Kernel Cousin KDE #46 For 2002/11/26

Editor: Zack Rusin

By Charles de Miramon ,� Juergen Appel �and� Zack Rusin

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Welcome to KC KDE!

Long weeks have passed since the last KC KDE has been released. We are more than happy (which basically equals 'very happy') to bring you another KC KDE. This one is the best yet (and yes, I am planning to say that about each and every one of them). What makes this one so unique is... I don't know, the date I guess.

Together with Ian Reinhart Geiser ( I've been on LISA ( last week. Conclusion - Ian has got four laptops and I don't even have one, life's unfair. We even got a picture ( from the expo. The picture proves that I'm the most unorthodox looking hacker (I'm the guy with dreadlocks). Funny how some people don't look like we expect them to, isn't it? ;)

This week : new Kopete plugin in CVS, huge amount of KOffice news, Javascript debugger, Tab-Close button in Konqueror update and many others. Enjoy. That's an order.

1. SMS plugin for Kopete

3�Nov�2002�-�4�Nov�2002 (7 posts) Archive Link: "Kopete-devel] SMS plugin"

Summary By Zack Rusin

People: Richard Larkang,�Martijn Klingens

Richard Larkang emailed Kopete-devel list saying :

I wrote a SMS-plugin, which is in CVS now.

I haven't put it in the makefiles yet, so if you want to test it you have to put sms in SUBDIRS in

But it won't work yet, I need some tips on free sms-services on the web. So if anyone knows of one please mail me.

The plugin also needs an icon, so if anyone feels like painting one, your are more than welcome.

Olivier Goffart was the first to respond. Olivier found a few small problems in the code and provided some valuable feedback. Martijn Klingens joined the discussion and added that " "Not Available" should be added as status for plugins where the status cannot be reliably queried. "

Richard fixed all problems reported by Olivier, Kopete gained another plugin and everyone was happy.

2. Debugging JavaScript

6�Nov�2002�-�O9�Nov�2002 (4 posts) Archive Link: " Re: konqeror: in-memory page manipulation, same-session form"

Summary By Charles de Miramon

Koos Vriezen started hacking on khtml out of frustration. He was developing a web application for a client and found that it didn't run on any browser available for Linux.

Since then, he has sent several patches to fix bugs and improve speed. He has also deviced the LiveConnect interface for Konqueror that makes it possible to call Java methods from Javascript and vice versa. He is now working on improving debugging of Javascript in Konqueror.

Harri Porten and Peter Kelly have developed a basic graphical debugger for Javascript that you can see in action here ( . It is still not very powerful. It is a compile option and not a running option. Parsing the script in the debugging window is possible and Koos has recently added break points. The evaluate window doesn't work yet but Koos is planning implement it. For the time being, he has come up a nice trick ( to manipulate the Java script variables in a HTML page with a combination of dcop and Konqueror.
Another limit when debugging Javascript in Konqueror is that the HTML tokenizer in khtml doesn't always provide the correct line number.

So life is still a little rough. But hopefully, in the near future, with the help of Koos and other kjs and khtml hackers we will benefit from a versatile specialized debugger that will make it easier to improve the quality of Javascript support in KDE.

3. Improving tabs in Konqueror

5�Nov�2002�-�6�Nov�2002 (14 posts) Archive Link: "Tab-Close button like in mozilla"

Summary By Zack Rusin

People: Willi Richert,�Stephan Binner,�Zack Rusin,�Troy Corbin Jr.,�Doug Hanley

Willi Richert emailed KDE-devel mailing list asking:

Is it planned to add such a nice x-Button at the right side of the tab button line like in mozilla, which closes the current tab window? If not, am I the only one who is missing it?
If not I would code that. Feedback?

Stephan Binner replied to Willi's email pointing out that KDE bug database already stores a report like this here ( and adding : "Doug Hanley and Zack Rusin IIRC wanted to work on this too. Work together."

I replied saying: " I'll be working on it after we release 3.1, I simply have too many things to do to even play with it before that. The idea is that we will have to create a completely new tabbar widget. QTab, QTabBar and QTabWidget are useless for us. "

Troy Corbin Jr. joined the discussion saying:

I've been working on a similar widget set, though it does use the current QTabWidget:
It uses the 'Close' icon from the user's selected icon set for a consistent look. It also includes a "Grip" which the user can drag to organize the tabs into different top-level window.

Doug Hanley, the original author of the tabs in Konqueror wrote:

Oh, I almost forgot! I started doing a tab rewrite a little while back. I've gotten it to work fairly well, I now have something that works almost as well as the old tab widget, I still need to fix up the scrolling, and its a little bit ugly. But I guess I'll post a patch up on my webserver. I don't have very much time now that college has started, but its getting there.
Here's the adress: (
Theres a screenshot ( too.

