KDE Traffic #51 For 18 May 2003

Editor: Russell Miller

By Juergen Appel

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This week I'm introducing something new, I will also be taking a look at the dot and responding to things that require response.

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 566 posts in 2216K.

There were 221 different contributors. 97 posted more than once. 69 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. dot.kde.org weekly roundup and responses

(3 posts)

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Phillipe Fremy

Introducing a new feature: as Juergen has been nice enough to post these to The Dot, I figured it might be a good idea to go through them and respond to the ones that need responding to. I'll keep it to one thread, kind of like the "newsflash". Also, as of issue #53, I will attempt to bring kfm-devel and konqueror online, bringing the total covered lists to, I believe, 8. On with the show.

fppp said "Thank you Russell and Juergen!"

Response from Russell: You're welcome, and I think I speak for Juergen as well.

Metrol said:

"I just have one question... when did Yoda start reporting for KDE?

"Joyful was this received."

Dangle a participle we do, yes. :)"

Response from Russell: While you are correct, this is not, strictly speaking, correct grammar, there are two things to remember here: Not everyone is a native English speaker, and writers do have their own individual style, which I try to allow as much as possible. In nitpicking too much on a volunteer project such as this, I risk alienating the contributors. It's a fine balancing act. In this case, the peculiar grammar was, in my opinion, Juergen's individual style trying to come through, and as such, I allowed it through unedited.

(5/20/2003) Metrol has since clarified that this was intended as a joke. Be that as it may, the explanation is correct. I apologize for any offense caused.

MandrakeUser asked: "hi folks, any insight on the 3.2 release schedule ? There is a dummy page at http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-release-plan.html (http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.2-release-plan.html) , but with no useful info at all as for today (they will update it some time I am sure)"

Response from Russell: In dot.kde.org, as a response to this very question, you'll find a link (which I see you've already found but I'm pointing that way anyway) to a thread that covers this question in excruciating detail. I will cover this thread once it stops being a moving target.

Phillippe Fremy asked:

Thank you for this KDE traffic.

I think this Ingo "Klöcker" and Ingo =?iso-8859-1?q?Kl=F6cker?= are very much related. Somebody should include URL decoding in the statistics engine.

The introduction of every summary is:
[ title ]
[date][ link to archive ]
[ editor ]
[ posters ]

It would be nice to also include the name of the mailing list on which those thread have been happening.

Response from Russell: Yes, the lack of URL encoding is a problem. Neither Zack nor I have had the time to work on the stats script. When it gets fixed, so will the problem, but I have no guarantee as to when.

As far as the mailing lists go, I'll try something different this week in my contributions, let me know if this helps at all.

2. karm: what is a maintainer good for?

8 May 2003 (11 posts) Archive Link: "karm: what is a maintainer good for?"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Tomas PopisekCornelius Schumacher

In kde-pim, Tomas Popisek asked:

After waking up from hibernation I'm reviewing pending patches and am seeing that many people did commits to karm.

For me karm from CVS is plain crashing on its face.

I am not keeping track of how KDE culture works so I am wondering - is anybody with commit rights meant to patch around some project without even a note to the current maintainer or how is this handled in other subprojects?

Is one supposed to be subscribed to kde-commits and required to set up some filter only to see commits to the project in question? Or how is one supposed to be keeping track of what people are doing to one's projects code?

I do not have the time to spend time on a daily or even weekly base on karm. However I can come back every other month and spend half a week on karm. Since people seem to be commiting code without notice this will not allow me to guarantee a stable or even a working karm though.

So my question is - what's a maintainer in KDE supposed to be doing? What's his task? Is he supposed to be keep track of kde-commits and run around cleaning up after people?

And Cornelius Schumacher said, " No, the maintainer should be informed about patches. For trivial commits this might not be necessary, but for larger patches it is a requirement. "

The rest of the thread consisted of helpful tips for keeping track of what commits are done and what they affect.

3. Testing, please ignore.

9 May 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "Testing, please ignore"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: David Bishop

David Bishop said, "Testing, please ignore" .

(ed. [Russell Miller] OK. (Sorry, I couldn't resist, it was too broad a target, and I couldn't wait till April Fools. If you're ever in NW Iowa, David, I'll buy you a beer by way of apology :-)) )

4. KHTML developers: Animated GIF playing

12 May 2003 - 13 May 2003 (15 posts) Archive Link: "KHTML developers: Animated GIF playing"

Summary By Russell Miller

People: Dan Duley

Mosfet said on kde-core-devel:

I've been kindof annoyed at animated GIF playing using QMovie for some time. It used to take a lot of resources, now it sometimes takes all the CPU and makes the GUI crawl. Because of this I wrote my own animated GIF player based on libungif. Qt's version manually parses each byte of the GIF ;-)

My libungif version seems to work much smoother to me, esp. with large GIF animations. I didn't code it using QImageConsumer but I can do so if you all are interested in using it. Drop me a line and I can convert it and provide the code to you.

There were quite a few responses, some wondering what this would provide that qmovie doesn't already. Apparently Mosfet's solution allows khtml to display some images that it can't at present. Mosfet is going to try to generalize the patch - we'll keep up to date.

5. KOffice 1.3 w/o Kexi

11 May 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "kexi out of 1.3?"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice

People: Lucijan BuschLucijan

Lucijan Busch recently pointed out that Kexi (http://www.koffice.org/kexi) , the database frontend of KOffice, is not yet ready for the upcoming 1.3 release (http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/koffice-1.3-release-plan.html) , saying:

i feel preatty bad while writting this message.
after we had a discussion with kexi's core team we decided that there is a need to get kexi more stable and mature (code as well as app). however we don't think that it is possible to compleate these tasks for beta 2 which implicates no changes in api and messages until 1.4.
however we decided that the best way we can do is to go for a seperate release. at the beginning we will spend some time with writing documentations and raw design. lateron we will take the time to stablize following parts:

and hold "forms", "scriping" and "calculations" until the 2nd release.

we think that the first release is ready in mid october. that would give us time to stabelize the api, what we would have to do until june can be done until august (after nove hrady).

after that we would syncronize with koffice 1.4 again.

6. KOffice's Filters on Test

13 May 2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "Document test for filters"

Summary By Juergen Appel

People: Robert Jacolin

If you were wondering what the KOffice filters can and can't do, Robert Jacolin might help to answer this:

I updated my website about koffice tests (export a lot of documents from a koffice application using the koffice filters).

Right now, only some kword and kspread export filters are tested. For Kword:

For Kspread :

The web page : http://elbobby.free.fr/kontest/results (http://elbobby.free.fr/kontest/results) It's the version of koffice from one week ago cvs. I will test back in one month.

The module is kofficetest/kontest. If you want add some documents in these tests add in kofficetest/document (or something like that) and send me a mail or include in kofficetest/kontest/example/export.knt (very simple xml file).

I think it's interresting because I use only my test files and ... only my filter seems to work while it's not true in the real life.







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