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Hurd Traffic #89 For 2 May 2001

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 119 posts in 405K.

There were 40 different contributors. 23 posted more than once. 16 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:


1. libslang Link Problems
22 Apr 2001 - 24 Apr 2001 (8 posts) Archive Link: "ae and exim"
Summary By Paul Emsley
Topics: Apt
People: Jeff BaileyFabian SturmOgnyan KulevPhilip Charles

The ae and exim packages had broked dependencies for the share libraries and Philip Charles, anxious to release the F2 series CDs, wanted them fixed (by the end of April). Jeff Bailey said that he could fix it with an NMU (Non-Maintainer Upload). "The package slang1-dev contains /lib/, so the linker uses that instead os the /lib/" , he explained. Fabian Sturm was plagued by this bug and was happy that it was getting fixed.

Fabian had another question: " what the difference is between woody and sid?" Ognyan Kulev explained that "Woody is the next release of Debian (2.3). Sid is always the unstable distribution. Debian GNU/Hurd source packages are those found in the pool, e.g. apt sources and binaries are found in"


2. Gcc Package (Temporarily) Out Of Date
24 Apr 2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "gcc-i386-gnu ( Broken Package )"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Naheed VoraOgnyan KulevSantiago Vila

Naheed Vora reported that he "tried to cross compile mach using gcc-i386-gnu (1.7-4), but there were some broken links. " Ognyan Kulev explained that " You are in the unstable Debian distribution which uses 2.95.3 but you install 2.95.2 cross-compiler (obviously). I fixed it by downgrading manually gcc (with wget & dpkg -i)." Santiago Vila explained more generally: "The idea is that if the current package is not suitable for your [testing/unstable] system, you just take the source and compile a custom version. "

"Anyway, I have just uploaded an updated version for woody" Santiago added.


3. Using apt From GNU/Linux
24 Apr 2001 - 26 Apr 2001 (12 posts) Archive Link: "cross-apt"
Summary By Paul Emsley
Topics: Apt
People: Jeff BaileyMarcus BrinkmannRobert BihlmeyerBrian MayIan Duggan

Jeff Bailey had a friend with a laptop with a winmodem and a pc network card (and therefore no Hurd-based connectivity). However there is a Debian (unstable) system so Jeff asked "is there a way to do apt-get --root=/hurd --system=hurd-i386 install foo? "

Ian Duggan had been having similar problems (apt was hanging Hurd 50% of the time) and was investigating apt.conf.

Robert Bihlmeyer noted Ian's crashing problem and suggested that he trim his sources.list file.

Brian May suggested:

chroot /hurd
apt-get install foo

and said that installing GNU/Hurd packages from a GNU/Linux system was always going to be a problem because of pre- and post-install scripts.

Marcus was aware of these problems and said that is why dpkg-hurd removes these scripts. He had "filed a wishlist item against dpkg for a --do-not-run-postinst-and-presinst-scripts option long time ago, but never got a response on it. It would be truly useful. It would make dpkg-hurd completely obsolete. "


4. Horrible Hack For CD Locking
26 Apr 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "hurd 20010426 snapshot (hacking around cdrom lock problem)"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Marcus BrinkmannPhilip Charles

Marcus Brinkmann informed us:

A new Debian package of the Hurd is on the way. Version is 20010426, and it is a current snapshot with all past patches plus a hack to avoid the CD ROM eject lock problem. So with settrans -ag /cdrom, you can eject the CD.

The hack is too horrible to apply it to the CVS tree, isn't it?

However, Roland did not reply (but Philip Charles seemed happy).


5. Status Of X
26 Apr 2001 - 27 Apr 2001 (8 posts) Archive Link: "Cross Compile Success!"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Marcus BrinkmannIan Duggan

Ian Duggan reported that he had a cross-compile tool chain working and had made a working gnumach and hurd from it. He went on to ask about how to tackle X.

Marcus Brinkmann replied that he had done the 4.0.1 Debian Packages:

The latest Debian packages should be pretty straight forward (do not waste your time with unreleased Packages, do the current available packages in unstable).

The current version will require a few updates to the MANIFEST file, but that should be all. If you beat me to it, that would be cool.

Do not attempt to cross compile X. You will need about 400-600 MB of disk space (forgot the exact amount). On a Duron 650 MHz system it takes about four hours to build.

In reply to "dog"'s comment that X can't find the keyboard, Marcus suggested that he didn't have /dev/kdb.

Specific pointers to webpages about X with the Hurd? Try this, this, and this.







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