KDE Traffic #56 For 22 Jun 2003

Editor: Russell Miller

By Juergen Appel

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So here it is, kde traffic number 56. This makes, what, about, umm, 56 kde traffic newsletters since they were begun? I could be wrong.

I appreciate all of the kind feedback on the "treat" I posted last week. I honestly expected to get flamed for it. So the fact that it was as well received as it was was a very nice surprise. When I come up with something else that I think is appropriate I'll post that, too. In the interests of fairness, if you have something in that vein to post, and if it meets my editorial qualifications (ie, if I like it and it's a slow news week), I'll post that too. This isn't only my soapbox, it's, in a way, the mouthpiece of the entire kde community. I am only the filter.

I would like to put in a personal plug for one thing, however. At the community theater here in the little town of Iowa that I reside in, we're doing a production of "Jekyll and Hyde" - to be performed at the end of next month. While you are certainly welcome to attend if you would like, it would be rather impractical to extend an invitation to the entire kde community, and it would be even more impractical for anyone to take a trip here just to see that. But I do recommend - get hold of the music and listen to it. There are some spectacular things to listen to. It's not your normal musical. If you wanna see a kde developer/journalist playing some wicked piano, though... I'll be there. :-) Ummm, wait a moment, I'm a programmer and I have a life. Something is wrong with the universe.

Back to kde-traffic related stuff, I want to say a quick word about how we handle conflicts of interest here, as I seem to be getting more involved in the lists, and the situation is bound to come up where I will be reporting on threads that I have contributed to. In that event, I will post to the kc-kde list with the details of the list that I cover, and if appropriate, with the text of the article. The others on the list will have opportunity to provide feedback. If there is enough sentiment that I have porked up, then I will not post the article to the newsletter. If there are no responses within a reasonable timeframe, however, I'll take that as assent. I'll also give a much larger amount of deference than usual to suggested changes to the article. Others are expected to follow this as well, however, I try my hardest never to make rules and not follow them myself.

Anyway, now that I got all of that stuff out of the way (and what a lot of it, and oddly enough, the smell it emits is pretty familiar here in cow-land), let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 514 posts in 1967K.

There were 208 different contributors. 85 posted more than once. 73 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. JS Form Popups Fixed

5 Jun 2003 - 14 Jun 2003 (6 posts) Archive Link: "[PATCH] JS Form Popups"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Ralf Hoelzer

Ralf Hoelzer had an interesting observation, and luckily also provided a patch to fix it:

This patch that tries to fix Bug #58650:


If a JavaScript form.submit() is called and the form has a non-existent target specified, a new browser window pops up. This trick to get around popup blockers is used on http://sharereactor.com.

The patch tries to check if a frame with the target name exists. If not, it either blocks it (deny/smart policy) or asks. I've put it into ecma/kjs_html to make sure it's only checked if the form is submitted via JS.

A few fixes for the patch were discussed on the thread.

2. Marc Mutz go bye bye

11 Jun 2003 - 12 Jun 2003 (2 posts) Archive Link: "offline"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Marc MutzRussell Miller

Marc Mutz did not know what he was getting into when he said:

I'll be offline for the most part of the next two months due to the need to finish my diploma thesis. I'll scan mails sporadically, so if you need my attention either cc me and wait or phone me.

These are my current priorities (that concern you :-), in order:

Expect everything not on this list to not happen until mid-August.

Depending on the job I get, I'll then have either more or even less time for KMail following my diploma thesis.

Hope to see you all on LT2k3 or NH.

(ed. [Russell Miller] In the spirit of fun and community, I am announcing a contest. Marc Mutz stated that these are his priorities that concern us. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send me the funniest list of his priorities that don't concern us. The ground rules are simple: I am the judge, my decision is final, don't be mean spirited, and your name will be posted with your list, no exceptions. Don't say anything you aren't comfortable being put with your name. Being mean does not build community. The funniest response and any runners up that I feel appropriate will be posted to a future kde traffic. Send your list to rmiller@duskglow.com, with a subject of "Marc priorities". )

3. KDE 3.2 release plan notice

14 Jun 2003 - 19 Jun 2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "KDE 3.2 release plan notice"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Ralf NoldenDaniel Stone

Ralf Nolden said:

coolo and I went over the release plan to fill in dates this morning.

