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KDE Traffic #40 For 9�Jul�2002

Editor: Juergen Appel

By Aaron J. Seigo �and� Juergen Appel

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Welcome to KC KDE! KOffice 1.2beta1 and KDE 3.0.2 have recently hit the servers and by now, to the latest KDE release, there was a security patch applied. Meanwhile Dirk Mueller reported that there is no actual local root exploit due to the bug. However, security is taken very seriously by KDE developers and enhancements of aRts' security are being discussed. Read about it in the next issue of KC KDE.

And now for a quick glance at the score in the feature list match between Team Green/Yellow and Team Red: 18 1/2 to 15 1/2. Well done! See the live score here.

You might also be interested in looking at this nice review of the Linux@Work expo in Amsterdam in early June. The review is also available in Dutch.

Some words on our own behalf:
The KC KDE topic section which indexes the articles was completely overhauled and has become far more usable. Don't be afraid to visit.

KC KDE is in serious need of more authors. It would be a great benefit if you could watch one mailing list and write about it, maybe even in a weekly rotation with other authors. If you are interested, please contact Juergen Appel.

We hope you enjoy this week's summaries!

1. Clipart for KOffice

17�Jun�2002 (3 posts) Archive Link: "K-ARTIST:KOffice Klipart"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: Art, KOffice

People: Kristof Borrey

Not really crucial, but neither just a nice-to-have feature, is clipart for office suites. Recently Kristof Borrey initiated a project to create some for the KOffice suite:

Hi KDE artists :o)

Some of you might know me (I'm the guy from iKons). I've been thinking about a new art related project for KDE: Klipart. KOffice allows us to insert clipart images. Unfortunately, there aren't any clipart images included in KOffice. The Klipart project is an attempt to create a free clipart gallery. The images in this clipart gallery will be WMF and probably also SVG in the near future. You can find the Website at under Klipart.

If anyone would like to help with the Klipart project: you're free to join :o)

Later, Kristof marked the availability of the first clipart, it is available at

2. Atlantik with New Arts

17�Jun�2002 (2 posts) Archive Link: "K-ARTIST:Konqi Wallpapers"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: Art, KDE-Games

People: Valentin Cristescu,�Rob Kaper

Valentin Cristescu popped up on KDE-Artists, promoting some of his drawings:


My name is Valentin, and I come from Romania. I draw comics and funny characters. Please see some wallpapers I draw. My Konqi wallpapers. You'll see a label, called [@Konqi]. Please tell me what you think about my drawings.

Konqi Wallpapers [@Konqi]

Rob Kaper told quite explicitly what he thought, saying " W-o-w. Tell me what I think? I think I want you to make artwork for Atlantik ( !! You seem to be able to make stuff in exactly the modern, funky style I'd like for the game! :) "

Valentin agreed to draw for Atlantik. Find the most recent version here.

3. Printer Scanning w/o Blocking

20�Jun�2002 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Development info (network scanning)"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: Printing

People: Michael Goffioul

A significant feature of a real multi-tasking environment is the possibility of letting several processes work at the same time. Annoyance is caused by those processes which freeze the system entirely, Michael Goffioul recently addressed this problem when trying to detect a printer:

I recently completely rewrote the way how network is scanned when installing a printer. Now it is completely asynchronous and does not block the GUI anymore. You can freely abort it, and even close the dialog while still scanning.

If any of you has some time, could you try it and report any detected problem.


4. Definable Instances for Special Printers Coming

21�Jun�2002 (1 post) Archive Link: "Development: Instances for special printers possible"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: Printing

People: Michael Goffioul

Michael Goffioul, hacking KPrint, wrote in that " it is now possible to define instances for special printers as well. It is not limited to real printers anymore. Instances can be defined in the print manager as usual.
Testing is welcome."

Note that PageSize, ColorMode and Orientation are disabled when configuring a special printer, additionally slashes are now forbidden in special printers' names.

5. KDE-Edu Feature Plan

21�Jun�2002 (2 posts) Archive Link: "[kde-edu-devel] 3.1 Release Schedule - Time to get ready!!!"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KDE-Edu, Release Schedule

People: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

In the upcoming KDE 3.1 release, the KDE-Edu package will contain sub-menus explaining the purpose of the applications within. The idea is to categorize them like this:

While this is still a draft, Anne-Marie Mahfouf has put up the KDE-Edu feature plan here.

6. New OpenGL Screensavers

29�Jun�2002�-�2�Jul�2002 (18 posts) Archive Link: "New OpenGL screensavers"

Summary By Aaron J. Seigo

Topics: Applications, Art

People: Karl Robillard

Karl Robillard announced new OpenGL screensavers for KDE saying, " Terence Welsh recently GPLed the source for his Windows screensavers. His website is So far I've ported Flux & Euphoria to KDE. You can download the source at (but only for a while). Please check them out for any problems. Then lets get them into the kdeartwork module."

Several developers tested the new screensavers and several compile and configuration fixes were forthcoming. It was unanimously decided that they were of high quality and very pretty. They were added to the kdeartwork CVS module in short order.

