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Hurd Traffic #109 For 24 Sep 2001

By Paul Emsley

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Table Of Contents

1. Syncing With Linux

13 Sep 2001 - 17 Sep 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Adding new device support"

People: Roland McGrath

Hendrik Groeneveld has a Promise pdc20267 ATA/100 IDE controller and wanted it to be supported by gnumach. He was considering doing this himself and wanted to know the right way of doing it.

Roland McGrath thought that the discussion should continue on bug-hurd, since it was a kernel issue. Roland suggested using oskit-mach which has IDE drivers from Linux-2.2.12 "and it is pretty easy to drop newer Linux-2.2.x drivers into the OSKit source tree" .

The problem for Hendrik, however, was that the pdc202xx driver didn't appear until 2.3.x. and he didn't like the idea of stripping it down to match the current 2.2.x-based system.

Hendrik asked some impolite questions about gnumach and got a rather pointed reply from Roland. Hendrik was further advised by others that if he wanted to do The Right Thing, then updating OSKit to sync up the device drivers to the current Linux was the way to go.

2. Running Apt Locks Some Machines

17 Sep 2001 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Feed-back please. Problem."

Topics: Apt

People: Philip Charles

Phil Charles is having problems with apt and wanted to know if others are similarly troubled. He says: "after rebooting, apt-get update works well, as does apt-get install foo - once. The next time it locks up at "Reading Package lists ... 0" and I have to reboot. It seems to be getting worse."

Ben Armstrong found similar problems, but Dave McDonald did not. There was some discussion about whether this was an architecture-related problem. Elsewhere (in Apt problem) Phil describes his machines and whether they lock up. Marcus replied that it was necessary to get more information.

The situation seems unresolved.

3. Patching gtkfind

17 Sep 2001 - 18 Sep 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "[patch] gtkfind for HURD"

People: James MorrisonMarcus Brinkmann

James Morrison sent in a patch for gtkfind. Marcus Brinkmann prompted a refinement.


4. Booting Problems

19 Sep 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "First contact with Debian GNU/HURD"

People: Marcus Brinkmann

Previously Florian Quetting had a problem booting with from a harddisk that was not recognised by the BIOS. Marcus Brinkmann had sent him a script and pointed to an old message about how to make a boot disk.

Now Florian reported that he installed the system OK, but on booting he encountered a problem probably with the ethernet card. Marcus replied that "IRQ sharing is not supported. You could try to disable that serial port in the BIOS, too, rather than opening the case and pulling the card."

Under the subject Good news, Florian went on to report his progress, which was, on the whole, good.

5. Various Packages Ported

19 Sep 2001 - 20 Sep 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Completed jobs"

People: James MorrisonMarcus Brinkmann

James Morrison has been taking up the list of porting jobs from Marcus Brinkmann. This week, as well as gtkfind already described, James reports that he also fixed asmem, calife, gkermit, safecat, xboard and elsewhere icmpush and libpam-smb.

6. xmalloc, xrealloc And Friends

20 Sep 2001 - 21 Sep 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "x* functions"

People: Neil WalfieldJames MorrisonKalle Niemitalo

James Morrison found himself wanting to use xmalloc and xrealloc and wanted to know if they were provided by some library or a standard distribution point. Neil Walfield told him that they are not, saying "A programmer would have to write them explicitly" . Kalle Niemitalo said that xstrdup and xcalloc were similar in that they are used by many GNU programs, but it was not obvious how they are distributed.

7. The Hurd Costs $46m? Hmm.. Possibly Not

17 Sep 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "lines of code statistics"

People: Roland McGrathMarcus Brinkmann

For a bit of fun, Marcus Brinkmann ran sloccount [which counts lines of source code] on the constituents of the GNU/Hurd kernel (libc, gnumach, hurd, oskit-hurd (but not OSKit)).

There are over a million lines of code with an estimated development cost of over $46 million.

However, Roland McGrath was not amused "Hey, fresh bullshit!" he said. He added that there was lots of dead code in gnumach and lots of libc never gets compiled for a GNU/Hurd system.

8. String Functions To Be Removed from GNU Mach

18 Sep 2001 - 19 Sep 2001 (6 posts) Archive Link: "gnumach and strpbrk"

People: Roland McGrathMarcus BrinkmannThomas Bushnell

Marcus suggested that functions such as strpbrk, strstr, strspn, strtok be removed from the glue code and instead the glibc versions should be used. Roland McGrath and Thomas Bushnell agreed this was a good idea, Roland saying "I think I already removed them from oskit-mach" .

Marcus added this rider relating to the futures of oskit-mach and gnumach: "Seriously, nobody will make GNU Mach SMP ready. That's something for OSKit, and we have to check that OSKit is alright and we don't use it or other non-reentrant functions in OSKit-Mach directly in harmful places (we don't use it at all right now, but it is listed in the "ok to steal" list of oskit-mach)."

9. Building OSKit-Mach Texinfo Document

21 Sep 2001 - 22 Sep 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Building OSKit-Mach (texinfo format)"

People: Kevin Kreamer

Kevin Kreamer posted the texinfo version of the oskit-mach document. This prompted a reply from Robert Chassell (co-author of texinfo) which contained useful tips for texinfo'ing a document.







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