Hurd Traffic #100 For 23 Jul 2001

By Paul Emsley

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Table Of Contents


1. PPP Progresses
10 Jan 2001 - 18 Jul 2001 (6 posts) Archive Link: "ppp"
People: Neil WalfieldThomas Bushnell

Quoth Neil Walfield:

The LSMers said let there be ppp. And there was ppp:

Whether it works or not is another question; I did all of my testing without being able to dial in (i.e. I create a virtual matching on my box using a second pfinet stack. You can see how I did this in ppp/examples/ppp/ I was able to ping the other stack. Today, I got my second box up and the serial line working. Unfortunately, it looks like fragmentation of packets is broken. Oh well. Here it is, maybe you can help me debug it.

Thanks go out to Daniel for starting the port, Marcus for the pfinet stuff and Roland for pfinet and the bug therein (I learned a lot about the forwarding information base). Oh yeah, you will need the patches ( that I posted on bug-hurd.

Thomas Bushnell liked it: "You rock! Thanks a lot for doing this. Very important work indeed."


2. F3 CDs Nearly Ready
20 Jun 2001 - 20 Jul 2001 (24 posts) Archive Link: "F3 CDs"
Topics: Apt
People: Philip CharlesOliver Kowalke

In the latest in this long-running thread, Oliver Kowalke wanted to know the location of F3 CD images. However, they are not quite ready, Philip Charles said:

At last, almost there. The prototype F3 images checked out OK this morning.

The main problen is that I discovered that apt needed to be used to upgrade the tarball and while this was relatively straight-forward with the usual glitches and bugs, I went on to to create another apt-based installation script to install further packages and ...

The plus side is that a considerable percentage of the work needed for the G1 series (I assume there will be a new tarball) has been done.

Every set of images is very different from is predecessor and so a lot of work goes into each set.


3. More On The Fixing Of /X11R6/lib
15 Jul 2001 (1 post) Archive Link: "/X11R6/lib needs fixing"
People: Marcus BrinkmannRobert Bihlmeyer

In response to the message of Robert Bihlmeyermessage of Robert Bihlmeyer about the current brokenness of the X11 libraries, Marcus Brinkman posted:

I believe support for RUNPATH is coming along nicely, but I don't really know. I think some support for it is in binutils.

[With regard to "ln -s / /X11R6"] dpkg-shlibdeps is the only repercussion I know of right now. There have been two /foo is symlink to /usr/foo incarnations (ae and cpio), which were easy to fix.

Marcus agreed that the best solution is to "declare that /X11R6 is old cruft, and stop using it for good" and continued with some thoughts about the packaging of the libraries.


4. Fresh GRUB
12 Jul 2001 (1 post) Archive Link: "GRUB 0.90 is released"
Topics: Bootloaders, FS: devfs
People: Gordon Matzigkeit

Gordon Matzigkeit announced the release of GRUB 0.90

This is the first of our prereleases leading up to GRUB 1.0, and we encourage you to verify that it works in your environment.

You can get it, and its floppy image, from

Send any comments or bug reports to

Here is the relevant NEWS:

New in 0.90 - 2001-07-11:

  • The command "setkey" resets key mappings, when no argument is specified.
  • Linux devfs support is added.
  • The utility ``grub-install'' accepts a new option, `--recheck'. If this option is specified, probe a device map, even if it already exists. You should use this option whenever you add/remove a disk. * The command "password" supports a md5 password if the option `--md5' is given. This command can now also be used to protect specific menu items with their own passwords.
  • New command, "displayapm".
  • New command, "md5crypt".
  • The new utility ``grub-md5-crypt'' is a frontend of the grub shell. It encrypts a password in MD5 format.
  • New commands, "testvbe" and "vbeprobe".
  • The configure script accepts a new option, `--enable-preset-menu'. You can embed an arbitrary configuration which will be used when Stage 2 cannot open a real configuration file, with this option. The argument must be an existing file.
  • EZ-BIOS support is added.
  • Booting Windows from a logical partition is supported.
  • The example Multiboot kernel in the directory "docs" is built, if you specify the option `--enable-example-kernel' to the configure script.
  • New command, "ifconfig".
  • Linux software RAID support is added (only for RAID-1).
  • Hercules support is added.
  • The configure script now accepts `--disable-auto-linux-mem-opt', which has the same meaning as you specify the option `--no-mem-option' to the command "kernel".
  • Jump to the physical entry address of a Multiboot kernel when booting it up. The old behavior was to use the virtual one, regardless of the setting of the physical address.
  • The commands "bootp" and "dhcp" accepts a new option `--with-configfile', so that you can load a remotely specified configuration file automatically, like the network boot images.
  • VSTa filesystem support is added.
  • ELF symbol loading support is added.


5. Introduction To The Hurd Presentation
16 Jul 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Content of my talk available online"
People: Marcus Brinkmann

Marcus Brinkmann has made available his presentation about the Hurd. It is currently available from: (follow the "talk about the Hurd" link).

dim complained that the large images were expensive to download but provided little extra information. Marcus suggested that he fix mgp so that it can output HTML too.


6. Configuring X11
17 Jul 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "X11 configuration"
People: Bertrand SirodotThomas Poindessous

Bertrand Sirodot had problems configuring his keyboard for use with X11. Thomas Poindessous told him that he needed to use translators for the mouse and keyboard. See the summary: X Under the Hurd ( .

Bertrand wrote back with thanks "X is great on the Hurd" . Sadly he still has problems: "my mouse is very sluggish and very imprecise - I have set up the mouse translator: settrans /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse --protocol=ps/2" .

There was no useful reply for Bertrand. Unfortunately, sluggish X mice are common with the Hurd. If you are feeling left out, you can get yours to behave strangely using the -ar1 and -ar2 when starting X :).


7. Various Packages To Port
19 Jul 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "[JOB] oaf"
People: Marcus Brinkmann

Marcus Brinkmann posted the names of several packages which needed porting, mostly to deal with the MAX_PATH and MAXPATHLEN issues. These packages are oaf ( , mailx ( , ruby ( , tiny-elvis ( , installwatch ( and libgtop ( . Some of these resulted in responses from porting volunteers.


8. Help With Booting
20 Jul 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Inappropriate file type or format"
Topics: Bootloaders
People: Jan Vittrup Hansen

Marcin Wyszomierski couldn't boot his GNU/Hurd system using GRUB. After booting, he got the message Can't open server boot script /dev/hd0s1/boot/server.boot: Inappropriate file type or format.

Jan Vittrup Hansen helped him out saying:

I believe that, according to, the [kernel] line should read:

  • grub> kernel /boot/gnumach.gz root=hd0s2 -s

if you have the system in the second partition, as grub counts partions from zero, and mach from one.







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