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Gimp Traffic #37 For 2 Apr 2001

By Cris Flagg

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Table Of Contents

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 38 posts in 145K.

There were 25 different contributors. 8 posted more than once. 2 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. GIMP at Linuxtag 2001

14 Mar 2001 - 16 Mar 2001 (6 posts) Archive Link: "Gimp at the Linuxtag 2001"

People: Marc LehmannRebecca J. WalterSimon BudigTom RathborneDaniel Egger

Simon Budig posted that he was not going to be able to organize a booth at Linuxtag this year, and asked if anyone was going to be able to make it. Jens Finke said that the Gnome booth would have enough room and that GIMP people were invited to join in promoting Gnome/GIMP. Daniel Egger offered to demonstrate the GIMP for a day. Rebecca J. Walter also offered time at the booth, but warned that she spoke no German and wasn't a coder. Tom Rathborne had so much fun last year at Linuxtag that he was trying to make it there again this year. He offered to help with the booth if he could make it. Marc Lehmann said he would be there, and also warned "... I am a total idiot at these kind of things, so it's best NOT to think about letting me do that"

(ed. [Cris Flagg] Linuxtag 2001 will be held from July 5th to the 8th in Stuttgart. The official site is Additionally, Linuxtag is looking for developers to help with the non-German language portions of the site )

2. Missing Headers

16 Mar 2001 - 18 Mar 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "mising headers, etc."

People: Hans BreuerSven Neumann

Hans Breuer posted the following question about compiling the Gimp from CVS on win32. " One problem is the missing of string.h in the following autgenerated files:

although I have looked into, the only thingh I've got is headache - Perl is definitely not my language :) Could someone else try to fix it (or should I workaround with a small makefile hack) ? Another issue is a small removement of duplicated code: app/asupsample.c and libgimp/gimpadatipvesupersample.c are the same. The left one can be removed, if the right one is moved to libgimpcolor. " Sven Neumann said pdbgen used memcpy in the autogenerated code. he also committed a change that added string.h to

3. Crop

19 Mar 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Crop Stuff"

People: Sven Neumann

Chuck Mason posted an interesting variation on the crop tool from the TODO file, whereby crop_image_by_color and crop_image_by_blending could be added. Sven Neumann pointed out that TODO.xml was the up-to-date version of the file and TODO was no longer maintained. Sven also mentioned the original intent of the TODO item was to give the user better feedback about what was outside of the crop area, not to create an alternative method of cropping. He pointed to as the location of the real TODO.xml

4. Compiling the Gimp from CVS

19 Mar 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "compiling gimp from CVS"

People: Johannes ZellnerRaphael QuinetZach Beane

Johannes Zellner had the following problems compiling the Gimp from CVS source "

  1. Some of the Tool buttons are missing, is this intended?
  2. One of the following gcc switches makes gimp crashing on startup with an 'illegal instruction'. CFLAGS='-freg-struct-return -funroll-loops -malign-double -ffast-math -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2'

Raphael Quinet mentioned " As announced on GIMP News ( by Zach Beane on the 15th of January, the CVS version is currently *very* unstable and should not be used except if you are a developer. Several developers (mostly Sven and Mitch) are rewriting large parts of the code, so for the moment you will only get less features than the 1.2.x version (not more features like 1.1.x compared to 1.0.x). It will probably take several weeks or months to get something stable and usable."

Raphael also added " I do not know which switch causes the problem, but "-funroll-loops" and "-malign-double" should be safe. "-ffast-math" should be safe as long as the code does not try to do stupid things like sqrt(-1). Maybe one of the other options is causing the problem. Just a wild guess: this could be related to the new MMX code, or some other asm-optimized code that could be upset by "-freg-struct-return" or by "-mpreferred-stack-boundary=2". "

5. Calculate Coordinates from and Image

20 Mar 2001 - 21 Mar 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "calculate coordinates from an image"

People: Matthias KleineSven Neumann

Matthias Kleine asked if it were possible to locate a pixel of a particular color in an image (say red 255,0,0) " Example: I am using a webcam to observe an area. In this area, a red object is moving around. Now, the webcam is delivering images to some client program (gimp plugin?). This program now should calculate the current position of the object in the observed area."

Lourens Veen suggested winding the pixel in the first image, then searching from the last known position outward in a spiral pattern in all subsequent images. Lourens added that it would be necessary to filter out an red areas larger than the maximum object size. Sven Neumann suggested an app called "motion" on freshmeat.

6. Automatic Gimp Levels

20 Mar 2001 - 21 Mar 2001 (6 posts) Archive Link: "automatic gimp-levels"

People: Tamito KajiyamaSeth Burgess

Tamito Kajiyama posted " On a GIMP BBS I've heard that script-fu scripts cannot get the effect of pushing the "Auto" button in the Image->Colors->Levels dialog. Here is a patch to add the procedure gimp-levels-auto, an automatic version of gimp-levels. " Seth Burgess thought it was a good idea, but mentioned that the *_cmds.c fiels are autogenerated by the tool pdbgen and as a result the patch really needed to be on different files. Tamito pointed out that the HACKING file was not part of the Gimp distribution, so people working from source tarballs missed this information. Tamito then submitted a patch to the correct files. Seth said he considered this a bug fix, so it would probably go into the 1.2.x branch.

There were no more posts in this thread

7. CVS Website

23 Mar 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "CVS web ?"

People: Rebecca J. Walter

lasm asked if there was a web interface to the Gimp CVS tree. Rebecca J. Walter pointed out that the gimp cvs is part of the gnome cvs. Dave Neary directed people to

8. SOID Error Codes

26 Mar 2001 - 27 Mar 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "SOID error codes"

People: Jason MaskellSimon BudigSven NeumannAustin Donnelly

Jason Maskell posted an error encountered when running the SOID Console under windows for batch more script-fu. The error was " ERROR: wta to car (errorobj 123324) - Ok, the 123324 is one of my arguments, but is the error message supposed to be in English? ERROR: wta(1st) to quotient (errorobj 150) - Again, one of my args, and another nonsensical sounding error message.." Simon Budig said the arguments were acceptable and that car could only be called on lists and cons. Austin Donnelly posted that wta might mean "wrong type for argument" Sven Neumann agreed about the meaning of "wta" and thought that bad error messages were even more difficult when they had to be translated from English first.







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