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Hurd Traffic #90 For 8 May 2001

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 123 posts in 514K.

There were 39 different contributors. 16 posted more than once. 17 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. F2 Series CDs

27 Apr 2001 - 30 Apr 2001 (7 posts) Archive Link: "hurd F2 CDs"

Summary By Paul Emsley

Topics: Apt

People: Robert BihlmeyerPhilip CharlesJeff BaileyIan Duggan

In compiling the F2 CDs, Philip Charles had a few queries:

Jeff Bailey replied that said that slang was not fixed (due to not knowing how to fix it), therefore ae would not be fixed. However, exim and sendmail should be available.

In a subthread, Ian Duggan asked how to generate the dependency tree for Debian packages and Robert Bihlmeyer replied "graphviz is in non-free and can do exactly this kind of tasks. "apt-cache dotty" will generate output that can be used as input to one of the graphviz tools, to draw "the dependency tree". But as Debian consists of a few thousand packages, this tree is better suited for interior decoration than information gathering" .

2. Where can I get Hurd CD-ROMs?

27 Apr 2001 - 1 May 2001 (24 posts) Archive Link: "Where can I get Hurd CD-ROMs?"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Philip CharlesJohannes Rohr

Seeing as he lived in Germany with a modem, Johannes Rohr asked for someone to send him spare GNU/Hurd CD-ROMs. Ulrich Eckhardt told him that the magazine FreeX had distributed it as a cover CD. Philip Charles said that there was a German Hurd CD vendor in the Debian vendors list.

Phil added "I put CDs in plastic flexogrip bags and post them as letters. Faster, cheaper and no customs" . There followed several people saying that they would/could burn Hurd CDs for sale.

Phil remarked about Marcus and his "The Hurd should be recognised" campaign, later explaining it was "a semi-jocular reference to Marcus' discussion on where he was arguing for "Hurd" to be given a similar prominence as "Linux" on the official web pages. "

3. Debugging OS-kit Mach Booting

28 Apr 2001 - 29 Apr 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Yaay! I compiled oskit-mach, except it doesn't work :-("

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Roland McGrathDouglas Hilton

Douglas Hilton built oskit-mach but it failed to boot. Roland McGrath told him that when compiling "If you set the CC environment variable when running mig, it will use that. e.g.,
MIG = CC='${CC}' mig "

Douglas send the boot message (complete with addresses). Roland asked him "Please translate these addresses into source locations in your kernel build. The oskit's sym-trace script is handy for this." Roland also asked if Douglas had booted other oskit kernel, but he didn't reply (yet).

Roland added: "You have to use --enable-cpus=2 (or a higher number) to compile in any SMP support. You would have noticed because there are #warning messages in the oskit-mach code when compiled for SMP (because the support isn't finished). So that is not your problem here. "

4. Pre-loaded libraries

29 Apr 2001 - 1 May 2001 (13 posts) Archive Link: "Xterm library failure..."

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Neil LevineMarcus Brinkmann

Neil Levine asked "From what I gather from the discussion that followed all binaries should know in which paths to look automatically without having to query a hints file? "

To which Marcus Brinkmann replied:

This is the "rpath" solution. The path to the library is hard-coded in the binary. Debian has a policy against rpath, so we don't use it. This is why you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

However, the new elf standard has DT_RUNPATH (or so), which I hope we can use. It is like rpath, but has not such a high precedence.

RUNPATH works like RPATH, but RPATH is definitive (can't be overridden by users), while RUNPATH has a lower precedence. As not-overridable was one of the major arguments against rpath in Debian, I hope that we can work something out with runpath.

There was some discussion as to why LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be ignored by suid programs. Eduardo Ochs provided a link to elfkickers as a guide to ELF.

5. More Autobuilding Issues

30 Apr 2001 (5 posts) Archive Link: "autobuilder"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Marcus BrinkmannJeff BaileyJeroen Dekkers

Marcus Brinkmann posted a substantial list of building issues for these packages: e2fsprogs, findutils, zlib, icu, libjpeg6b, mailx, rcs, bsd-finger, debian-installer-utils and gawk. Marcus asked: "zlib: EIO from tar? Wat's that? What is rcmd? " Jeff Bailey explained that rcmd is the libc functions that does the client side of the rsh protocol (used by tar for rmt (e.g. "tar -f host:/dev/rmt0") "So if you are using a file name with a colon in it, that could explain it. Use --force-local to avoid that," he explained.

Marcus agreed and said that he would file a bug against zlib 1:1.1.3-12.

According to Jeroen Dekkers the problem with mailx and liblockfile is a MAXPATHLEN problem and offered to fix it.

6. The ':' Problem

30 Apr 2001 - 3 May 2001 (8 posts) Archive Link: "status"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Marcus BrinkmannJeff BaileyPaul Emsley

It seemed that Marcus Brinkmann had been examining autobuild/turtle problems, saying "See"

(ed. [Paul Emsley] I find this link to be broken)

. He added:

gpm is not trivially portable (it uses a lot of Linux syscalls directly to do its thing). aalib and jed should definitely not depend on it.

Unfortunately, build dependencies can't be specified with [linux] or [!hurd]. So we have to live with [!hurd-i386] for now. Anybody who wants to work out a patch and policy proposal for a better solution will get my support.

I am going to file bug reports against allib and jed now.

Jeff, please force the build of these two. It should be safe to ignore the faulty build depends. Oh, and it seems you need to install latex2html for jed. That's binary all, but it depends on some nasty graphic packages (netpbm, pbmtopng). The failed status of netpbm-free is spurious (couldn't find dsc file, so it seems to be a download error). pnmtopng is also missing.

I think someone posted patches for both or either of these to this list long ago, but I can't find anything in the bug logs, so we need to redo those. Shouldn't be too hard.

Jeff Bailey replied that netpbm was broken because of turtle's (or make's or netpbm's or whatever) bad handling of ":". Any package that has a rule similar to $(infodir)/ will fail (such constructs are produced by automake).

7. Partioning With Woody

2 May 2001 (6 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd Roadmap for Woody Release"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Jeff Bailey

Following on from the discussion of a couple of weeks ago Jeff Bailey wanted to know if the boot floppies would use libfdisk and not libparted. Glen McGrath wrote that as far as he knew it was still libfdisk.

8. Cross-compling Makefile Hurdles

2 May 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd friendly Makefile"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Jeff BaileyGlenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath was trying to compile a Hurd busybox, but had problems trying to change the Makefile so that it does different things for GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux. He had tried:

ifeq ($(strip $(shell uname)),Linux)

LIBBB_CSRC+= interface.c module_syscalls.c syscalls.c

but that wouldn't work with a cross-compiler.

Jeff Bailey replied:

if you're not using autoconf and automake, your Makefile probably won't usefully cross-compile anyway.

Are you doing this in the context of a Debian package? If yes, look for +$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) to be 'i386-linux' or 'i386-gnu'

Failing that, your uname trick is just as good as any others.







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