Please see

http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-release-plan.html (http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-release-plan.html)

as soon as the webpages have synced with CVS.

The schedule now mentions exact dates that we would like all contributors to at least check with their personal schedule to see how far they get with feature implementation. If you can foresee that a certain feature needs more time than given it would be nice if you'd update the information on

http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-features.html (http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-features.html)

which would also be nice to have for the current state of CVS in case you already finished stuff that you wanted to do and which is still on the TODO list on this page. This will make everyone's life a little bit easier.

As we have learned with the KDE 3.1 release shit can happen (happened with KDE 2.0 too :-)) so to keep our release schedule for KDE 3.2 in time you should carefully go through your personal todo's and check things. If you already know you can't make a feature in time then put it on hold for the next KDE release. There will be one for sure after KDE 3.2 :-)

Daniel Stone stated that he does not think kopete will be ready to move to kdenetwork, as two developers quit and no one seems to have time to work on it.

4. KDE at LinuxTag - volunteers speak up

18 Jun 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "KDE at LinuxTag - volunteers speak up :-)"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Ralf NoldenRussell Miller

And being a busy beaver this week, Ralf Nolden once again said:


as LinuxTag comes closer and finding out that our Orga this year is not much better than for other projects :-) I would like everyone who will be there and available for working at the KDE booth to drop me a mail with

a) KDE Desktop
b) KOffice
c) KDevelop
d) PIM

(we have 4 machines presumably, so only 4 major topics are possible on the main machines)

Additional stuff like Multimedia, PIM or any other special purpose applications like kdeedu programs or e.g. kile are possible on either machine.

I'm planning to have two machines run SuSE 8.2 and two other machines run Debian. If you want Free/Open/Net BSD show up on wednesday evening and bring your CD's :-) and we'll install that on one of the machines (and you will be held reliable if you leave with the root password before sunday, be assured :-))

If anyone has a chance to find out a local place where we could spend a KDE social event evening feel free to make proposals in case.... uhm, guess most people know about last year's story :-))

Booth staff required:

4 people on the demo points
1 person at the Theke (reception)
1 person bringing people around and keeping an overview :-)

Shifts should be no longer than 3 to 4 hours at once so you can go to talks and walk around or sit in the sun in the park outside (or go and buy water bottles and brezeln). That means we need about 10 to 15 different people during the show. Most difficult will be thursday but will also be the day with the lowest traffic, so we'll just rotate around the 4 people at the demo points if necessary :-)

I'm currently taking care of the equipment and hopefully will have confirmations by next week if we get the stuff we need. Eva and Matze will bring last year's KDE e.V. equipment.

If someone can bring up a beer sponsor, feel free to take care of that issue as well.


PS: KDE T-shirts are still available. Mail Eva@kde.org for one if you don't want to wear a kid's toddler during LT. I'll come in shorts if the weather stays that way it is right now or cut off the legs of my suit trousers.

(ed. [Russell Miller] 1. If you cut off the legs of your suit trousers (pants in the US), be sure to post pictures, that has god to be priceless.
2. Some of us would like to hear the story about last year, well, at least, I would. Someone care to relay it, perhaps on the dot once this kde-traffic notification is posted there?
3. Beer is good but please, please, don't drink and code. *points to artsbuilder* )

5. Tool to Summarize Texts for KOffice

3 Jun 2003 - 4 Jun 2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Automatic text summarizer"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice

People: Nadav Rotem

Nadav Rotem wrote a tool that summarizes texts. It was his very own very nice idea, to tell KOffice-developers about it:

Hi KWord people!

