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GNUe Traffic #114 For 1 May 

Editor: Peter Sullivan

By Peter Sullivan

Table Of Contents


This newsletter mainly covers the the #gnuenterprise IRC channel, with occasional coverage of the three main mailing lists (gnue-announce, gnue and gnue-dev) for the GNU Enterprise project.

1. Trigger namespace and the self property

26 Apr  Archive Link: "[IRC] 26 Apr 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Common, Forms

People: Jason Cater

Further to Issue #113, Section #1  (18 Apr : Trigger namespace and the self property) , Jason Cater (jcater) clarified that he had suggested "that "self" could refer to neither the trigger's owner nor to the trigger's caller - but to the event itself. So self.action could be what action is being performed, self.parent could be the trigger's owner, and self.context could be the caller" . In other words, "I was presenting a 3rd alternative where self referred to something specific to the trigger" .

2. Backwards tabbing through date fields

27 Apr  Archive Link: "[IRC] 27 Apr 2006"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: James ThompsonReinhard Müller

James Thompson (jamest) reported problems navigating through a form with a grid of multiple rows of data - "when shift-tabing backwards it jumps up and down between 3 rows" inconsistently - problems seemed to occour "right before a typecast="date" field" . Reinhard Müller (reinhard) said it sounded like a "bug in display handler" .







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