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Debian Traffic #5 For 5 Oct 2000

Editor: Zack Brown

By Jens Müller  and  Zack Brown

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Well, there is still plenty of room for new authors who have a 1/2 hour a week to help out. If you're interested, check out the KC Debian homepage.

1. How to become a maintainer?

22 Sep 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "sponsorship"

Summary By Jens Müller


Tamas Szerb wanted to know more about how to become a Debian maintainer, and Petr Cech directed him to End Of Thread.

2. Test .deb Package Of Insight Available For i386

23 Sep 2000 (1 post) Archive Link: "Insight i386 deb available for testing"

Summary By Jens Müller

People: Eray Ozkural

In Issue #4, Section #8  (14 Sep 2000: Stripping An *.orig.tar.gz?) , Eray Ozkural asked about stripping stuff out of the source code of insight-5.0. Then this week he announced that an i386 deb was available:

I've ported insight to use debian versions of tcl/tk/itcl/itk/iwidgets/tix In theory, it works. In practice it crashes badly. At URI

The i386 deb is available. Sources are coming shortly.

I need to know if it works for you. As fas as I've seen it doesn't ;), but if we can determine what bugs it has we can certainly fix them. The catch is that cygnus's versions and debian versions of tcl/tk.... are a bit different.

Also I've a question for tcl/tk wizards here. My package depends on the following packages (for now), are these the correct versions of tcl/tk/'n'stuff to go for? Or should I have somehow aimed for tcl8.3?

Package: insight
Version: 5.0-1
Depends: binutils, itcl3.0, itk3.0, tix41, iwidgets3.1, itcl3.0, itk3.0, libc6 (>= 2.1.2), libncurses5, tcl8.0 (>= 8.0.4), tix41 (>=, tk8.0 (>= 8.0.5), xlib6g (>= 3.3.6-4)

You can debug this package without the sources, since the C code is rather solid, but only the tcl code is buggy. Just

$ export GDBTK_DEBUGFILE=stdout
$ insight

and see what happens.

There was no reply.

3. Multimedia Development For Debian

25 Sep 2000 - 27 Sep 2000 (17 posts) Subject: "debian and multimedia"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Eray OzkuralJunichi UekawaFranklin BelewGuenter GeigerErik Steffl

Guenter Geiger wanted to start a full scale drive for multimedia apps under Debian. He asked if there was any interest in something like that, and a number of folks piped up. Eray Ozkural remarked, "Making Debian more suitable for musicians would be a good goal. This spans a wide spectrum including audio device drivers, audio processing tools, synthesizers, MIDI tools, composition programs." Junichi Uekawa also expressed interest in a Debian multimedia mailing list, and added, ""multimedia" probably includes audio processing, multitrack harddisk recording, sound effects, MIDI notation, MIDI->Wave transformation, MIDI-video syncronization / audio-video synchronization (VJ = Visual Jockey) etc. Things that is currently very lacking in Debian (and on the GNOME side). I am hoping the introduction of KDE to Debian makes the situation somewhat better..." Franklin Belew explained how to get a mailing list hosted at, saying, "The proper way is to file a wishlist bug on with the name of your list, and the reason you want it to exist. The listmaster will then decide if it is worth it, or deny it on the grounds that it is trivial or already encompassed by another list."

At one point Junichi said, "Is video processing that real? Last time I tried broadcast 2000 didn't compile." Guenter replied:

If not, we'll make it real. There are at least some good starting points.

I have requested an open mailinglist, called "debian-multimedia". When it's done, I will send an announcement to devel, audiodev, including the mentioned video4linux list (although it's hosted by redhat).

We have to reach some(more) of the video guys.

And Erik Steffl concluded with, "the broadcast had quite bad makefiles at the time I tried it (some time ago), after I changed where it looks for libs etc. it worked..."

4. Problems, But All CVS Data Safe

26 Sep 2000 - 27 Sep 2000 (3 posts) Subject: " home directories"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Joey HessJason GunthorpeMichael Beattie

Joey Hess reported:

As you may have heard, has a dying drive and is down for a while.

If you had something in your home directory that you urgently need, mail me a private, signed message and I will try to get it off for you. I hope to retreive the entire contents of the home directory later.

Jason Gunthorpe replied:

Also, thanks to Joey's efforts no loss of any CVS data was suffered, he got the tree off the failing disk and I set it up on auric till va.d.o can be restored.

This means we do not have to revert to the 24hr old backup, and nobody should have to reconstruct lost CVS revisions!

Michael Beattie spoke up with a note of thanks on behalf of all.







Sharon And Joy

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