Gimp Traffic #2 For 20 Jun 1999

By Sam Phillips

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This seemed to be a slow week with most of the conversation revolving around the new context system.

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 79 posts in 323K.

There were 20 different contributors. 9 posted more than once. 7 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. GimpContexts

 Archive Link: "[gimp-devel] GimpContext again"

People: Michael NattererJay CoxSimon Bundig

Michael Natterer announced that he had started working out the new Gimp Contexts. The purpose of Gimp Contexts is to save certain settings like brush type, color, and pattern, into multiple saved states that can be recalled instantly by the user or by a script/plug-in.

During the discussion Simon Bundig related his concept of a user interface for the context system. He built an animated gif image of his concept at

Also in the thread there was discussion on how the API for GimpContexts would work. At one point Jay Cox suggested using an API similar to OpenGL, and have a context stack.

It was later decided that each plug-in would have its own context "stack", as well as a default, user and current stacks. Michael said he would try to a have a start of the internals of the context system in CVS by the end of the weekend.

2. Various Bugs

 Archive Link: "[gimp-devel] various bugs and picks"

People: Marc LehmannSeth Burgess

Marc Lehmann wrote that he had found that the papertile plugin didn't appear to do anything, that the unsharp mask dialog had no decorations in his window manager, and that he was unhappy that the default action for the crop tool wasn't to crop but to resize an image.

Seth Burgess responded that the crop tool was broken so that they could test it out more thoroughly, and that the proper behaivior would be put back into 1.2.

Marc was glad to hear this. He also found that gimp -n no longer worked for him. Seth responded again that that was his fault and he'd fix it soon.

3. The Gimp and the Gnu Pascal Compiler

 Archive Link: "[gimp-devel] Name collision: libgpc.a"

People: Peter GerwinskiShawn T. Amundson

Peter Gerwinski of the Gnu Pascal Compiler project wrote in:

This is Peter, a GIMP user :) and the maintainer of GPC, the GNU Pascal Compiler.

We noticed that GIMP comes with a GIMP Plug-in Convenience library `libgpc.a'. Unfortunately this is exactly the name of GPC's run-time library: In analogy to `libgcc.a' that comes with GCC, it is named `libgpc.a'.

Until now, this collision has produced only moderate confusion because your `libgpc.a' resides in `<prefix>/lib' while ours sits in `<prefix>/lib/gcc-lib/<platform>/<version>'. However we think that we should resolve this conflict before something unpleasant happens.

Most folks thought renaming it to libgimppc was a good idea, although Shawn Amundson said, "We could just get rid of libgpc altogether. No offense to the author (Miles), but it makes changing plugins much more difficult then those written cleanly in gtk. At least this was my impression while hacking a bit with giving blur a preview."

Then the thread ended.







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