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Gimp Traffic #20 For 6 May 2000

By Alex Harford

Table Of Contents


Kernel Cousin Gimp is back after a brief hiatus.

Yosh announced another 1.2pre beta. It can be found at

1. Export Behaviour of the PNM plugin

2 May 2000 - 3 May 2000 (6 posts) Subject: "pnm plugin"

People: Dr Martin WeberKevin TurnerNick LambMartin WeberMarc Lehmann

DrMartin.Weber wrote the list to say that the "he pnm plugin can read the pnm, ppm, pbm and pgm format, but it cannot save to ppm, pbm and pgm."

Several people were confused, because their Gimp seemed to produce the correct results. Marc Lehmann wrote that he was unable to create pgm or pbm files. When he tried to create a pgm, the file was actually a ppm. Kevin Turner replied:

that's not what "file" thinks about the attached files:

Marc acheived his result by taking a gif, converting to greyscale, and saving it. This resulted in a ppm. Nick Lamb wrote that his Gimp seemed to create the appropriate files with this method.

There were no more messages in this thread, hopefully we will see a fix if it was needed.

2. Glib and GTK+ requirements

2 May 2000 (2 posts) Subject: "Gimp now requires Glib 1.2.7?"

People: Pierre RochefortRaphael Quinet

Pierre Rochefort reported that "I got the sources out of CVS and tried to compile. I have Glib 1.2.6 installed and it used to work fine (up until this morning). Has the requirement changed in regards to Glib?"

Raphael Quinet replied that "the current version of the Gimp requires glib-1.2.7 and gtk+-1.2.7. It is very likely that the final release will require gtk+-1.2.8 (not released yet) because some dnd bugs have been fixed recently in gtk."

3. Gimp 1.1.21 Build Fails on Non-Linux Systems

2 May 2000 (3 posts) Subject: "Gimp 1.1.21 build fails under Solaris because of Linuxisms"

People: Raphael QuinetMichael Natterer

Raphael Quinet found a problem with the latest version of the Gimp:

I just downloaded 1.1.21 and I tried to compile it under Solaris. The build breaks early while compiling libgimp, with the following error:

gimp.c: In function `gimp_main':
gimp.c:202: `SA_NOMASK' undeclared (first use in this function)
gimp.c:202: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
gimp.c:202: for each function it appears in.)
make[2]: *** [gimp.lo] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/Local/build/gimp-1.1.21/libgimp'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/Local/build/gimp-1.1.21'
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2

He continued, saying that the call to "SA_NOMASK" was a historical Linux call, and should really be SA_NODEFER. He provided a patch, solving the problem for Solaris and likely most other Unixes.

Michael Natterer was apologetic. "I'm about to commit this. It seems I made Gimp unworkable for all systems except Linux... argh, 1 day before a release."

There were no more messages in this thread.

4. JPG Plugin Crashing the Gimp

3 May 2000 (6 posts) Subject: "/gimp/1.1.21_crashing_trying_to_save_a_.jpg"

People: Jon WintersMichael Natterer

Jon Winters had some problems with the JPEG plugin.

Tonight I opened an image, did a re-size, then went to "save as" a .jpg. When I move the "Quality" slider Gimp crashes. :-\

Is it my system or the Gimp?

Several people noted that there were problems with the Preview code when the Quality was set very low, but this was not the case.

Michael Natterer discovered that it was the Gimp causing the crashes. "layers_dialog_idle_set_layer_focus() was the problem. cvs Gimp should work nicely."

5. Changes To gimp_tips.txt

4 May 2000 - 6 May 2000 (6 posts) Subject: "/gimp/Proposal_for_new_gimp_tips.txt"

People: Garry R. OsgoodRaphael Quinet

Raphael Quinet posted an updated version of the gimp_tips.txt file. He asked if there were any suggestions on improving his work. Various people had some small suggestions. Garry R. Osgood suggested changing the tip about the background layer to "The "Background" layer lacks transparency. This is why it does not accept layer masks and remains "anchored" at the bottom of the layer stack, a backdrop for transparent layers. But you may add transparency to the Background by right-clicking in the layers dialog and selecting Add Alpha Channel.""







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