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Gimp Traffic #35 For 12 Mar 2001

By Cris Flagg

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Table Of Contents

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 15 posts in 123K.

There were 11 different contributors. 3 posted more than once. 5 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Dependencies in 1.4

3 Mar 2001 - 6 Mar 2001 (7 posts) Archive Link: "A typo in preferences_dialog.c"

People: Michael NattererNick LambDaniel Egger

David Odin submitted a patch to fix a typo in app/preferences.c. This started a discussion on what dependencies are acceptable to introduce. Daniel Egger thought the following changes were valuable: gconf for configuration, freetype2 for fonts, ORBit as an alternatives to the wire protocol, and bonobo for embedding the Gimp into other applications. Nick Lamb wondered if it would be possible to push font rendering into a module and make only the module freetype2 dependent. Michael Natterer said the GTypeModule tool in Glib 2.0 would work for this. Mitch also said " As long as we stick with Gtk+ 1.2, I guess we should just depend on FreeType. Additionally, FreeType doesn't simply crash the X server when asked for a huge font ;)" Daniel thought this was a good idea, but didn't solve the problem of launching texttool as a plugin without X installed.

There were no more posts in this thread

2. Patches to 1.2.1

5 Mar 2001 - 6 Mar 2001 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Patches to 1.2.1 for --with-included-gettext and HP-UX 11.00"

People: Daniel EggerSven Neumann

Albert Chin wrote to ask about the status of a patch submitted via FTP a while ago. Sven Neumann and Albert went over what may have happened to the patch. Daniel Egger added instructions on how to submit a patch using Bugzilla.

[1] Open a webbrowser.

[2] Point the browser to

[3] Open a bugzilla account by clicking on the link "Open a new Bugzilla account" if you do not already have one.

[4] Use the "Query existing bug reports" link to check whether your problem is already reported. If yes -> [5a], if no [5b].

[5a] Click on the bug and then on "Create a new attachment". Upload your file and add the keyword "PATCH".

[5b] File a new bug report with the simptoms and then continue with [5a].

3. Win 32 Port and Batch Mode

9 Mar 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Win 32 port and batch mode.."

People: Tor LillqvistJason Maskell

Jason Maskell posted some problems getting the Gimp to run on the command line under windows. The -h argument didn't even produce output. Tor Lillqvist replied that there were a lot of problems with command line support under windows. "Not the least being the braindead and largely undocumented behaviour of or cmd.exe with respect to quoting. In app/batch.c reading batch commands from stdin is #ifdeffed away on Win32. It might be that it could be made to work nowadays, after the latest rewrite of the GLib IO Channel code for Win32. "







Sharon And Joy

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