archive Link: "[kdepim-users] Deleting messages using regex"

Topics: KMail

People: Paul GrahamMatej CeplIngo KlöckerHenrique Pinto

Paul Graham asked:

How do I delete messages by regular expression? E.g. all subjects matching *spam*

Matej Cepl replied:

In KMail 1.6 you can make filter doing this (well, you cannot _delete_ message by filter which is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine, but you can move it to trash), unmark all "Applied this filter to:" options, click on "Add this filter to filter menu" (I am not sure about exact wording, I am back translating from Czech, the last option on the dialog) and if you want attach some keyboard shortcut to this filter in Settings/Shortcuts.

Ingo Klöcker clarified:

You can't delete messages with filters. Until now we resisted to implement this because it's just too dangerous. But you can do the following: Move all those messages to the trash folder (or to another folder which is used for this purpose) and then either empty the trash folder on program exit or enable old message expiration for the trash folder (or the other folder).

I have a special folder for this purpose which expires all messages after one day. For efficiency reasons this special folder should be a maildir folder.

(ed. [Henrique Pinto] I would like to thank Pablo Pita Leira for pointing this thread to me. )

2. KolourPaint now in kdegraphics [kde-core-devel]

8 Mar 2004 - 11 Mar 2004 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Kolourpaint"

Topics: Applications

People: Lauri WattsClarence DangTobias KoenigRichard Moore

Lauri Watts asked:

Was a decision reached on moving Kolourpaint, and retiring KPaint?

One of our open tasks for docs is to fix the outdated KPaint handbook, however I don't want a new volunteer to have his work thrown out immediately after it's done, since the app is going bye-bye.

If the fact Kolourpaint is missing a user manual is the holdup, in this case, it will work out fine, since our volunteer willing to work on the KPaint module is likely to be just as willing to work on a Kolourpaint one.

Tobias Koenig stated that there were no objections, and Richard Moore moved KPaint to kdeblackhole. Clarence Dang then announced:

KolourPaint has been moved into kdegraphics.  Thurston is currently working on the KolourPaint manual; he knows the app quite well since he helped determine the feature set and UI.

3. KDE 3.2 Response [kde-core-devel]

8 Mar 2004 (1 post) Archive Link: "3.2 Response"

Topics: KDE 3.2

People: George Staikos

George Staikos wrote:

I've been receiving quite a bit of response from my clients and users of Kst regarding KDE 3.2.  I think it's of value to post a note to all the developers so they know how people feel about it.  Overall the response has been VERY positive.  Users love the new features and new applications.  Many of them were not using KDE before using Kst or Qt applications I develop, and are pleasantly surprised when they try out KDE for the first time.  However, the most overwhelming response is how many people say "wow, KDE 3.2 is so fast!"  People have really taken notice of the performance improvements in KDE 3.2.  The performance of KDE - startup time, application launch time, and general runtime performance (such as displaying dialogs, etc) - is extremely important.  While we should keep in mind that average computing power is constantly increasing and making some optimization relatively less significant, every little bit -does- help the overall picture.  It makes KDE much more pleasant to use.  I plead to developers, keep this in mind for KDE 3.2.x and 3.3.  Be very careful not to degrade performance.  Use KCachegrind on your applications regularly to find existing hotspots and watch for new ones that crop up.  Be careful of extra mallocs that are unnecessary (as seen in a thread on kde-cvs today).  Don't suck in loads of libraries that we really don't need, and don't subvert the work to prevent unnecessary relocations.  I think most of you know all of this, and of course the many other ways to keep KDE fast.

I think KDE is improving in very significant ways lately, and all indications I have are that KDE is gaining users very quickly, including existing Linux users who were not previously using KDE.  This is very important for KDE, and we need to be very careful to preserve this trend.   I've seen it with business clients, I've seen it with Linux/OSS community interaction, and I've seen it at Linux shows and conferences.  Good work with 3.2, and let's keep KDE fast in the next releases too!

4. KOffice 1.3.1 [koffice-devel]

26 Mar 2004 - 27 Mar 2004 (7 posts) Archive Link: "planning 1.3.1"

Topics: KOffice

People: Luká Tinkl

KOffice 1.3 Release Coordinator Luká Tinkl announced:

We were discussing on IRC with David and Laurent the next stable version of KOffice (1.3.1). If nobody strongly disagrees, I plan to do an RC in mid April and then the final version, if all goes well.

As there were no objections, it seems KOffice 1.3.1 will be out really soon.

