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GNUe Traffic #125 For 25 Sep 

Editor: Peter Sullivan

By Peter Sullivan

Table Of Contents


This newsletter mainly covers the the #gnuenterprise IRC channel, with occasional coverage of the three main mailing lists (gnue-announce, gnue and gnue-dev) for the GNU Enterprise project.

1. GNUe Websites

21 Sep  Archive Link: "[IRC] 21 Sep 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

People: Reinhard MüllerJames Thompson

It was asked if the GNUe project was still active - the last entry on the Free Software Foundation's website for the project was in 2002. Reinhard Müller (reinhard) explained that the current website was at He asked if it would be possible to get the FSF website to redirect to the current one. James Thompson (jamest) said he would see what he could do.

2. Changing attributes of a form from within a trigger

21 Sep  Archive Link: "[IRC] 21 Sep 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms, Application Server

People: Reinhard MüllerJason Cater

Further to Issue #125, Section #2  (21 Sep : Changing attributes of a form from within a trigger) , Reinhard Müller (reinhard) explained that he had not been talking about Application Server objects - just objects (fields, blocks, etc) within a Form. "The point is that it is (was) possible to change all kinds of properties of, say, a block object - but it is not possible to create a new block object - so it will never be possible to create new forms at runtime - but only to change behaviour of existing forms in limited manner" . Jason Cater (jcater) commented that "come to think of it, if someone really needed to create a form completely at runtime, they could create their own .py file that imports the GNUe Forms Objects, and create a form that way, then activate it :) - and a startup trigger could just import that .py file - but I can't imagine real-world situations where that'd really be necessary" . Reinhard said "seriously, I already considered something like a gnue-forms --auto <connectionname> <tablename> - to get some kind of "raw database editor" - it could use db introspection to get the schema of the table, and then create a form on the fly containing all fields" .







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