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Hurd Traffic #68 For 22 Nov 2000

Editor: Zack Brown

By Paul Emsley  and  Zack Brown

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Table Of Contents


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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 102 posts in 371K.

There were 44 different contributors. 17 posted more than once. 16 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. Login Uncovers GLIBC Bug

11 Nov 2000 - 13 Nov 2000 (6 posts) Archive Link: "a problem with login and hostname"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Marcus BrinkmannThomas PoindessousOndrej Hurt

Thomas Poindessous said that the install from the cd-install worked well, but he had a problem with the login prompt which was blank. Ondrej Hurt said that he was experiencing similar problems. Pekka Aleksi Knuutila gave us a fix: add a linefeed to /etc/hostname.

Marcus Brinkmann found the real problem: a GLIBC bug. He explained, " In libc/hurd/get-host.c, the returned buffer is not null terminated if there is no newline in the file." . He posted a patch which got checked in.

2. Some Explanation Of Partition Size Limitations

13 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd cannot mount Linux partition"

Summary By Zack Brown

Topics: FS: ext2, FS: ext3

People: Thomas PoindessousOndrej HurtNeal H Walfield

Meinolf Sander reported being unable to mount a 4.3G ext3 partition under the Hurd, and Thomas Poindessous replied, "hurd or gnumach, I don't remember, doesn't handle a partition which size is greater than 1 Go." Ondrej Hurt replied, "I heard it is due to the fact that ext2fs server works by mapping the entire ext2 partition to its virtual memory which is limited however." And Neal H Walfield explained, "Correct. On x86 a task's address space is 32 bits, i.e. 4GB. Among other bits, libraries, code etc must be mapped in. The largest continuous chunk that remains is around 1 GB."

3. Resolving Circular Dependencies

14 Nov 2000 - 15 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "dependency problems again"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Glenn McGrathMarcus Brinkmann

Glenn McGrath reinstalled the Hurd, but had problems with dependencies:

I used the tarball method, got networking going, then tried to use dselect and the ftp method to upgrade some packages, i managed to get a few packages installed.

There is a new version of hurd, which depends on a new version of libc0.2, i believe it has unpacked these two packages, but because libc0.2 has changed its broken everything that depends on it.

Im sure if i could update libc0.2 and hurd id be able to fix things, the libc0.2 depends on libnss, which depends on libdb2 and libdb2-utils, both of which depends on libc0.2.

Marcus Brinkmann helped him out:

It's easy. In cases like this, with circular dependencies, you can specify all packages on a single command line, and dpkg will install them simultaneously.

dpkg --install libc0.2_... libnss-db_... hurd_... etc

This also works for --configure.

If dpkg is defunct because the system is completely screwed up, you can try to boot into linux and use ./dpkg-hurd -i something --force-depends and similar to override the database.

Glen then confirmed that dpkg --configure hurd libc0.2 libnss-db libdb2 libdb2-util worked.

4. Running X As A Normal User

14 Nov 2000 - 15 Nov 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "Running X as a normal user"

Summary By Paul Emsley

People: Marcus BrinkmannRobert Bihlmeyer

Marcus Brinkmann told us, "to run X as a normal user, change Console to Anybody in /etc/X11/Xserver. " Robert Bihlmeyer found an addition problem: the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH was ignored in setuid applications (making xterm and rxvt useless). He added that creating symlinks to the X libraries (/lib/ -> /X11R6/lib/ and so on, fixed this.

5. Some Developer Interaction

14 Nov 2000 - 15 Nov 2000 (3 posts) Subject: "STORAGE_NULL"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Marcus BrinkmannNeal H Walfield

Neal H Walfield mentioned that the 'STORAGE_NULL' variable was listed in a .h file as being a "fixed-size constant source of zeros", but did not appear anywhere else but in the Change Log. Marcus Brinkmann replied, "Obviously it was renamed to STORAGE_ZERO (see libstore/zero.c). I'll check in a doc fix." And Neal replied, "If you are going to do that, consider moving or copying that entire section to hurd/fs.defs line 177, i.e. right before the file_get_storage_info routine." There was no reply.

