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KDE Traffic #48 For 26�Apr�2003

By Russell Miller

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Greetings. I will be covering the kde-devel and kde-pim lists as well beginning next week (they should be appearing in the stats beginning on issue 50.)

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 223 posts in 781K.

There were 96 different contributors. 34 posted more than once. 32 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Moving aKtion to kdeblackhole

13�Apr�2003�-�18�Apr�2003 (8 posts) Archive Link: "Moving aKtion to kdeblackhole"

People: Chris Howells,�Stephan Binner,�Waldo Bastian

Chris Howells wrote:

Some time ago the future of aKtion was discussion on kde-cvs. The general consensus was that it didn't have much future in KDE, being based on the obsolete xanim.

Therefore I'd like to propose that it should be moved to kdeblackhole. Could one of the CVS admins do this please.

To which Stephan Binner replied, " Somehow related, the author of KGpg asked on kde-devel [1] to add it to KDE 3.2. I didn't see his request discussed on kde-core-devel as yet. "

All respondents were OK with it. There was some discussion of implementation issues on KGpg. Waldo Bastian wrote, " Shredding of files is a broken concept that creates a false sense of security especially on a desktop system where a file can have been written to disk numerous times already (cache / temporary storage). Use an encrypted file system instead. "

No one responded to the original question.

2. KMail SSH Tunneling HOWTO

18�Apr�2003�-�21�Apr�2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "KMail SSH Tunneling HOWTO"

People: Mike Pilone

Mike Pilone wrote, " I finally got around to writing a short HOWTO on how to use the Precommand feature of KMail for SSH tunneling. It is located here: " . Ingo and Daniel conspired to add the link to the KDE homepage, and succeeded.

3. KAutoConfigDialog Howto

16�Apr�2003 (1 post) Archive Link: "KAutoConfigDialog Howoto (Or making a settings dialog in KDE HowTo)"

People: Benjamin Meyer

Benjamin Meyer posted a new howto on how to make a settings dialog in KDE, and gave a link. He also asked for comments and stated that he was willing to help anyone who wanted to convert their current settings dialog to use KAutoConfigDialog. There appeared to be responding posts on kde-devel, but the KDE Traffic editor is not covering that list yet.

Sharon And Joy

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