KDE Traffic #47 For 19�Apr�2003

By Russell Miller

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Greetings. This is the first KDE traffic installment in quite a while. I've agreed to take it over. I'll be doing kmail and kde-core-devel to begin with, and will be adding other lists as time permits. Contact me if you have any suggestions.

I will take this opportunity to introduce myself, as I'm not yet very well known in the open source community. My name is Russell Miller, I live in a small town in northwestern Iowa. I've been administrating UNIX/Linux for about 8 years, I'm a decent C, C++, perl, etc., programmer. I'm currently running my own (unincorporated) contracting company. Recently I've taken an interest in KDE programming, and since I don't have the time to be a regular KDE developer, I've instead decided to do other things to support the effort, such as this.

In my free time I'm a quite accomplished pianist, I just finished rebuilding the engine on my car, and I'm currently giving up on a search for Miss Right. I'm also pretty good at really horrible jokes, so forgive any puns that might pop up here and there. :-)

So I look forward to doing this for quite a while to come, and feel free to contact me with suggestions or feedback! On with the show...

1. Move kmyfirewall

10�Apr�2003�-�11�Apr�2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Time to move kmyfirewall?"

People: Unai Garro Arrazola,�Waldo Bastian

Unai Garro Arrazola said:

From what I see kmyfirewall is not being maintained too often lately. The last change was done more than a month ago. That's a shame, since I find it in really good state and seems to be the best tool around to set up iptables.

The current state in the CVS is that it doesn't build but it's pretty simple to be fixed (KMyFirewallConfigDialog seems to have been renamed, when kmyfirewall.cpp still looks for KMFirewallConfigDialog). I just got it built and it seems to work (tm).

Now, as it's working better than other stuff around... wouldn't it be a good idea to test it and decide to move it to kdenetwork? This way, if the author agrees, some more maintainers could put their fingers on it to fix the rest of the bugs.

Waldo Bastian replied, " There is nothing that prevents you or others to start maintaining it in kdenonbeta. Once there is some evidence of ongoing maintenance it can be decided to be moved to kdenetwork / kdeextragear. " The others agreed in principle with the sentiment, but emphasised that a maintainer would have to be found and a commitment must be demonstrated to its ongoing maintenance before kmyfirewall could be moved to kdenonbeta or kdeextragear.

2. MMX Optimizations for KImageEffect

10�Apr�2003 (6 posts) Archive Link: "MMX Optimizations for KImageEffect"

People: Fredrik H�glund,�Luis Pedro Coelho

Fredrik H�glund said " Attached is a patch that adds MMX inline assembly optimizations to the blending functions in KImageEffect that are used to blend the transclucent menus, as well as MMX code for the intensity() function, generously donated to KDE by Benjamin Roe. " He went on to say that the patch could break the stable version of valgrind. Luis Pedro Coelho responded, " I thought valgrind identified the cpu as not implementing MMX. " . Fredrik replied, " No, you're probably right; I assumed that that feature hadn't made it into a stable release yet, and my version of Valgrind is quite old. " After some discussion about abstracting the CPU Features code, Fredrik said that he would commit the patch if there were no further objections.

3. Ellis Whitehead gets married

16�Apr�2003�-�17�Apr�2003 (4 posts) Archive Link: "(Semi-OT): Out of town, getting married!"

People: Ellis Whitehead,�Uwe Thiem

Ellis Whitehead wrote " I'll be mostly out of commission as far as KDE goes for the next few weeks. I'm getting married to a German girl on the 26th of April here in Freiburg Germany, and the family and friends from the US have already arrived. I met her several years ago, but we first became involved the day after the KDE developers meeting in Nurnburg last year. ;) " Uwe Thiem said " Congrats! Have a great honeymoon and get your ass back here. ;-) " Everyone else echoed the sentiments.

(ed. [Russell Miller] The KDE Traffic editor doesn't know whether to congratulate Ellis or offer his condolences, but either way, he wishes Ellis luck. He's gonna need it. :-) )

4. KMail/Konqueror integration

10�Apr�2003 (3 posts) Archive Link: "[bug 57086] KMail/Konqueror integration: Access local mail folders in konqueror"

People: Bernhard Vornefeld

Bernhard Vornefeld wrote " It would be nice to browse, read, drag & drop, search local mails using Konqueror Konqis search tools should be enhanced so that mail content also can be found. " . The other respondents agreed but said that the positive responses they got have mostly come from private mail and not on the list.

5. RH9 PGP/Mime implementation problems

11�Apr�2003�-�12�Apr�2003 (2 posts) Archive Link: "RH9 - KMail - PHP/Mime"

People: John Storey,�Thomas Reitelbach

John Storey wrote " Following the direction from the Kmail-PGP/Mime website [1], I was easily able to implement PGP/Mime on my installation of KMail running on Redhat8. With the release of Redhat9, I have not been able to get PGP/Mime implemented. " Thomas Reitelbach responded:

this is a problem with pinentry-qt, which is responsible for asking you for the password. it is broken in some versions.

you can workaround this problem by editing your gpg-agent.conf file in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf

Sharon And Joy

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