I wanted to present a feature that be nice to have in KWord; I coded an automatic text summarizer that summarizes texts in multiple languages. At the moment it can summarize texts in English and Hebrew. Support for German , Russian and Arabic is underway.

The name of the project is called OTS (Open Text Summarizer); It includes a command line tool for summarizing texts and libots for programs to use; OTS resides on the abiword CVS for abiwords has a plug-in for it.

OTS has 3 modes:

I think it would be nice if KWord had this feature. OTS provides a cool interface for programs to use and its pretty trivial to implement a plugin for;

On-line demo for the program: (english only because of old perl 5.6) http://nadav.homelinux.org/otsDemo.html (http://nadav.homelinux.org/otsDemo.html)

http://www.abisource.com/mailinglists/abiword-dev/2003/May/0025.html (http://www.abisource.com/mailinglists/abiword-dev/2003/May/0025.html)

http://www.abisource.com/lxr/source/ots/ (http://www.abisource.com/lxr/source/ots/)

The issue was raised that the tool itself depends on glib2, which would be a new dependency for KOffice (http://www.koffice.org) . Since KOffice (http://www.koffice.org) does not yet depend on the upcoming KDE 3.2 (http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-release-plan.html) , which will make glib2 for aRts (http://www.arts-project.org/) -users mandotory, it was decided to either compile and provide a binary of ots (http://www.abisource.com/lxr/source/ots/) or make glib2 a weak dependency for KOffice (http://www.koffice.org) - only compile it when glib2 is available.

6. Kard in KDE-Edu

7 Jun 2003 - 15 Jun 2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "[kde-edu-devel] Kard"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KDE-Edu

People: Anne-Marie MahfoufWhitehawk Stormchaser

Recently Anne-Marie Mahfouf introduced another addition to the KDE-Edutainment Project (http://edu.kde.org) , saying:

Hi all,

I rewrote the first game I coded for KDE and I imported it in cvs HEAD in kdenonbeta. The name is Kard and it's a Memory-like game for young kids. http://edu.kde.org/kard/obtain.php

At the moment, I have 2 major problems in Kard, in the kardview.cpp file. 1) when I set the theme to "house", there are pictures on the cards and they are not sized correctly.
2) when I click 2 same cards in this theme "house", their backgrounds are not recognized to be equal.

KardWidget is the widget for one card i.e. a QLabel with another QLabel on top of it to hide it.
In kardview.cpp:
The layout of the game is done in the game() method (cards are drawn, colors or pics are set as background).
Then when you click on a card, you go to slotTimer() and there the card is identified by
kardW[co] = (KardWidget* ) sender();
co being 0 then incremented
when 2 cards are discovered, the connection is stopped (clicking on a card has no effect) and in slotMatch() I see if the cards have the same backgrounds.
But this does not work when the background is a pixmap (colors work OK).

If someone has some time to have a look at this, it would be great as I am lost... Maybe my approach to the problem is not good...

Some of the problems have been fixed right away by Whitehawk Stormchaser:

OK... I have patched the CVS a bit... This is fixed:

7. OpenOffice Export Improved

16 Jun 2003 - 17 Jun 2003 (3 posts) Archive Link: "OOWriter export"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice, Filters, KWord

People: Nicolas G.

Nicolas G. made some improvements to the OpenOffice Writer export filter of KOffice (http://www.koffice.org) . He mentions the following:

I have improved KWord's OOWriter export.

It can do a few basic things: text, formattings, some fields (including hyperlinks) and pictures.

This is more or less what I can do without big modifications. I consider this status acceptable for KOffice 1.3.

It will depend on Lukas if this filter will be in Beta 2.

Please test the filter and give feedback!

For now, I am going to try to fix the bugs of the (other) export filters of KWord.

Have a nice

While his last comment is generally a good idea - you might want to try these filters yourself but don't know how to get them with CVS (http://developer.kde.org/source/anoncvs.html) . Well, you can get them with the recently released KOffice Beta 2 (http://dot.kde.org/1056044540/) .







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