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KC Authorship

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Claiming Threads
  3. Submitting Summaries
  4. Deadlines
  5. Choosing Which Threads To Cover


Joining a group-authored newsletter is fairly simple, and doesn't take much work. A half-hour is generally enough to summarize a medium-sized thread (some longer threads can take hours, but you don't have to pick those ;-), and a summary or two a week is a significant contribution.

This page describes the general principles and some specifics behind group-authorship, but for the details of how it works in a particular newsletter, you should go to the home page of the particular newsletter you're interested in. Currently, the following newsletters are done via group-authorship:

For more on the specifics of thread summaries, see the Thread Summary FAQ.

Claiming Threads

The way newsletters avoid duplication of work is via a KC Development mailing list. See each newsletter's home page for the list name and subscription information for their particular KCD list. These lists are primarily for authors to claim threads, though discussions (and introductions ;-) are also welcome.

To claim a thread, send a message to the list with the subject line "CLAIM: subject line from the list covered by the newsletter". The body can be blank. If more than one person claims the same thread, the person who claimed it first, gets it.

Submitting Summaries

To submit a summary for publication, send it to the editor of that newsletter. See each newsletter's home page for their respective editors. When you send in your submission, use the same subject line as you did when claiming the thread, but instead of "CLAIM: subject line", use "SUMMARY: subject line".


Each newsletter has its own deadline for submissions. See the homepage of the newsletter you're interested in to find out its particular deadline.

Choosing Which Threads To Cover

Summaries should not cover any threads that have had traffic within the previous 3 days (not 3 days before the deadline, but any 3 days), or that have not had any traffic since 3 days before the deadline for the previous issue. For more subjective criteria, see How do I choose threads to summarize? in the Thread Summary FAQ.







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