KDE Traffic #44 For 8�Oct�2002

Editor: Zack Rusin

By Leif Jensen �and� Zack Rusin

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Welcome to KC KDE!

After a short break KC is back. Juergen, who was the editor during the last several months left us (please, remember to thank him for all the work he has done) and in between coding, finishing my degree and trying to find a job, I will be doing my best to fill the void. I decided to add a new section to our KC entitled 'Dev. NewsFlash' in which I'm planning to present information that somehow relates to KDE, like XFree86 news - in this KC you can read about Keith Packard's XCursor and Jim Gettys' RandR extensions. Our main topic this week is KMail. Without further ado:

We hope you enjoy this week's summaries!

1. KMail Roadmap

�Archive Link: "KMail Roadmap"

Summary By Zack Rusin

Topics: KMail

People: Richard Moore,�Mickael Marchand,�Aaron J. Seigo,�Don Sanders,�Stephan Kulow

As some of you may already know, KMail is undergoing a major rewrite - I'll do my best to summarize what's going on with KMail.

First of all we have three KMail development branches

So what does it all mean for KMail? Well, here's a quick summary of things that either are already present in one of the branches or expected to show up very soon:

Besides those changes, don't forget that an incredible amount of bugfixes goes into KMail HEAD on a daily basis. Remember to visit us on the KMail mailing list and let Ingo, Marc, Carsten, Michael and the people already mentioned above know how much you appreciate their work.

By now you probably wonder how those branches are being synchronized, considering that at the moment they contain almost completely different email clients. Well, developers are spending a large amount of time merging and porting changes from respective branches to the others. Stephan Kulow does a fantastic job merging patches from HEAD to make_it_cool (thanks a lot Stephan, I really appreciate it), I'm merging changes from HEAD to kroupware_branch and others are helping us in whatever ways they can (thanks Aaron, Karl-Heinz, Kalle and Daniel).

All in all, we are all very excited and hopefully you will enjoy the next version of KMail as much as we enjoy working on it right now.

2. New GPG frontend

14�Oct�2002�-�15�Oct�2002 (11 posts) Archive Link: "New GPG frontend"

Summary By Zack Rusin

People: y0k0,�Carsten Pfeiffer,�Piot Szymanski

y0k0 made an announcement on kde-devel mailing list saying: " I am actively developing a GnuPG frontend for KDE :Kgpg (http://kgpg.tripod.com). I think it could be nice to have it included in a kde package (kdenetwork for example), as several user asked for it. I don't know who is making the decision, so i am asking here. "

A couple of people responded. Carsten Pfeiffer said " IMHO a gpg frontend for managing keys is very much needed in KDE. Maybe you want to develop it in kdenonbeta for a start, to let it mature? " Piot Szymanski asked : " Isn't geheimnis a better one than kpgp? And AFAIR it works with kde3... (geheimnis.sf.net). " But the developers agreed that Geheimnis is far from a usable state and it seems that y0k0's Kpgp will become the default KDE PGP handler in a near future.

3. KDE 3.0.4 out

�Subject: "KDE 3.0.4 out"

Summary By Leif Jensen

For those not testing the KDE 3.1 beta full-time, there is a new release in the 3.0 series to upgrade to. The new KDE version 3.0.4 includes two security fixes an added translation to Basque and numerous smaller improvements as well.

The security fixes affect the personal file sharing utility kpf and the kghostview postscript and pdf viewer. Advisories were released, and users should avoid these programs until installing the upgrade.

So go to the mirrors or to your distribution's site and enjoy the latest stable version of KDE!

4. Kopete rework almost finished

�Subject: "Kopete rework almost finished"

Summary By Zack Rusin

As some of you may know, Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is the new KDE multi-protocol instant messager. A new version 0.5 is almost ready to be released.

Continuing the work started for version 0.4 to cleanup the internal API, Kopete went through an almost complete rewrite of the contact list handling for this version. A lot of other things changed and improved as well. The upcoming 0.5 release of Kopete supports the following protocols: Aim (Toc and Oscar, although Oscar is still a work-in-progress for this release), ICQ, Jabber, MSN, IRC, Gadu-Gadu, and WinPopup, while work on the Yahoo protocol is finally progressing as well. The Oscar and Yahoo plugins are expected to be ready for general use in the next Kopete release.

So please checkout, compile, test Kopete and report all problems to us (http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kopete-devel) .

Also, If you use the Gadu-Gadu protocol, KDE, know C++ and would like to become the new maintainer of the Gadu-Gadu plugin, please email me (mailto:zack@kde.org) because I'm having serious problems finding enough time to work on it nowadays.

5. Qt GStreamer bindings announced

17�Aug�2002�-�18�Aug�2002 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Qt GStreamer bindings announced"

Summary By Zack Rusin

Topics: Multimedia

People: Tim Jansen,�Thomas Vander Stichele

As some of you may know GStreamer (http://www.gstreamer.net) is a development framework for creating applications like media players, video editors, streaming media broadcasters and so on. GStreamer will be the core of the new multimedia architecture on GNOME desktop environment.

Thanks to the work of Tim Jansen it looks like GStreamer has a good chance of becoming a part of KDE desktop. In his email to kde-multimedia mailing list Tim said:

I have written wrappers for GStreamer (http://gstreamer.net). Most classes and functions have been translated 1:1 to C++/Qt. This should be almost everything that you need to write GStreamer applications with a Qt'ish feeling. You can find the code in KDE CVS, kdenonbeta/gst (http://webcvs.kde.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/kdenonbeta/gst).

Thomas Vander Stichele, one of GStreamer developers was one of the first to respond saying: " This is great news ! You made my day ;) I have been thinking lately about how we can interact better with KDE developers and discuss the possibility of using GStreamer as the multimedia framework for both KDE and Gnome applications, and having actual code that shows GStreamer from a KDE point of view is the first step ! So I'm really happy. "

6. Dev. Newsflash

�Subject: "Dev. Newsflash"

Summary By Zack Rusin

People: Hamish Rodda

Sharon And Joy

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