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Hurd Traffic #64 For 25 Oct 2000

By Zack Brown

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Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 89 posts in 316K.

There were 36 different contributors. 14 posted more than once. 14 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:

1. 'debconf' In The Hurd

17 Oct 2000 - 20 Oct 2000 (7 posts) Archive Link: "debconf"

People: Marcus BrinkmannRobert BihlmeyerSteve Bowman

Steve Bowman reported successfully building 'debconf'. Among other problems he'd had, he said he'd had to set the path with 'export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/Client', which seemed to be required. Marcus Brinkmann replied, "Uh, this would be a bug." And Robert Bihlmeyer targetted, "debconf build-depends on debconf-utils which depends on debconf, again. I'll ask on debian-devel if this is legal." Steve explained, "Well, they have the same source, but debconf build-depends on debconf-utils, so it's really a self-dependency. It's not really "illegal" AFAIK, but the developer's reference says not to do this (8.1 - this is the section on being kind to porters). There's nothing about this that I can find in the policy or packaging manuals." Marcus agreed this was ugly, but felt it could be safely ignored, and Robert added, "Fortunately, debconf 0.4 went through major restructuring and the evil dependency is now gone. Thanks to Joey for that!"

2. Still Squashing Bugs Before GRUB 1.0

19 Oct 2000 (1 post) Archive Link: "GRUB is released; WE LIED"

Topics: Bootloaders, FS: devfs

People: Gordon Matzigkeit

Gordon Matzigkeit announced:

I'm happy to say that GRUB has been released. We've made this release even though we said the next one would be 1.0, because there were a few serious bugs with 0.5.96.

You can get it, and floppy image, from

It will also appear shortly on the Debian mirrors for at least the i386 platform.

Here is the relevant NEWS:

New in - 2000-10-19:

Please try it out and send any comments to

3. Woody To Include The Hurd?

20 Oct 2000 - 21 Oct 2000 (4 posts) Archive Link: "Hurd Roadmap for Woody Release"

People: Glenn McGrathMarcus BrinkmannPhilip Charles

Marcus Brinkmann posted a list of things (derived from email exchange with Anthony Towns) that would need to be done in order to release the next version of Debian Hurd side by side with a stable Woody. But he stressed that there was no need to decide right away whether this would be a good thing or not; he only published the list so folks could understand what would be involved if they chose to aim for it.

4. Status Of PPP

21 Oct 2000 (2 posts) Archive Link: "ppp in hurd"

People: Daniel E. Baumann

J Scott Jaderholm asked about the status of PPP in the Hurd. Daniel E. Baumann replied, "Marcus has written a tunnel interface for the pfinet server. I have now started to port BSD user space PPP. So it will be coming soon :)."







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