GNUe Traffic #106 For 2 Feb 2004

By Arturas Kriukovas

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This covers the three main mailing lists for the GNU Enterprise ( project, plus the #gnuenterprise IRC channel.

1. Production ready GNUE

19 Jan 2004 Archive Link: "[IRC] 19 Jan 2004"

People: Chan Min Wai

It was asked how far away from Production Ready is GNU Enterprise. Chan Min Wai (dcmwai) noticed that "someone is already using" . For a small business (accounting, order management, purchase orders, invoicing) use of GNUE-SB would be better, however, GNUE-SB is not yet ready.

2. Who did it?

22 Jan 2004 Archive Link: "[IRC] 22 Jan 2004"

People: Reinhard Müller

Reinhard Müller (reinhard) asked who knew "what this message means (and who could remove it properly):
TODO: once this branch makes it into CVS head,
eliminate the GConnections.requestConnection logic!"

3. Why AppServer? And other issues

1 Feb 2004 Archive Link: "[IRC] 01 Feb 2004"

People: Jan IschebeckJames ThompsonJason Cater

It was asked why to build AppServer. It's good for OSS to build ERP, but AppServers already exist. Jan Ischebeck (siesel) explained that "althought its called appserver you can't compare it with jboss f.e. because it is much more specialized. It focuses on business method + data access only and will bring a new method of defining business modules and combining them." It was asked what GNUe AppServer does better than other AppServers, for example, zope - it's also written in python, as other AppServers, it's capable to latch onto whatever format or protocol is needed with minimum hassle. Jan noticed that "GNUe is older than zope" , "its web based" , "is way too big and it uses a ODBMS as backend, while we mostly use RDBMS" .

Earlier discussion about zope and AppServer can be found in GNUe Traffic #31 ( .

Then the discussion turned to main issues with GNUe. James Thompson (jamest) listed them:

GNUe website also recieved its critique - its visual design is suboptimal. Jason Cater (jcater) explained - "we're not web designers" , "but then again, it works" .







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