5. Type-ahead find for KHTML [kfm-devel]

19 Mar 2004 - 20 Mar 2004 (6 posts) Archive Link: "Type-ahead find"

Topics: Konqueror, KHTML

People: Arend van Beelen jr.George Staikos

Arend van Beelen jr. announced a patch for adding type-ahead find to KHTML:

I've made a little patch that implements type-ahead find in KHTML. I didn't want to put it in CVS right away as there are still some issues I would like some help and feedback with:

George Staikos gave some ideas:

I would love to see this patch in CVS when it's stable.  Regarding this semantic problem, I think having a state that is entered or exitted to trigger typeahead is ideal.  In fact, I like the vim approach, though emacs users will undoubtedly want their own keybinding.  Basically I was thinking of something like this:

Type '/index.html'
visual cue appears - perhaps a statusbar extension icon or even just a status message
typeahead is active and overrides vim navigation keys, etc
enter/escape exit this mode.

After known problems were solved, the patch was added to KDE's CVS.

6. Polishing Kontact [kde-pim]

20 Mar 2004 - 31 Mar 2004 (18 posts) Archive Link: "Kontact Polishing"

Topics: KDE PIM

People: Allen WinterTobias KoenigIngo Klöcker

Allen Winter posted:

Some thoughts on Kontact (from CVS HEAD).   Nothing major.


Configuration (Settings->Configure Kontact menu):

Maybe there are some things in here that the Quality Team could work on?

After some discussion, Allen wrote a summary of the thread:




Luke Randall provided a prototype sidebar snapshot using crystal like icons.  Very nice IMHO. Luke changed the metaphor from being application-specific to function-specific.

Several people argued with changing the metaphor. Also, people argue that the icon style really should match the desktop icon style. [Can this be done?] There was no consensus as to how to deal with these issues.

Later, in another thread in kdepim-users "Kontact side pane size",  Konstantinos Georgokitsos, who has a small display, noted that it would be nice to allow side pane settings for:

How to proceed from here?

Tobias Koenig and Ingo Klöcker did not agree with Allen on the splash screen issue, remembering that the current load times are too long for not having a splash screen. As there were problems with the old splash screen, a contest is being held at for choosing the new one.

7. Lots of new languages at [kde-i18n-doc]

1 Apr 2004 - 2 Apr 2004 (11 posts) Subject: "ca cs da en_GB et hu it ja nb nl pt pt_BR ru sk sl sv on"

Topics: Documentation, i18n

People: Rainer Endres

Rainer Endres announced that documentation in 16 languages was being added to


ca cs da en_GB et hu it ja nb nl pt pt_BR ru sk sl sv


Those languages are now part of the automatic HTML generation routines on docs.k.o. Search is working as far as I can tell. The cron jobs run. So it is time to tell about it. I am writing the proposed article ATM.

The current cut is 10 translated .docbook files. When you get over it, feel free to contact me and I will add your language.

Have fun playing with it.

Needless to say, having this documentation online is wonderful for many people using KDE in languages other than English. Let's hope more and more languages are made available.

8. KDE Extra Gear: Announcements


Topics: KDE Extra Gear

People: Joachim EiblAurelien GateauSebastian TruegMark KretschmannLubos Lunak

The KDE Extra Gear mailing list has seen lots of announcements recently. On Saturday, March 6, Joachim Eibl announced KDiff3 version 0.9.83:

The new version fixes several bugs.

Especially preprocessing of files and ignoring C/C++ comments (treating it like whitespace) has been improved.

Using the so called Line-Matching-Preprocessor-Command you can also ignore other types of comments, by converting them into C/C++-comments.

Example: To ignore comments starting with "#", you would like to convert them to "//". An appopriate Line-Matching-Preprocessor-Command would be:

sed "/kde/s/index.html"

There are several other possibilities.

On March 20, Aurelien Gateau announced Gwenview 1.1.1:

Development version 1.1.1 of Gwenview is out. The changes are the following:

March 29 saw two (!) releases of K3b. First, 0.11.8:

Hi everybody,

I fixed another bunch of bugs (does this never end? .... no, it does not! ;)

Get it at

About 7 hours later, Sebastian Trueg announced K3b 0.11.9:

while running through the forest in Freiburg I thought about one of the fixes in K3b 0.11.8 and realized that it is not a fix at all but even makes things worse! :(

That's fixed now.

And finally, on April 10, the amaroK team announced the first beta of amaroK 1.0:

The amaroK team announces the release of amaroK 1.0-beta1!

With the beta release series we hope to generate much feedback, bug reports and wishes, leading to a high quality final product. Please test and enjoy :)

New features include:

9. UPDATE: What happened to KDE Traffic?


In KDE Traffic #75, I tried to explain why KDE Traffic wasn't being issued regularly. I mentioned my hardware problems and my lack of time. Thanks to the wonderful KDE community, my hardware problems are now completely solved. I got lots of offers from lots of people, and all hardware I needed. Thank you very very much!

My lack of free time still remains, though, but the situation is probably going to improve soon. Therefore, KDE Traffic is back. I now plan to issue it regularly again, once a week. Now I'm interested in ways to improve it. Do you like KDE Traffic? Do you hate it? Why? How can I make it better? What other mailinglists you think should be covered? Any comment is appreciated.

Thank you!







Sharon And Joy

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