Hurd Traffic #118 For 15 Apr 2002

Editor: Paul Emsley

By Simon Law

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Table Of Contents

1. GCC bugs

6 Apr 2002 - 7 Apr 2002 (6 posts) Archive Link: "gcc3 and compiler warnings"

Summary By Simon Law

People: James MorrisonRoland McGrathNeal H. WalfieldMarcus Brinkmann

James Morrison posted that GCC 3 seemed to produce warnings for code that looks like this: major = nthol (*p++); He wondered how he should re-write it so that GCC would stop complaining.

Marcus Brinkmann wrote back to say that:

major = nthol (*p);

and major = ntohl (*(p++)); were acceptable.

James got confused about C and operator precedence, but Neal H. Walfield eventually straightened him out.

In a related thread, More gcc3 compiler warnings ( , James wonders how he should fix a certain ntohl () construct. Roland McGrath determines that this is a GCC or glibc problem, and it should be discussed on those lists.

2. Boot messages and logging

10 Apr 2002 - 13 Apr 2002 (14 posts) Archive Link: "Boot Messages"

Summary By Simon Law

People: Gottfried M. ReimannAlfred M. SzmidtKenneth StaileyMarcus Brinkmann

Gottfried M. Reimann asked debian-hurd, "As im new to hurd im looking for a file with my boot messages (like /var/log/boot.msg). Can you help me?"

Alfred M. Szmidt suggested:

cat /dev/klog > boot.log
Hit ^C after a while, and read. Remember that it gets flushed after it has been read!

Marcus Brinkmann thought that syslogd could be configured to copy /dev/klog to a file after the system booted. However, Kenneth Stailey reported that this did not work correctly. He says: "I've upgraded(?) to Things did not improve; logger still does not put log messages into any log files via syslogd." He also reported that running /etc/init.d/syslogd stop failed to work properly.

Marcus then wrote back, saying:

The inetutils syslogd does read from the kernel log device by default. That is, if it can find it. As we don't specify the klog path in syslog.h, you probably need to make sure you have /dev/klog before you configure inetutils. Then syslogd --help should show you the correct path in the --no-klog option (which you should not use of course :) If you don't see such an option at all, detection of PATH_KLOG failed.

3. Building the parted store modules using Autotools

11 Apr 2002 - 14 Apr 2002 (12 posts) Archive Link: "parted store module"

Summary By Simon Law

People: Damien GenetMarcus BrinkmannNeal H. WalfieldJeff BaileyRoland McGrath

Damien Genet popped on to the list with some concerns about the store module of parted on which he is working.

currently, store modules need to follow the following naming scheme : "libstore_*.STORE_SONAME_SUFFIX" where STORE_SONAME_SUFFIX is "so.0.2", and 0.2 is the Hurd version, however :
1) nor the Hurd version, neither STORE_SONAME_SUFFIX, are available outside the Hurd source tree
2) this break libtool versionning scheme

for 1) this may be autoconfigured with hurd/ containing a ref to @STORE_SONAME_SUFFIX@
for 2) i don't see how to do this without changing the store naming scheme

Roland McGrath responded that the Hurd can display the soname of any installed libraries. He suggested that these libraries may be exposed explicitly by adding a macro in the installed store.h.

Roland then clarified that Damien could add his own custom rules to so that they would be added by automake.

Elsewhere, Marcus provided this suggestion to deal with libtool's versioning

Use the full name including the version number and specify -module -avoid-version for _LDFLAGS (see also the modules documentation in the libtool documentation).

Mmh. I have actually never tried it with versioned modules (I only did it with modules without a version). You might have to use -version-info instead.

However, this did not work properly, and Damien could not get automake to generate the right filename. Neal H. Walfield interjected with this comment:

Allow me to add a detail or two. Using libstore, it appears that we can only create libraries with the names of the form `'. The code in libstore/module.c, however, is looking for file names of the genre `'. Or, to put it simply, libtool uses one naming scheme and the Hurd uses another.

What we are looking for, essentially, is to either make the Hurd conform to the libtools' naming scheme or vica verse. Looking at /lib on my system does not make it clear to me that one is preferred over the other; both seem to be used pervasively throughout.

Jeff Bailey thought it would be nice if the Hurd could use "libtool-style linker scripts that allowed us to link a single file and get all the inter-library dependancies right for free."

4. Listing directories over FTP

12 Apr 2002 - 14 Apr 2002 (3 posts) Archive Link: "[PATCH] ftpfs/libftpconn"

Summary By Simon Law

Topics: FS: FTPFS, Networking

People: Moritz Schulte

Moritz Schulte posted a patch to bug-hurd that fixes a problem with ftpfs. He writes:

I investigated the problem, which caused ftpfs to fail with some ftp servers (e.g. The problem is that libftpconn sometimes tries to 'list' _directories_ and not _entries in a directory_.

I haven't found a way in the FTP protocol, which helps us here. The obvious workaround for the case in which /foo/bar should be listed is is to list '/foo/index.html' and search for 'bar'.

That is what my patch for libftpconn does. The patch for ftpfs does two things: 0) disable 'list's of the root node (that doesn't make much sense anyway); 1) initialize the root node's stat information.

Neils Möller noted that the mlst command might help. However, he notes that it is not well supported, nor well specified; although there is some IETF work on making it more useful.

5. Hurd packages in potato

14 Apr 2002 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Archive problem?"

Summary By Simon Law

People: Jeroen Dekkers Philip Charles

Philip Charles noted that there are a number of Hurd packages in potato. He wanted to know what would happen to them when potato is deprecated once woody is released.

Jeroen Dekkers responded that a thread ( in debian-devel had already addressed this issue. To summarise, he thinks that each package will be treated individually; and that we should wait and see.







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