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Hurd Traffic #119 For 17 Jun 2002

Editor: Paul Emsley

By Simon Law

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Table Of Contents


1. Attending LinuxTag 2002
3 Jun 2002 (5 posts) Archive Link: "LinuxTag 2002"
Summary By Simon Law
People: Wolfgang JährlingMarcus Brinkmann

There will be GNU/Hurd representation at LinuxTag 2002. Wolfgang Jährling and Marcus Brinkmann will both be in attendance. Volker Dormeyer also said that he would show up. They should be all be hanging around the FSF Europe booth.


2. Small installation glitches
4 Jun 2002 - 5 Jun 2002 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Newbie feedback"
Summary By Simon Law
Topics: FS: ext2
People: Marcus Brinkmann

Julien Puydt reported that he had successfully installed a copy of the Hurd. He did have some glitches in his installation; which prompted him to make some suggestions on how to smooth out the installation procedures. Kapil Hari Paranjape pointed out a bug with ext2fs when using a block size of 1024. Marcus Brinkmann responded positively to these comments.


3. .bashrc and .profile path problems
5 Jun 2002 - 7 Jun 2002 (22 posts) Archive Link: "strange result when typing wrong password"
Summary By Simon Law
People: Niklas SöderlundAlfred M. Szmidt

Niklas Söderlund pointed out that his system seemed to be acting up when he enters an incorrect password at the login prompt. This is a screen-capture of his output

<cut cut>
Use `login USER' to login, or `help' for more information.
login> cd /
login> login root
login: Invalid password
login prompt (bash): .bashrc: No such file or directory
login prompt (bash): .profile: No such file or directory
I have no name!@clay:/$

Alfred M. Szmidt replied with a solution:

This is because of a bug in the .bash_login script. When you change to / it tries to read ".bashrc" and ".profile", which obviously don't exist. When you're in /etc/login this works as they are located there. Fix for this is to append an absolute path to .bashrc and .profile in /etc/login/.bash_login


4. Notes from a new OSKit-Mach install
6 Jun 2002 - 8 Jun 2002 (7 posts) Archive Link: "Notes on gnu-latest and Debian GNU/Hurd"
Summary By Simon Law
People: James Morrison

Kapil Hari Paranjape had some notes from his new GNU install, which he published on the list. James Morrison noticed that Kapil was the first person to compile the random translator separate from the Hurd.

Kapil also noticed that if you export TERM=adm3a in OSKit-Mach, one can get an almost usable terminal under screen.


5. Buildd status update
7 Jun 2002 - 8 Jun 2002 (7 posts) Archive Link: "Buildd status"
Summary By Simon Law
People: Jeff BaileyJames Morrison

Jeff Bailey provided us with an update on his buildd. He says:

As of right now, wanna-build is reporting that we have 1202 packages in the "needs-build" state.

What that means for us is that there are 1200 packages (out of about 6000) or so that haven't yet been seen. My guess is that we'll chew through this in the next couple of weeks. At that point, I'll begin my second pass to try and build packages that failed just because they were missing dependancies.

Derek L. Davies suggested that a task list for any failed-to-build packages should be posted somewhere, while James Morrison wants to continue the e-mails. Grant Bowman posted a webpage where he has collated sample buildd statistics.


6. Installer porting
7 Jun 2002 - 8 Jun 2002 (9 posts) Archive Link: "debootstrap (sort of) working"
Summary By Simon Law
People: Robert Millan

Robert Millan contributed a patch to debootstrap so that it is (mostly) able to install GNU/Hurd. Marcus said he used to work on debootstrap, and sent in his work so that Robert could merge it.


7. Console server
1 Jun 2002 - 2 Jun 2002 (10 posts) Archive Link: "netfs part of a console server with server-client model"
Summary By Simon Law
People: Marcus BrinkmannNiels Möller

Marcus Brinkmann announced a new release of his console server. He says that " The console server provides an abstract hardware console in the local encoding to the term server on the one hand, and on the other hand it provides two interfaces for user interaction..." He continues to say: " The code is tested and works as far as it is there. It has one serious limitation, and that is the lookup of .., which currently assumes a flat hierarchy (only one level of subdirectories). It doesn't integrate all too much with the virtual console code, either, some comments show where this can happen."

Niels Möller and Marcus then had an implementation discussion on the best way to organise the console server, and how it relates to the term server. Marcus made some changes, and posted a diff.







Sharon And Joy

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