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Hurd Traffic #20 For 20 Sep 1999

By Zack Brown

Do you pine for the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote their own device drivers?
Are you without a nice project and just dying to cut your teeth on an OS you can try to modify for your needs?
Are you finding it frustrating when everything works on minix? No more all-nighters to get a nifty program working?
Then this post might be just for you :-)
-- Linus Torvalds, 1991

Table Of Contents

Mailing List Stats For This Week

We looked at 48 posts in 127K.

There were 16 different contributors. 11 posted more than once. 8 posted last week too.

The top posters of the week were:


1. Grub Update For Potato; Hurd Release Of Potato?
15 Oct 1999 - 17 Oct 1999 (7 posts) Subject: "grub version for potato freeze"
People: Marcus BrinkmannOKUJI YoshinoriJim Franklin

Jim Franklin was using version 0.5.92 of grub, and asked if a newer version would be available in Debian Potato. OKUJI Yoshinori said that 0.5.93 was almost ready, and asked when the Potato freeze would be taking place. Marcus Brinkmann said 16 days (he said this on the 15th), and stressed that if the date was missed, Potato would be stuck with the old version for the next year or so. Guy W. Hulbert asked if this meant there'd be a Hurd release of Potato, and Marcus replied, "No. It means that people who primarly use Debian GNU/Linux and start to look at the Hurd after updating to potato will likely try it with the grub from potato first."


2. Problems With 19991015 Tarball
15 Oct 1999 - 17 Oct 1999 (10 posts) Subject: "please test -- gnu-19991015.tar.gz"
Topics: FS: NFS
People: John TobeyBrent FulghamMarcus Brinkmann

Marcus Brinkmann uploaded gnu-19991015.tar.gz to, asking for testers; Kai Gro?johann reported that he'd had to add the /bin/sh symlink by hand. Also, when he tried to NFS-mount his FreeBSD data partition to access some .deb files, the command would hang until he pressed ctrl-C. The hang happened after:

mkdir /slowfox
settrans /slowfox /hurd/nfs slowfox:/home
cd /slowfox

Brent Fulgham suggested that Kai install inetutils for his mount operation to work. Marcus was surprised that inetutils (in addition to /bin/sh) might be missing from the tarball, but John Tobey reassured him with, "I don't think it's missing, maybe it just needs a postinst or something after settrans /servers/socket/2. As I reported earlier, dpkg mentioned that it was replacing inetutils x.y.z with the same version, but after installing (which should have been a no-op) my network was functional."


3. libdb Missing
15 Oct 1999 (2 posts) Subject: "libdb missing?"
People: Marcus Brinkmann

Kai Gro?johann reported that he couldn't install a clean version of Hurd because man-db depended on libdb, which didn't seem to be available. He asked if he should get the sources and build the thing by hand.

Marcus Brinkmann groaned and replied:

Well, the libdb sources sucked. They took a long time to build because of the extra build runs for debug info.

Anyway, there were some critical bugs in man-db which are fixed now. I will take a look at it. However, the db situation is still a mess. As libc ships with db2 already, it doesn't seem to make sense to require/provide an external version, too. The man-db Makefile can be easily tweaked to build man-db without libdb2 package.


4. GCC Problem And Success
17 Oct 1999 (3 posts) Subject: "gnu-19991015, would now like to install a compiler"
People: Chris LingardJohn Tobey

Chris Lingard asked, "How do I get a compiler to work? Have installed binutils_2., cpp_2.91.66-1.2.deb, gcc_2.91.66-1.2.deb and make. But I do not have any header files there, have tried linking to my Debian headers but they are the wrong version for the compiler. Do I install the 272 compiler then copy my Debian headers into Hurd?"

John Tobey replied, "Never use Linux headers, if that's what you mean. The Hurd headers are in the libc0.2-dev hurd-dev and gnumach-dev packages in the devel/ directory. I found libgdbmg1-dev to be necessary for programs that want to link with, namely Perl."

Chris replied with success, and the thread ended.







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