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Gimp Traffic #21 For 28 May 2000

By Alex Harford

Table Of Contents


Yosh announced yet another 1.2 Pre-Release. It can be downloaded from

If you haven't downloaded your 1.1 version yet, please do so now. It is important that all the bugs get found so the developers can release 1.2!

1. Compilation Errors In CodeWarrior

17 May 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "static and forward declaration"

People: Arnaud MassonKevin CozensSven NeumannSven Neumann

Arnaud Masson was having problems compiling the Gimp using CodeWarrior. The offending code was declarations like this:

static ProcRecord channel_ops_offset_proc;
static ProcRecord channel_ops_duplicate_proc;


void register_channel_ops_procs (void)
procedural_db_register (&channel_ops_offset_proc);
procedural_db_register (&channel_ops_duplicate_proc);


static ProcRecord channel_ops_offset_proc =
static ProcRecord channel_ops_duplicate_proc =

He gets an illegal definition when trying to compile this code.

Kevin Cozens replied that "CodeWarrior is correct in its message. The variables are being defined the first time for use in the procedural_db_register() calls and then later they are defined again but this time with initial values. Does CodeWarrior issue the redefinition message as a warning or as an error?"

He also added that gcc doesn't warn about this, even when using the -Wall flag. He suggested that he would put the declaration with initial values before the first use which would eleimate the forward declaration.

Arnaud replied that it is an error when using CodeWarrior. He agreed with Kevin about the needed changes, but was not too enthusiastic about making the changes to the *_cmds.c files.

Sven Neumann saved the day however, noting that "Since all the *_cmds.c files are autogenerated I suspect a very small change to the code-generator would be sufficient."

2. Control Modifier Not Resetting In Certain Tools

22 May 2000 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Quick Keys getting stuck"

People: Seth BurgessGarry R. OsgoodRaphael Quinet

Seth Burgess wanted to discuss the behaviour of the control modifiers on some tools. "Its been reported (and it happens to me all too often) that quick keys (when you hold control to get a new behavior for a tool) get stuck in the modified position. This was recently closed as "Can't figure out a good way to fix it" for 1.2. (#6415)" The tools that had this bug were Bucket Fill, Eraser, Blur/Sharpen, and Dodge/Burn.

Garry R. Osgood suggested that it could be changed "to mapping XWindow LeaveNotify to the same (or similar) logic invoked by releasing the contol key *in* the image window? (turning it into a kind of default control key release...) Offhand -- again! -- this would provide a basis for fixing the bug, and those of us who regard it a "feature" could invoke Yet Another Preference Toggle Button (!) to disable the LeaveNotify addenda."

Raphael Quinet did not agreed because he often moved the mouse outside the window when making selections, and this would disable this feature.

There were no more messages in this thread, so hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.

3. Adding A Shockwave File Plug-in

23 May 2000 (5 posts) Archive Link: "SWF format..."

People: Sven NeumannSven Neumann Jon Winters

Jon Winters asked the list if anyone had thought about adding support for MacroMedia's Shockwave / Flash format to the Gimp.

Sven Neumann noted that "Flash is a vector format while GIMP is pixel manipulation program and most probably not the right app to author flash contents."

4. Bug In Hex Color Selector

25 May 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "BUG in color chooser"

People: Uwe Koloska

Uwe Koloska found a bug in the color selector. He explained that "if you type in the hex value of a color the display will not be updated after pressing return. Only by changing the color chooser, the hex/web color will be used."

Sven replied that he changed the code in CVS to fix this.

There were no more messages in this thread.







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