So hopefully, pretty soon, the tabs in Konqueror will outperform all other browsers.

4. A Gold Medal for Sweden

23�Nov�2002�Subject: " "

Summary By Charles de Miramon

During the last weeks, the different national teams have been very busy working updating the translations for KDE 3.1. Now that the finishing line has been crossed, the KDE Cousin editors are happy to crown the grand winner: Sweden. With more than 90 % of gui ( and documentation ( translated the elegant Swedes have clearly outpaced their followers during the final sprint.

KDE Cousin has heard some grumbling that blood samples from certain Swedish translators should be tested for EPO and that this genetically modified reindeer smoked meat looked fishy. But these are only pointless rumors of disgruntled competitors.

The competition was indeed quite heated. There were 28 finalists who qualified for the green label ( . A team reaches the green label when the essential packages have been fully translated. After that, competition centers on the remaining modules and on the translation of documentation.

Cheers to all translators who have been working round the clock to reach a new mileage with KDE 3.1 and in the process have not only mastered English but also Double Dutch the mother tongue of the developers.

5. Introducing kexi to KOffice

Tue�Nov�19��-�Wed�Nov�20� (2 posts) Archive Link: "new koffice component"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice

People: Lucijan

Lucijan recently introduced a new KOffice ( component, kexi, saying:

kexi is a database management tool providing comfortable things like a querydesigner and a relationdesigner. due the port to KoFramework not all of the features work, we hope that we will get those working again and can start with implementing new features. Currently only MDI is supported. To see screenshots of working kexi take a look at ( (a bit outdated)

Kexi will make writing manual SQL statements almost obsolete. Right now there is only a backend for mySQL, CQL++ ( backend will be implemented as the project evolves.

6. KSpread speaking better Excel

Fri�Nov�8�0�-�Tue�Nov�12� (11 posts) Archive Link: "export excel"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice, Filters

People: T.J. Mather

Fred Malabre was in the need of an Excel export filter for KSpread. Ariya Hidayat, who's busy lately hacking on a RTF filter, already started coding it. While Fred worked with what was already in CVS, TJ Mather had a different approach.

I was able to write a simple C++ program that creates an Excel Spreadsheet with two sheets using Apache POI. For more details see:

Both agreed to combine their forces and decided that the POI is the way to go. Now what exactly is POI?

Apache POI contains HSSF which is a library for reading and writing Excel files. It is 58745 lines of Java code and developed by several developers.

Nicolas Goutte reminds that licensing issues might exist with this solution.

related: Calling Apache POI from C++ (

7. KOffice 1.3: Usability Aspects

Fri�Nov�8�1�-�Sat�Nov�9�0 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Fwd: Re: KOffice's usability"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice, KDE Usability Project

If you are into these feature plans on ( , you probably noticed Aaron and the Usability team. Now their all seeing-eye is looking on the KOffice project. But no need to fear any dark hordes here - this will be their main focus:

All in all, the interface will be retouched to look more simplified and consisted between apps in KOffice, expect changes to appear in version number 1.3.

8. Service for KOffice 1.2

Tue�Nov�12��-�Fri�Nov�22� (12 posts) Archive Link: "#if KDE_VERSION >= 305 in koffice to use 3.1 interfaces.... *BOOM*."

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice, Release Schedule

People: David Faure

Talking about latest fixes to the 1.2 sources of KOffice, David Faure posted the release schedule for version 1.2.1:

Sunday December 01
Last day for translations and (approved) critical bugfixes commits.

Monday December 02
The HEAD branch of CVS is tagged KOFFICE 1 2 RELEASE and the day is spent testing the release a final time.

Tuesday December 03
The tarballs are made and released to the packagers.

The end of the week is spent testing the tarballs, packaging and writing the announcement and changelog.

Monday December 09
The source and binary packages are uploaded to to give some time for the mirrors to get them.

Tuesday December 10
Announce KOffice 1.2.1.

9. No Money Handling in KOffice

Wed�Nov�20��-�Thu�Nov�21� (7 posts) Archive Link: "filter question"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KOffice

People: David Faure

Fred Malabre was wondering wheather his project KuikMoney - his replacement for MSMoney/Quicken - would fit into KOffice.
Someone pointed him to KHacc ( , a similar project which has made a few steps already. Looks like Fred will drop KuikMoney in favour of KHacc, but anyways, David Faure decided against including such software in KOffice because:

A personal finance application doesn't seem to have anything to do with the rest of an office suite, so I see no particular reason for one to be part of koffice. This doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy with such an app in a KDE CVS module, though.

No opposing thoughts were expressed

10. Dev. Newsflash

�Subject: "Development news"

Summary By Zack Rusin

Sharon And Joy

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