Gimp Traffic #6 For 20 Aug 1999

By Sam Phillips

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As many may already know the gimp-user and gimp-devel mailing lists, got nuked sometime last week when the Experimental Computing Facility at UC Berkeley upgraded the box that the lists were run off of. I currently don't know when the lists will be reactivated, moved, or otherwise.

So in the interim period I have gone through the CVS changelog for some of the new stuff.

1. From the ChangeLog


People: Sven NeumannTor Lillqvist

Quick news about new features gleaned from the CVS ChangeLog.

Adrian Linkins and Tor Lillqvist have been working on GimpBrushHose. The idea behind GimpBrushHose is to have a stream of pixmaps to emit out of the brush (you know like a garden hose.)

Iscissors have been rewritten and added to the CVS.

Sven Neumann added the measure tool. You can measure distances and angles with it.







Sharon And Joy

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