6. 3Com Etherlink 3 ISA card configuration problem

17 Nov 2000 - 18 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "ISA Cards"

Summary By Paul Emsley

Patrick Dietrich asked how to configure his 3com Etherlink 3 ISA card. Louis-David Perron said that he could set the configuration in DOS using the driver disk from 3com. Brian Murphy suggested using Donald Becker's 3c5x9utils, which can configure using Linux. Patrick replied that he had tried this but still the Hurd didn't recognise his card in either PNP or non-PNP mode.

7. Future Of Mach Microkernel

17 Nov 2000 - 19 Nov 2000 (3 posts) Subject: "novice question about mach"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Petros SidiropoNeal H WalfieldOndrej Hurt

Petros Sidiropo asked, "Mach4 is an inactive project, no longer supported by the Flux group, so is there any future to this?" Neal H Walfield replied, "Mach4? No. Try looking at oskit-mach and gnumach." And Ondrej Hurt also added, "A port to l4 u-kernel is about to start. You may subscribe to It seems that gnumach will be abandoned in future." End Of Thread.

8. Bad HTML Used In Hurd Documentation Project Page

17 Nov 2000 - 18 Nov 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "The HURD Documentation Project"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Petros SidiropoulosOgnyan Kulev

Petros Sidiropoulos complained that the Hurd Documentation Project page did not display properly. He couldn't see any links, text, or anything else, for that matter. Ognyan Kulev gave the links, which were viewable in the source of that page:

There was no reply. By KC Debian Hurd press time (and for a long time in the past) Netscape has not rendered the HDP homepage correctly, though Mozilla seems to have no trouble. Judging from the credits page, the person to talk to about this is Mike Burns, since he developed the look and feel of the site.

9. Using 'apt-get' To Resolve Dependencies

18 Nov 2000 - 19 Nov 2000 (3 posts) Archive Link: "groff package"

Summary By Zack Brown

Topics: Apt

People: Robert BihlmeyerPetros SidiropoulosNeal H Walfield

Petros Sidiropoulos wanted to install the 'man-db' package, but noticed that it depended on the 'groff' package. He asked where to find the latter, and Neal H Walfield gave a link to a package directory. Robert Bihlmeyer also added, "FWIW, if you have apt already, a simple "apt-get install man-db" should fetch the man-db package *and* all its dependencies. It does all the searching etc for you." End Of Thread.

10. List Of Hurd Web Links

18 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd On Web"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Ognyan KulevNeal H WalfieldPhilip Charles

Ognyan Kulev announced, "After subscribing to *-hurd lists again I updated heavily my Hurd links page calling it Hurd On Web. It accumulates almost all links that appeared in mailing lists. You may experience *very* slow connection (bad ISP) - sorry. Feel free to mirror it." Neal H Walfield gave a hearty congratulations on a page well done, and Daniel Gryniewicz announced a faster mirror. Philip Charles thanked everyone, and said he'd include all this information in the CD documentation.

11. 'gnumach' Documentation

19 Nov 2000 (4 posts) Subject: "ask for gnumach documentation"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Petros SidiropoulosNeal H WalfieldJim FranklinOgnyan Kulev

Petros Sidiropoulos asked for 'gnumach' documentation. Ognyan Kulev gave a link to Hurd On Web, and Jim Franklin also offered as referenced in the list archives. Neal H Walfield also gave a link to the OSF Kernel And Server Manuals.

12. Status Of Hurd Installation Media

19 Nov 2000 (1 post) Archive Link: "Hurd CD, D1"

Summary By Zack Brown

People: Philip Charles

Philip Charles claimed:

The hurd CD has been rebuilt and is a major improvement on the previous versions.

The boot-floppies are now based on the 2.2.17 version. There is little functional change.

The major improvements are in the CD structure. The script modifications have been rewritten from scratch using a later version of debian-cd. The file system now passes mirrorcheck and binary-all can now be kept separate.

As far as I can determine any installation problems using dselect are caused by the dependency problems which are normal in an unstable distribution.

I am in the process of getting the image onto a public ftp server and will let you know when this is done.

There was no reply.







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