7. Replacing kio_uiserver 101

1�Jul�2002�-�3�Jul�2002 (4 posts) Archive Link: "custom kio_uiserver ?"

Summary By Aaron J. Seigo

Topics: KIO

People: Alexander Neundorf,�David Faure

Alexander Neundorf asked a question that is probably common amongst those implementing KDE-based kiosks when he inquired, "for a (roughly) kiosk-like application we'd like to have a very custom uiserver, i.e. custom error messages and mainly a custom password dialog. Is this possible and how ?" David "Quickest Email Draw In the West" Faure replied, " Hack kio_uiserver, or write another app that offers the same DCOP interface (uiserver.h). This app is only used via its DCOP interface, its internals don't matter to the outside."

Alexander followed up with a few more questions asking, " Ok, the only questions which now still remains, how is the uiserver started ? I.e. what do I have to do that "my" uiserver will be started ?" Once again David replied saying, "By Observer::Observer()." and "Hack that code :}" as answers to Alexander's questions respectively.

8. KDE Extra Gear: New CVS Module Populated

2�Jul�2002�-�7�Jul�2002 (41 posts) Archive Link: "kreatecd and k3b moved to kdeextragear"

Summary By Aaron J. Seigo

Topics: CVS

People: Waldo Bastian,�Rob Kaper

The number of applications in the official KDE distribution has grown consistently over the years. Not all high-quality KDE applications are useful to everyone, however. Many applications that are otherwise well written and useful to a select audience, simply aren't required for a generic, working desktop environment. It would be beneficial if they were in KDE's CVS where they could get more attention from users, translators and artists, though. This growing need was addressed by the creation, at least in concept, of a set of CVS modules called kdeextragear. Each kdeextragear module will contain a set of applications that are of, or approaching, release quality and are being actively maintained. The application genres will vary within the module and will continue to follow their own release schedules. This week marked the populating of the first "Extra Gear" module: kdeextragear-1. Signifying this event, Waldo Bastian wrote:

I have moved kreatecd and k3b to kdeextragear-1. Is there anything else that needs moving? koncd?

Other programs that were moved into kdeextragear-1 include the VIM kpart and kchat (which was previously in kdenetwork). Discussion continued on the locations of other KDE applications including krichtexteditor and cdbakeoven.

The actual creation of kdeextragear-1 sparked a long series of threads that mostly reiterated previous discussion regarding the goals of the Extra Gear modules and how it would and wouldn't impact the future direction of the KDE core distribution. While not everyone was convinced, most ended up agreeing that this would mean very little for the core KDE distribution while improving third party application support. As Rob Kaper, who started one of the longer and more heated threads regarding how Extra Gear would impact the core KDE distribution summed it up:

it looks like there is no danger that we, as a cooperative group, will focus on releasing just a framework. Unfortunately some people *would* like KDE to leave application development for what it is.

While that saddens me, those people seem not to be in the majority. I asked you all to stand up if my fears were unjustified; apparently they mostly are. Thanks for your input. Let's write some code.

9. katepart Library Changes Names

3�Jul�2002�-�4�Jul�2002 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Important: Katepart libname change"

Summary By Aaron J. Seigo

Topics: Kate

People: Joseph Wenninger,�Stephan Kulow

Joseph Wenninger announced an important change that impacts all those using applications that use the katepart KDE text editor from CVS HEAD:

Some time ago (before 3.0) Stephan Kulow changed a few part names from the lib*.la scheme to *la. I did the same with the katepart.

The name change for the kate part caused some troubles and is partly BIC (at least for application not loading the part with the ktrader) to the KDE 3.0.x branch. Therefor I'll rename it back. THE BAD THING (TM) is, that this is again partly BIC to older CVS HEAD branch versions.

Please remove the $PREFIX/lib/kde3/katepart.* files to avoid troubles. I'll commit in a few minutes and fix kdebase to work correctly

The only thing I don't change is the location. The new version will still be installed in $PREFIX/lib/kde3 instead of $PREFIX/lib. That doesn't mean eny problem, if the lib is loaded with ktrader/kgeneric factory/ktrader/ .... .

Linking against it isn't possible any more, but application should never have been linking directly to the part anyways. I don't know of any application which tried it.

If you are suddenly experiencing crashes of KWrite or Kate after cvs updateing this is probably why.

10. About KDE Myths

5�Jul�2002�-�7�Jul�2002 (9 posts) Archive Link: "[kde-promo] kde myths web site"

Summary By Juergen Appel

Topics: KDE in the Public, New Website

People: Aaron J. Seigo

A project the size of KDE attracts a lot of trolls spreading misconceptions and leaving a lot of people in doubt about what is actually the truth. Aaron J. Seigo addresses this, announcing his latest project, the KDE Myths website:

I was recently reminded by Navindra, on kde-cafe, about the KDE myths page I threatened to put up. At the time Dre had said he had something to unveil shortly, so i held off and then, in typical Aaron-has-a-mind-like-a-sieve fashion, completely forgot about it.

Once reminded, I felt kind of bad about it and so spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon putting this together:

Sharon And Joy

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