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Hurd Traffic #70 For 6 Dec 2000

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley  and  Zack Brown

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Table Of Contents


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1. Building gnumach

25 Nov 2000 - 26 Nov 2000 (10 posts) Archive Link: "gnumach recompilation glitch"

Summary By Paul Emsley

Topics: Apt

People: Marcus BrinkmannNeil Walfield

Tim Northover found that, using the version of gnumach that he had compiled himself, "ls --color" did not work; whereas the precompiled gnumach worked fine. Marcus Brinkmann replied that this was because the Debian source and the CVS source of gnumach were different. He added that folks could get the debian source from a Debian server:*

Use dpkg-source -x *dsc to extract it.

Marcus later added that dpkg-buildpackage -ahurd-i386 will set the build environment variables properly. Neil Walfield added to get the source code, folks should use:

dpkg-source -x gnumach_1.2-2.dsc

Rather than download them by hand, you could also try:

apt-get source gnumach

2. Installing GNU/Hurd from RedHat 7.0

27 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "debiandoc2html (off-topic-ish)"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Neil WalfieldPaul EmsleyMarcus Brinkmann

Paul Emsley was trying to compile and install dpkg so that he could install GNU/Hurd from RedHat 7.0; In order to do so, he said he needed 'debiandoc2html' to create dpkg documentation targets, and needed to find the source code for this. Marcus Brinkmann replied that he did not need 'debiandoc2html', because a binary build for any linux already existed in debian/project/dpkg. Neil Walfield provided the pointer

3. Tulip Driver

27 Nov 2000 - 28 Nov 2000 (6 posts) Subject: "Tulip driver equivlent"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Timm MurrayMarcus Brinkmann

Timm Murray asked, "Is there an equivalent to the Linux Tulip networking driver for the Intel/Digital 21040/21041/21140/21142/21143 for HURD?" Marcus Brinkmann replied, "You are lucky! The old driver was broken, but since gnumach_1.2-8 (Debian package) or 2000-11-26 CVS, the tulip driver is updated and reported to work. Thank Jason Henry Parker for that." He added, "BTW, the Debian package contains the driver (so update it). If you want to compile your own, use --enable-tulip as an option to configure."

4. Hurd Distribution Attempt

28 Nov 2000 - 30 Nov 2000 (17 posts) Subject: "X Windows for Hurd"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Brent FulghamMarcus Brinkmann

James Buchanan wanted to create a Hurd distribution, along the lines of the various Linux distributions. He seemed to think that X was not working on the Hurd, and asked about how to get that compiled to serve as a basis for his new distribution. Brent Fulgham explained:

Both X 3-series (with patches) and X 4.0.1 work under Hurd now. Check the debian-hurd mailing lists at for details. We've got server, library, and lots of X packages already in place.

In fact, if you are looking to build a little Hurd distribution, I'd encourage you to take our archive as the basis. Just contribute back any modifications you find useful for getting things to build. There are no licensing fees or redistribution limitations.

And Marcus Brinkmann added, "James, it would be much better for everyone, including you, if you'd just help to improve Debian GNU/Hurd. There is enough room for everyone in this project. So if you are not trying to do something spectacular different from Debian, that's my advice."

5. Translator Permanence And Colortext

30 Nov 2000 (5 posts) Archive Link: "Colour & filesystem translators"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: David NearyMarcus Brinkmann

David Neary noted that after he had built, installed and booted a custom Hurd, the translators that he had previously installed had apparently gone away. He added that it was a little annoying that there was no terminal colour support in the CVS version of the Hurd.

Marcus Brinkmann replied that active translators should go away at reboot, but that passive translators should never go away by themselves.

David confirmed that he meant passive translators "things like mapping /dev/hd0s2 to /home/dave" . Marcus said that he couldn't see how this could happen because " passive translators are like symlinks, they are written into the filesystem" .

With regard to colour terminal, Marcus said that he was hoping for a colortext translator which would make the Hurd patch obsolete.

6. New Hurd Image

1 Dec 2000 - 2 Dec 2000 (8 posts) Archive Link: "New HURD image! (fwd)"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Philip CharlesMarcus BrinkmannPaul Emsley

Attila Nagy wrote that he had made the D series CD image available on Philip Charles thanked him for this and commented that he was now working on the E series and " the image is now so large that non-free has to go onto a second disc."

(ed. [Paul Emsley] Wow! )

. Marcus Brinkmann said that there will be a new tar image (of the basic Hurd) available next week.

There was some discussion of the difficulties of dealing with the differences of the normal Debian hurd distribution archive and the extras. Marcus finished up saying "I think it is a good idea to keep them seperate, for clarity" .







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