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Hurd Traffic #86 For 28 Mar 2001

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley  and  Zack Brown

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 69 posts in 244K.

There were 29 different contributors. 11 posted more than once. 12 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:


1. Fonts In X
16 Mar 2001 - 18 Mar 2001 (5 posts) Archive Link: "XFree 4.0.2, problems with mouse (copy-paste while moving)"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Thomas Poindessous

Thomas Poindessous tried to install XFree86-4.0, but when he tried to launch it, it failed because there was no fixed font found. He installed xfonts-base, after which X would start up, but whenever he'd launch an xterm, moving the cursor would just cut-n-paste the prompt onto the command line. He replied to hiself a bit later, saying that after he'd switched mouse protocols from IntelliMouse to osmouse, the problem cleared up.


2. Hurd Turtle
17 Mar 2001 - 18 Mar 2001 (17 posts) Archive Link: "Status update"
Summary By Zack Brown
Topics: Apt
People: Jeff BaileyIgor KhavkineMarcus BrinkmannRoland McGrath

Jeff Bailey announced:

I figured that I should give a status update as far as package building goes:

My Hurd builder is tracking the following packages:

ae bzip2 gcc-2.95 libgmp3 mutt tcp-wrappers
anacron cpio gcc-defaults libsigc++ ncurses textutils
apt cron gengameng linuxdoc-tools nethack vgrind
aptitude debianutils gperf logrotate nvi wget
astyle dialog grap makepasswd perl wmaker
at diff groff man-db plotutils xpuyopuyo
base-files ed hostname mawk pwgen zip
base-passwd elvis-tiny jade members screen
binutils findutils jed menu sed
blackbox freetype jgroff most sp
burgertime gawk joe mp3info tar

Of these, the following won't currently compile:

apt, freetype, mutt, mp3info, binutils, gawk, jed, findutils, elvis-tiny

The problems:

apt: A source bug appeared after 0.5.0 - I have some details
freetype: Downloading error (I think) This will probably compile next time
mutt: Wants libsasl
mp3info: wants gtk
binutils: Crashes the Hurd mid-compile
gawk: Makefile bug
jed: Depends on latex2html, which isn't installable
findutils: Source failure
elvis-tiny: Needs termio.h, which libc6-dev provides but libc0.2-dev doesn't

If there is are Debian packages that *compiles cleanly* that you want, please let me know. I don't have the time to chase source bugs right now, but if something is buildable, I will keep it up to date.

If you're interested in helping me get some of these to compile, let me know - I'd like to avoid duplication of effort (I cheerfully will let other people do any of the work they want to!)

Igor Khavkine replied, "You should add libsasl to your package list, you only need to apply my patch ( I don't think I ever submitted it to the debian maintainer, but I announced it on this ML at least once." Jeff repliled, "Please submit this to the debian maintainer with severity 'important'. My turtle isn't tracking packages that need patches manually applied to make them work. When you get confirmation that it has been accepted, let me know and I'll add it to my build cycle."

Elsewhere, Roland McGrath suggested putting up an automated web page showing the status of all packages in the turtle. Jeff said he'd dig out Marcus Brinkmann's instructions on how to do that; and Marcus also suggested, "It would be useful to have a full status on the whole source archive. However, we don't want to build them all. So just add a directory for every source package, and put it on hold immediately[1] (by setting the "suspended" flag). Then just remove the suspended flags for every package you want to monitor. This way the wb pages will contain a complete report on the status of the Hurd port (how many packages are up to date, out of date, not yet build etc)."

Later, under the Subject: Web Page Statuses, Jeff announced:

You can now find the Web statuses for my turtle at:

I will update these pages with every package run that I do (Typically one a night, maybe more on weekends)


3. Status Of FPU Emulation For oskit-mach
18 Mar 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "FPU emulation for oskit-mach: what versions?"
Summary By Zack Brown
People: Daniel WagnerIgor Khavkine

Zeno Gantner asked about how to get FPU emulation working for oskit-mach, and Daniel Wagner replied, "I also tried to get a fpu emulation to work. I followed Roland's advice to integrated fpu support into oskit. But I got stucked, because of some nasty linking problems." Igor Khavkine also said:

There was also Daniel Wagner <> who was working on the same code, he was trying to integrate it into OSKit, but I don't know how far he got, I haven't heard from him in a while.

I was working with the CVS version of oskit-mach, I'm not sure if the patch will apply cleanly now though. Apart from the FPU code I was trying to clean up oskit-mach from unused/dead code. Roland requested those changes in a separate patch, but I don't know if applied it or not.

As for the problems with the emulation code. It mostly works, however for some odd reason it doesn't interpret all instructions properly. It might be something that I introduced while writing the glue code for oskit-mach, or a bug in the instruction decoder. I didn't have time to look more into that because I started school again. And I probably won't be able until this summer.

So if you want to help try it out, and try to trace the instruction decoder to see if it's working properly.


4. New gcc Probably Won't Fix Proc Server
19 Mar 2001 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Gcc 2.95.3"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Roland McGrathJeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey wondered if the new gcc (2.95.3) would fix the proc server, since there were issues with Linux. Roland McGrath replied:

I would not expect it to. The issues that tend to arise in the Linux kernel are with device driver code and the like, where the kernel source often uses GCC extensions or presumptions about compiler behavior that do not continue to hold when the optimizer does something new.

We have no particular reason to think that the proc server's crash is related to any compiler issues. If gnumach were behaving oddly, then it might well be a compiler issue with the device driver code (that comes from Linux).


5. More Packages For Turtle
20 Mar 2001 - 22 Mar 2001 (11 posts) Archive Link: "Compiled my package sel."
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Roland McGrathFrederico MuñozJeff Bailey

Frederico Muñoz announced that he had compiled sel and it worked execpt for some column/row peculiarities. Roland McGrath explained:

The initial settings [for the Hurd's /dev/console] are zero on any terminal device. When using ptys, these values are set by whatever sets up the pty (i.e. xterm uses window size, telnetd/sshd uses the value from the client side terminal settings).

There is no automatic setting for the console device. It would be reasonable to have something in rc that just did "stty rows 25 cols 80" to get the right settings for the console.

Jeff Bailey said that he had added sel, git and curl to his turtle.


6. Documentation For Next CD
23 Mar 2001 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Documentation"
Summary By Paul Emsley
People: Ognyan KulevPhilip Charles

Philip Charles aked what documentation should be included in the next CD. Ognyan Kulev suggested "parts of" .







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