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Sleeping Cousins

Over time, some of the KT newsletters have lost their authors, although the projects they covered are still very much alive and well. This page links to those newsletters. If anyone is interested in starting any of these up again, please contact Zack Brown.


Arturas Kriukovas and Peter Sullivan produced a total of 103 issues, covering development of the GNUe enterprise tools.
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Zack Rusin, Charles de Miramon, Juergen Appel, Leif Jensen, Rob Kaper, Timothy R. Butler, Aaron J. Seigo, and Chris Howells have all contributed to this newsletter, producing a total of 46 issues. It covers development of the K Desktop Environment.
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Sam Phillips wrote the first six issues of this newsletter, then was replaced by Alex Harford until issue #25, when Cris Flagg took over. Cris took it through issue #44. It covers development of the Gimp image manipulation tool.
Gimp Traffic Home Page
Gimp Traffic Archives
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A number of people contributed to the first 28 issues of Debian Traffic, including Zack Brown, Prashanth MundKur, Steve Robins, Jens Müller, Eusebio C Rufian-Zilbermann, Seth Kohn, Benedict Köhler, Peter Eckersley, Martin Michlmayr, and Ronan O'Sullivan. It covers development of the Debian Linux distribution.
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Debian Traffic In German


Peter Samuelson wrote the first 25 issues of this newsletter, while John Quirk and Zack Brown wrote the next 15. It covers development of the Samba filesharing tool.
Samba Traffic Home Page
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SLUG Pearls

Jeff Waugh wrote 7 fine issues of this newsletter. It covers the antics of the Sydney Linux User's Group in Australia.
SLUG Pearls Home Page
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