GNUe Traffic #123 For 24 Jul 

Editor: Peter Sullivan

By Peter Sullivan

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This newsletter mainly covers the the #gnuenterprise IRC channel, with occasional coverage of the three main mailing lists (gnue-announce, gnue and gnue-dev) for the GNU Enterprise ( project.

1. Interim bug-fix release of GNUe Forms

18 Jul  Archive Link: "[IRC] 18 Jul 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: Johannes VetterBajusz Tamás

Johannes Vetter (johannesV) had "fixed a bug in the wx26-uidriver of the released version" of GNUe Forms, and released the source-code version of this as an 'interim' 0.5.14a release. Bajusz Tamás (btami) packaged this up as a setup.exe release for Microsoft Windows, and made it available for download, noting that it "doesn't contains wx26" . Normally, the Microsoft Windows setup.exe releases would contain as many of the dependencies that it legally could. But wx version 2.6 had not been included in the last setup.exe release. GNUe Forms with wx 2.6 was a significant improvement on using it with wx 2.4. But at the time of the last release, GNUe Designer had not been "wx26 ready" . So the Microsoft Windows setup.exe version of that release had remained on wx version 2.4. This was still the case with this new interim 0.5.14a release. But if people wanted, they could manually configure GNUe to use wx 2.6 with Forms and wx 2.4 with Designer.

2. New release of GNUe Forms still some way off

18 Jul  Archive Link: "[IRC] 18 Jul 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: Bajusz TamásReinhard MüllerJohannes Vetter

Further to Issue #122, Section #5  (29 Jun : Displaying grids in GNUe Forms with wx 2.6) , Bajusz Tamás (btami) felt that "the new box layout is cool, what do you want to be enhance before new release?" Reinhard Müller (reinhard) said that Johannes Vetter (johannesV) "still sees some stability problems - and he is currently working on the new grid widget - and we are cleaning up the general GF* code, which still takes some time" .







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