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GNUe Traffic #117 For 22 May 

Editor: Peter Sullivan

By Peter Sullivan

"nah, I think the definition of "programmer" is pretty loose these days - after all, jamest claims to be one"

Table Of Contents


This newsletter mainly covers the the #gnuenterprise IRC channel, with occasional coverage of the three main mailing lists (gnue-announce, gnue and gnue-dev) for the GNU Enterprise project.

1. Performance tuning of Application Server

16 May  - 18 May  Archive Link: "[IRC] 16 May 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Application Server

People: Malek Hadj-AliReinhard MüllerMalik Hadj-AliJason Cater

Further to Issue #116, Section #2  (10 May : Performance issues with Application Server and XML-RPC) , Malek Hadj-Ali (lekma) reported "the script that use to take 4min+ is now" under 2. There were still some "strange bugs in http 1.1 with hessian" and "the request still eats 300Meg of memory" . But, as Reinhard Müller (reinhard) noted "at least for speed we're not magnitudes away any more" . Malek did further testing, and noted that a hessian dump run independantly took a fraction of a second - the same hessian dump via the GNUe Application Server took 26 seconds. Reinhard noted that it was not unusual to see odd results like this when profiling python code - "I suspect all the hidden python magic like garbage collection and the like has a big impact on performance - and the decision when exactly python runs the garbage collection might depend on conditions that we as humans would regard as "random"" . Jason Cater (jcater) wondered if using unicode, or the presence of the python psyco module was making a difference, but neither of these proved to be the case. Both Jason and Reinhard volunteered to have a look at Malek's code to see if they could spot anything.

The next day, Malek reported that he had "figured it out - a bug in hessianlib that shown itself when dumping instances" . He did some more tests with various different combinations (using XML-RPC, hessian and direct database access, both with and without GNUe Application Server) and found that hessian was still somewhat faster than the original XML-RPC protocol that GNUe had been using previously, but felt a bit frustrated that it should be significantly faster - as "pure dumps/loads is around 3 times faster in hessian than xmlrpc" .

The next day, Reinhard said he would apply Malik's patch "so others can have a look and a try" . Malek explained that his patch fixed "a bug withe the hessian lib - but that don't solve all performance issue" . Jason noted that his profiling tests conmfirmed this - "I wrapped the calls into the hotshot profiler the other day - and noticed that most of the wait was inside of the networking code of" . Malek pointed out that "appserver adds a non negligeabable overhead in ClientAdapter and ServerAdapter" , regardless of whether hessian or XML-RPC was used, "but it tries hard to balance this overhead with agressive http 1.1 connections - so all in all it's not that bad." .

2. Layout in GNUe Forms with wx 2.6 driver

22 May  Archive Link: "[IRC] 22 May 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: James ThompsonReinhard MüllerJohanes VetterJohannes Vetter

James Thompson (jamest) asked "how stable is forms head? and the wx driver in particular - 2.6" as "the dropdowns in the old wx driver have started causing us lots of issues" . Reinhard Müller (reinhard) replied "head should be perfectly usable, and wx26 should be possibly the most stable driver of all" (as previously discussed in Issue #108, Section #8  (16 Mar : Reducing the number of user interface drivers for GNUe) and similar threads). But he cautioned that this did not mean "that you *won't* hit bugs..." . James tried it, and noted "2.6 computes spacing a bit different than 2.4 did doesn't it" ? Johannes Vetter (johannesV) explained "spacing depends on the biggest control possible - depending on the platform used" . Reinhard clarified "it just takes standard entry size, standard button size, standard dropdown size - and takes the biggest of them - so no control will get chopped" . James was concerned that this "really increases the horizontal space usage though - like on a rows=10 - it looking like whitespace is doubled" .

Reinhard wondered "whether widgetWidth and widgetHeight point sizes could be a configuration option - and if set override the auto dectected widget sizes" . Johannes said that this "should be handled quite well if there are layoutmanagers ..." . But James noted that this would also need to take account of what X themes the user was running - "as for whatever reason themes effect forms here - a form that fits on user A's screen doesn't on User B's" . Reinhard agreed "that the only real solution is layout management - a button simply *isn't* of the same size as an entry" for example.

3. Allowable typecast attributes for GNUe Forms

22 May  Archive Link: "[IRC] 22 May 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: James ThompsonReinhard Müller

James Thompson (jamest) noted that "the two biggest things stopping me from opening forms are" lack of support for integer and boolean typecasts - the typecast-attribute only seemed to support date, text and number as of time of writing. He asked "is there a reason we don't don't support typecast= boolean or integer in" GNUe Form Definitions? Reinhard Müller (reinhard) replied "I have no idea, the set of possible values was defined ages ago - but it was never checked. I am not opposed at all to add any other values to the list as you see fit" .







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