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Hurd Traffic #77 For 24�Jan�2001

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley �and� Zack Brown

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1. Status Of Hurd CDs

15�Jan�2001�-�19�Jan�2001 (10 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd CD"

Summary By Zack Brown

Topics: Apt

People: Philip Charles,�Marcus Brinkmann,�Neal Walfield

Philip Charles reported on the status of the Hurd installation CD project:


The last pre-pool CD was 645 MB. This CD was limited to Hurd packages only. Since then 9 MB of Hurd packages has been added making a total of 654 MB. So there are now two CDs. However, since the introduction of pool there is no easy way I can see to prevent non-Hurd *all.deb packages in pool being included on the CDs. Initially this meant that the second CD was 316 MB. However, kde, task-* and kernel packages were added to the exclude list which brought the size of the second CD down to 186 MB. This problem is going to get worse as pool expands. Suggestions of packages to add to exclude would be welcome.

These packages have been added to the main tree. These packages are also in the exclude list as well. This means that these are are excluded before the alpha.gnu packages are added thus avoiding duplication.

Package ordering.

../tasks/Debian-sid controls the order in which packages are added to the CDs after the base, important etc packages have been added. The file list for the pre-pool CD is the basis of this list. Since dependency checking has been disabled there is no reasonable way to ensure that the dependencies on the first disc have been met. However, the second disc only contains optional and extra packages.


This is needed to cope with the two CDs, unless we go backwards and go for the multi-cd option. Apt would make the building of CDs so much easier!!!

Locales and dpkg-dev are now on the CDs.

What this means.

We can still have HURD CDs during the transition to pool.

boot-floppies needs to be tweaked and then everything is ready for the new tarball.

Regarding apt, Marcus Brinkmann replied, "I would love to provide an apt snapshot on, but our python-dev is broken (it doesn't suck in the libs, because inter lib deps have been dropped). If I don't hear from Brent about it in the next days, I will make an apt snapshot which has not the python stuff." Philip remarked that he didn't have the skills needed to get apt working himself, though he really wanted to have it available. He suggested, "I would consider it quite appropriate to have an Hurd specific delevopment version in"

Elsewhere, under the Subject: Those CDs again, Philip announced:

I have incorporated Neal Walfield's apt into the CD. It installed nicely directly after the install of the tarball and initial setup. It worked with the first cdrom. However, like most modern Debian installation tools, it is fussy about dependencies and exits. IMHO this should be in

One problem. How does one unlock the cdrom-drive? Is there a HURDish package that should be installed? The only way the second CD could be scanned would be by rebooting - I did not do this as I would not be able to change discs because of the locked drive.

dselect seems to be much happier afer running apt-get upgrade & apt-get dist-upgrade.

Marcus felt this was all very good news. Regarding how to unlock the CDROM drive, he replied:

Hey, yes. That's sort of a bug. There were two bugs, but now there is only one. First, gnumach and storeio both kept the CD ROM busy. Now, we got a patch to fix that in gnumach (oskit-mach is fine), and it works, so the kernel is not keeping the drive busy anymore. But storeio is.

When you have finished using the CD drive, and did umount or settrans /cdrom to remove the translator on the node, you will still have the storeio translator on the device file running. Check with ps aux for the process storeio /dev/XXX where XXX is the CD drive.

Kill that process, and the CD is freed.

That's a bug in storeio, and it's described in

I will have a look at it. Last time, it wasn't very clear to me what needs to be changed in storeio, maybe I'll do better now. It's obvious that this needs fixing, now that we have two CDs.

Later, Philip reported:

Seeing that we have to have two CDs, the packages have now been split so that the first disc is now built with all the dependency checks enabled. The second disc has what is left over. The exception is alpha.gnu which goes on CD1 without checking.

