KDE Traffic #59 For 22 Jul 2003

By Russell Miller

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Hi. There was very little that is of interest in the list this week, so today I will announce the winner of the "what are Marc's priorities" contest - actually the ONLY entry, so he wins by default. Quite funny, actually.

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 515 posts in 2057K.

There were 215 different contributors. 103 posted more than once. 93 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Release: Music Manager Konqueror Plugin

9 Jul 2003 - 14 Jul 2003 (13 posts) Archive Link: "Release: Music Manager Konqueror Plugin"

People: Avi Alkalay

Avi Alkalay said:

I developed a Konqueror plugin to help me organize my large number of MP3, Ogg files. I'd like to release it here to the developer comunity before I put it as public.

http://avi.alkalay.net/software/musicman/ (http://avi.alkalay.net/software/musicman)

It is still beta, but please comment.

Not a whole lot to say except it was well received - also contains an interesting thread on scandir.

2. Re:For All Non Profit Organizations

(1 post) Subject: "Re:For All Non Profit Organizations"

As this was an exceptionally slow week, I decided to pick apart a spam sent to three KDE lists. I hope you find it amusing.

For all Non Profit Staff And Personnel

Well, at least they spelled personnel right. And it is true that KDE e.V. is a non profit organization. One of the better targeted spams I've seen.

Electronic Parts Company, the manufacturers of the Builtsmart line of laptop computers is offering a limited allotment of their top of the line laptop computers at 50% off MSRP to all Non Profit staff and personnel

I'm sure 50% off MSRP is a GREAT deal. Especially considering, if I am correct, MSRP == list, and most computers go for a significant percentage off list anyway.

All Computers are brand-new packed in their original boxes and come with a full manufacturer's warranty. These computers are fully equipped with the latest 2003 technology to make these the best performing computers money can buy.

Great buzzwords. Only buzzwords, though. See below.

ePC is offering these computers with the latest Windows technology at a remarkable price to those who call:

OK, they lose all credibility for targeting their list. This is also in direct conflict with their above statement (latest 2003 technology). And since when did Windows become technology? Unless you want to count the fact that is bluw screens with frightening efficiency and power.

1.888.399.3744 by Friday July 11th, 2003 by 6 p.m.

Which timezone? And it was sent the 10th of July. And most KDE developers are overseas. More points are lost from their initial pool of points for good targeting.

Laptop 1100 L Series:(Upgrades are available)

Yay. Wonder how many % off MSRP the upgrades are?

* 1 Giga Pro Transmeta Crusoe CPU for incredible power

Incredible power???

* 128 MB SDRAM

OK, that's decent, I'll give them that.

* 20 GB UDMA Hard drive
* Sound Card and Video Card

Do any computers NOT come with these? Or are they just trying to inflate res to make it look impressive?

* 13.1 XGA TFT Liquid Screen

Doesn't sound all that impressive. And besides, wouldn't a liquid screen run off and drip on the floor?

* Soft touch keyboard

Ooo. Who needs a girlfriend?

* 56.6 V90 Fax Modem

OK, I'm impressed. NOT.

* Network Ready
* Internet Ready
* Battery Pack

Aren't all computers sold today network ready and internet ready? And since these are laptops, aren't battery packs kind of implicit? I really think they're padding the list of features to make it look impressive. But they're spammers.

* Windows XP

If they're targeting nonprofits, why not just install linux and chop another $100 off the price?

* 1 year parts and labor

Bet it breaks down in 366 days.

* Bundled PC essentials software package

Hangman and Duke Nukem Forever?

* Award winning tech support and customer service

Which award? There's a big difference between PC World's Awards and The Most Hangups In A 24 Hour Period Award.

Retail is $1100.....................Your Cost is $550.00

Credit: That is 50% off. But where did they get the retail price?

How to qualify

Breathe in and out.

1. All computers will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

Brings whole new meaning to "Who do I have to screw to get a good computer?"

2. You must call 1.888.399.3744 by 6 P.M. Friday July 11th.
and we will hold the computers you request on will call.

I hope they are giving Will Call a break per labor laws.

3. You are not obligated in any way.

Sure. They're just holding the computers indefinitely.

4. 75 units available to act fast!

What kind of units? Ok, I should duck and run on that one... Also, I wonder how many people they spammed with this? Seems like a lot of effort to sell 75 seemingly poorly equipped units.

If you have received this email in error please follow the link for immediate removal. http://www.computeroppz.com/remove.html

And, pray tell, how does a mailing list remove itself?

All in all, a very well executed spam, but no substance and very little to offer. However, no spelling errors, very well presented, and it doesn't appear to have originated in Nigeria. I give it a five.

3. Marc Priorities Winner


People: Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson sent in the winning (only!) entry:

10. Find a lawyer to defend enormous collection of Enya MP3s against the pending RIAA lawsuit.

9. Finally watch all those episodes of Martha Stewart Living stored on the Tivo.

8. Catch up on the UserFriendly archives.

7. Make lots of "Frist Psot!" posts to Slashdot.

6. Feel out the chance of running for President of the US on the Democratic ticket.

5. Clean out refrigerator and remove mold spore likeness of Richard M. Nixon.

4. Remove GNOME from all computers, just in case someone comes for a visit.

3. Purchase espresso machine and case of Buzzwater caffeinated water for making super high-test coffee.

2. Learn to read Welsh in order to catch up on Alan Cox's diary.

And Marc's number one priority that doesn't concern the KDE list...

1. Explain to mother that Kaopectate is not a solution to any Kroupware problems.

Very nice. Thanks for the contribution.







Sharon And Joy

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