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Hurd Traffic #48 For 17 May 2000

By Zack Brown

Do you pine for the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote their own device drivers?
Are you without a nice project and just dying to cut your teeth on an OS you can try to modify for your needs?
Are you finding it frustrating when everything works on minix? No more all-nighters to get a nifty program working?
Then this post might be just for you :-)
-- Linus Torvalds, 1991

Table Of Contents

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 39 posts in 133K.

There were 17 different contributors. 9 posted more than once. 4 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:


1. Turkish Web Pages
11 May 2000 (1 post) Archive Link: "Hurd Pages In Turkish"

Halis Osman ERKAN announced a new Turkish Hurd page, containing translations and new docs about the Hurd, including a detailed installation guide. There was no reply.


2. Defragging Hurd Partitions
12 May 2000 - 13 May 2000 (7 posts) Archive Link: "I did run e2defrag over hurd partition"
Topics: FS: ext2
People: Roland McGrathTomasz Wegrzanowski

Tomasz Wegrzanowski tried 'e2defrag' on his Hurd partition, and strongly recommended against anyone else doing it. Apparently the defrag did work, and the file contents were preserved; but all translator information was completely lost. Roland McGrath replied,
This is sadly not too surprising. e2defrag (and any other program with knowledge of the ext2fs filesystem format) needs to be extended to understand the translator field in inodes (when the superblock os field is set to hurd). The change is surely quite straightforward (the support required in e2fsck is very little). There is just another field in the inode that holds a block number that needs to be preserved/relocated.


3. Porting Apps To The Hurd
14 May 2000 (3 posts) Archive Link: "Portablity"
People: Marcus Brinkmann

Someone was interested in helping to port applications to the Hurd, and asked where to find a list of ported apps. Marcus Brinkmann replied:

There are some basics at

but the list of packages is a bit out of date. The latest and greatest is stored in the autobuilder web pages, but, unfortunately, it crashes from time to time. Currently it is down, but you can try at the beginning of next week (mo or tu):

(I will check if I can mirror the pages to a more stable machine).

Alan P. Laudicina offered to mirror the pages, but there was no reply.







Sharon And Joy

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