The initial dselect run worked nicely with the first CD. There were four problem packages which is pdg. No aditional packages were selected at for this run.

util-linux (alpha.gnu) looks broken
groff (sid) looks broken
tetex-bin (sid) looks broken
man-db (sid?) depends on groff. dpkg --force-depends fixed it.

apt is a little too delicate to handle the Hurd at this stage, dselect grinds on regardless and produces more useful information.

But he replied to himself a few hours later, saying he'd been wrong. Those packages had not been broken, he'd just been using the wrong version of Perl on that system. He reported, "CD1 shaping up well."

2. select And pfinet

15�Jan�2001�-�17�Jan�2001 (11 posts) Archive Link: "Weird networking"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Jeff Bailey,�Roland McGrath,�Marcus Brinkmann

Jeff Bailey asked for help with his connection (using the latest hurd and gnumach). "A telnet connection into the system now freezes after a very short period of time. Normally I can't get past a login root and 'ls' before it hangs. Console access seems fine. Downloading files seems fine."

Marcus Brinkmann replied that he had seen funkiness, as well, in old versions and in the current ones.

Roland McGrath added "I might tend to suspect a problem with select in pfinet. telnetd uses select on the network socket fd and the tty fds. I would use gdb on telnetd to see what it is doing."

Marcus reported that he agreed, since he saw many select-related agricultural real-estate purchases, e.g. Dec 30 03:24:35 localhost syslogd: select: Computer bought the farm. He then compiled a version of pfinet without any of his code and added "[But] I suspect that this is still from the huge pfinet rewrite by Roland. I would be very surprised to see the bug caused there, but you might want to make sure by downgrading to a gnumach pre feb 2000 (that's when we started to compile it with gcc). Hope you have such a binary around if you want to try that... "

Marcus moved the dicussion from debian-hurd over to bug-hurd, under the Subject: more info on networking trouble. He'd managed to eliminate his recent pfinet changes as possible culprits, and gave some output from gdb. He and Roland went back and forth a bit on it, with no real conclusion on the list.

3. dpkg Dependency Problems

17�Jan�2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Is dpkg still broken wrt versioned depends/provides ..."

Summary By Paul Emsley

Topics: Apt

People: Colin Watson,�Marcus Brinkmann,�Robert Bihlmeyer

Robert Bihlmeyer had dpkg 1.7.2 dependency problems, particularly with libstdc++2.10-dev. Colin Watson replied that a fix "was checked into CVS but then backed out because (IIRC) it broke apt. I think apt-0.4 is going to fix that. " . Marcus Brinkmann suggested that he " file this particular item as a bug against libstdc++2.10-dev. Of course you are right that it's dpkgs job to handle it. "

4. dpkg And libc0.2

18�Jan�2001 (4 posts) Archive Link: "libc & libnss-db"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Vadim Chekan,�Marcus Brinkmann,�Neal Walfield,�Philip Charles,�Jonathan Bartlett

Using Philip Charles D1 CD image, Vadim Chekan installed the Hurd. However, when he tried to install the C compiler there was a cross-dependency problem: "The C compiler needs cpp, cpp needs libc0.2 >=2.1.94 After install from CD libc was older version (2.1.3 if I remember correctly) so I tryed to upgrade it using dselect. It stucks because it can't configure new libc because it depends on libnss-db. Ok, I tried to install libnss-db but... it can't be configured because it depends on libc0.2 (>=2.1.94) libnss-db and libc0.2 are cross depended. How I should resolve this?"

Jonathan Bartlett suggested using dpkg --configure --pending. Neal Walfield said that the dependency issue was fixed after D1 and that Vadim should upgrade to the newest libc, Hurd etc (as well as the newest C compiler).

Under another subject (Libdb troubles), Vadim continued with his problems: "After falling in cross depends in libc0.2 and libnss-db I forced dpkg to install libc0.2 and then installed libnss-db, libdb2, libdb2-utils." But now his ping gives a bus error and telnet says telnet: error while loading shared libraries /lib/ undefined. Marcus said he should "For now, remove the db entries from /etc/nsswitch.conf. "

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